What about the pride of the French people?

In politics on June 25, 2016 at 06:01

In 1959 France removed themselves from NATO. As a proud people they didn’t like the increased influence on NATO by the United States. The result was a born-again proud France.

Now many years later they remain in the European Union which basically now can be considered as “Germany and all the rest”. It is the economy in Germany which holds the European Union together. It leaves very little room for independent movements in French. The Germans play the music of their choice and France is reduced to dance following the tune.

What about the ordinary people in France?

A contributing reason for many people in United Kingdom to vote against the European Union were that they were banned from their own capital. Rich people from outside the European Union – many of them loaded Russian people with lot of money have purchased houses to such an extend that none of the ordinary citizens can afford to live there.

Where will these people go and buy houses now where their estates are outside Europe which is the playground they use to spent their money in. Will they start buying up housing in Paris forcing ordinary people out of Paris? They would never go to Berlin due to strict tax-rules in Germany. A lot of the money are earned in way which would be criminal in a lot of countries.

Maybe it is time for the French people to show the world that they are not just another of the countries which will settle dancing after the music played by the Germans. Maybe it is time to show the world that they never forgot the greatness of Charles de Gaulle.

The rest of the world is waiting for an answer to the question whether France remains one of the great countries in Europe or they are reduced to “another one of the rest”.


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