The day we Danes realized that our society was torn apart

In culture on June 27, 2016 at 05:27

For several decades the percentage of young Danes who enter what equals high school in Denmark – The gymnasium has risen. It has worried the present government because higher education in Denmark is very much something which demands wealthy parents or at least parents who have received academically training themselves.

The present government has introduced stop-tests. They want fewer to graduate high school. The firms all over Denmark cries out for cheap labor. Now where we are part of the Europen Union they demanded a change or they would either move jobs to the eastern part of Europe or send busses down there transporting cheap labor to Denmark where they could live in tents serving in the firms. They would be much easier to control than Danish workers because if they speak up they would be fired which would mean that they will have to walk back home to their home country.

So the government made the change. Now children from poor families in Denmark will find it very difficult to enter high school. You have to have 02 which equals C to do that. It is hard to get when you find that in a lot of public schools more than 70 percent of teachers change job every summer. A student in fifth grade can easily have as many as 8 math teachers. Do you then become good in that subject? Of course not. The rich people in Denmark use private schools instead.

studentervognSo the youth has become frustrated. An old Danish tradition has been that the graduating students hire a van where they drive around to the families of the graduating students drinking beer and wine all day. They become very drunk and everybody has a great day.

But not this year. Because the vans have become targets of attack for the underprivileged. Rotten eggs, paint and acid has been thrown at the students. Some were blinded temporary.

That is also Denmark as result of our membership of the European Union. A divided country between those who have the chances in life and those who don’t stand a chance at all. The gang wars are increasing. Several people were shot in the streets last month. Membership of the gangs are the chance for many young people to break out of poverty now where the police guard our borders for people trying to leave Denmark to fight for ISIS.

In the past we have tried everything to keep the youth in high school. Our famous friday bars where the young students can drink a glass of beer or wine after school made many remain in school and prevented a high dropout rate. It reduced the cliques, it brought students together, most important students felt like students instead of an isolated misfit in school.

I fear for Denmark. If it becomes popular to be a failure and just be angry at the world, Denmark would not stand a chance in a globalized world. I think that we should take a timeout. We want Danix – an exit of Denmark from the European Union. A time to find ourselves. We need to give everyone a chance at a shot of success. Forget grades. Let everyone study at high school and let them fail on individual level so they can get angry at themselves instead of angry at the society.

Worst case scenario when you are angry or disappointed with yourself is suicide. Worst case scenario when you are angry at the society are attack on innocent people.


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