There are no such thing as “Danes for Trump”

In politics on June 10, 2016 at 09:49

I have too much respect for the ordinary American citizen to tell them who to vote on. So you will not get me to tell you to vote for either Clinton or Trump.

I fail to understand why people are so angry that there are violence at election meetings. We are living in a democracy. We don’t have to like what others are saying but we should let them talk and then if we disagree speak out against them. Verbal debate, verbal battle if you like.


That was what Denmark did during our proudest hour when we launched the cartoon war. We exercised our freedom of speech and damaged the morale among the terrorists who were behind 9/11. All the faceless supporters who backed those 20 criminals who committed the terrible act.

I don’t believe the present suggestions that we should ban certain false priests from talking their case even when they suggest ridiculous things like introducing Sharia Laws in Denmark and advocating stoning. I believe in arrests and severe punishment of everyone who acts based on the statements these false priests make.

Freedom of speech is everything. Freedom of speech for Trump. Freedom of speech for Clinton even when she is talking about Denmark being a lovely thing.

Clinton and Sanders don’t know Denmark

I am not claiming that Hillary Clinton are lying but she is very uninformed about how ordinary Danes live and struggle.

I am very certain that you don’t find people in many countries where ordinary people are tested and challenged on daily needs like we ordinary Danes are.

We pay more than 50 percent in taxes – still:

  • Our retirement is raised. Many among us will have to work until we are almost 70.
  • Early retirement is basically gone
  • Disability is almost impossible to get. Even if you only can work one hour, tons of official are willing to place a bed at your workplace so you can work for basically nothing. Because permanent status as disable requires a process of some 15 years, you may have to work for unemployment benefit and temporary welfare for a full decade without earning right to vacation.
  • Each month I pay a sum to a vacation account. However it requires a full year of work before you can earn paid vacation. And the rules are complicated. You can lose your own saved money if you are unlucky. Happens for thousand of Danes every year.
  • Our policians have just introduced legislation to reduce the percentage of young Danes passing high school. The politicians will guide youth forward manual labor instead.
  • If I want to travel 35 kilometers I will have to use 6.5 dollars on gas for my car. If I take the train it would cost twice as much over in Copenhagen.
  • Dentists are luxury and considered like having done cosmetic operations. Poor Danes have poor teeth as result. Wealthy Danes have good teeth. If you want to know if a Dane is loaded, look at the teeth
  • If your children suffer from physical illnesses they can be treated for free at hospitals. If your children are suffering from mental illnesses you as a parent would have to pay a huge amount of money every month. Denmark is the happiest nation on the Earth. Non happy people are punished so they remain happy on the outside benefitting the Danish brand.
  • Public schools are crap. 8 different teachers in 5 years are normal. 70 percent of all teachers living their positions during the summer holiday for something better is normal.

So excuse me if I laugh when I hear Clinton and Sanders talking about Denmark.

No faith in the Danish system

We ordinary Danes have already lost faith in the system. That doesn’t make us want to fight and shoot people. We are still living in a democracy. At every election we are many who go in and leave a blank vote. A vote because no person have stepped forward with a plan which is not a variation of the very establish elite in Denmark.

There is a difference between the ordinary Dane and the ordinary US Citizens.

The Danish parliament consist of people who really only want the pay-check but not the responsibility. They want to outsource vital part of your court system, police system, national defense and even our currency to the European Union.

Please vote for me so I can forward all my tasks to the European Union

Would you vote for parliament in Nebraska and leave all the politics in Washington to non-elected members? That is the reality we Danes face. We don’t vote for which person whould run the European Union. They are appointed by politicians who don’t want to do a pennys worth of work for their pay-check.

I lost my faith in our system when we lost our early retirement we were planning from the day we turned 30 and had finished our career as many Danes do. For many other Danes it happened the day they were innocent injured at work or in traffic and had to rely on a welfare system which really not existed once they needed it. For many other Danes it happened when their jobs moved to the eastern part of Europe. Yes in Europe we have included what you can negonize as a country like Mexico in our Union, so jobs can easily go to a country where they live of theft and a bowl of rice.

As an American citizen you can vote for Trump or Clinton. I don’t care who you vote for. But I believe that you should exercise your right to vote while asking yourself:

  • Do you believe in your system?
  • Do you believe that either of them will do a difference?
  • Should you leave a blank vote just to tell that a better candidate is needed?
  1. Reblogged this on Danish lies and commented:
    Today is electionday over in the United States. I don’t vote for any of the two candidates because I am a Dane. They both know very little about our country.

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