Mubashrah Saddiqa is a threat for the Danish society but is she a criminal

In politics on November 6, 2016 at 07:54

Mubashrah Saddiqa analyses big data but at the same time, she is a threat to the Danish society. The reason is that she is paid 2.000 euros per month for her work.

Every year thousands of Danish candidates leave Danish universities with the clock ticking. Once they graduate, they have to start paying off student loans. They have exactly 12 months to get the job they will serve in for their rest of their lives until retirement before the next batch of candidates enter the job market with a more updated education. Do they not get a job before those 12 months their entire time in the education sector has been wasted. Then they would have been better off not having taken more than the basic 9 years of education in the first place.

Therefore, Mubashrah Saddiqa is blocking this job position and she is doing it for a salary far less than a new candidate who has the lifelong burden of paying off student loans must earn not to fall in disgrace not being able to handle the debt. There have been cases where Danes in debt killed not only themselves but also their children and partner to spare them from the public disgrace, which it is to be put on the streets.

So what Mubashrah Saddiqa is doing is damaging for the future of young Danes. She is not alone. All over Denmark, even those students who have time left to work alongside their studies find jobs blocked by immigrants who the employers can get for free from the authorities. The state of Denmark calls it job-training and for sectors in the public system like waste handling, gardening and childcare the use of people in so-called job-training is often necessary to keep those parts of the public sector running. The burden of immigration has meant that the public sector has been forced to cut down on fully paid employees to replace them with people in so-called job-training.

Basically, the system resembles the poor houses or working houses from the last century. Only difference is that people live in their own home where they wander the streets looking in dumpsters for food. Some supermarkets cut their prices on old meat and other groceries, which has passed the date-mark, so the poor people do not have to break into the dumpsters. However, people in job-training are not earning right to vacation. They know that they will be moved to another job-training position without getting the chance of normal employment ever.

But even when Mubashrah Saddiqa actions are damaging, they are not criminal. She has been told to do so by the system. The people who are benefitting from her damaging actions are the case-worker who assigned her to the other badguy in this story. Dashsoft in Aarhus in Denmark gets an unfair advantage by making use of this working house system. The owner Mikkel Damsgaard are able to dump his prices on two fronts. First he can say to candidates trying to job a job in his firm that they will have to go for nothing! Second but not least his competitors have two choices: Kicking faithful old employees out and replacing them with new people based on the working house model or close their business!

That is Denmark in the year of 2016.

  • A country where education doesn’t pay!
  • A country where working faithfully ever day doesn’t pay!

People in so-called job-training will take your place.


  1. Reblogged this on Danish lies and commented:
    Job-training is never good for anyone. It is a system where you replace people fully paid for people forced to work for nothing. It is unfair competition. I don’t understand why other countries allow Denmark to do that.

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