People are simply not grateful anymore

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To my surprise I saw that foreign experts will sue the Danish state because the states made new laws which changed their present situation.

Do they know what the entire concept of democracy is?

The politicians make new laws every day impacting ordinary citizens lives. Sometime good, sometime bad.

As a Danish citizen I am very uncertain about when I can retire. When I entered the workforce 20 years ago the plan was to retire early at age 60 so I planned my career based on that as good as you can plan a career. Suddenly the politicians changed that and now my life is in chaos regarding that area.

When I started at work the BAC limit was 0.8 which is considered the proper adult limit if you look at countries like Ireland and England. Now it is 0.5 and that has impacted the team spirit in the company in a negative way. You don’t learn as much about what is going on in the firm when you don’t sit down and drink a beer or a glass wine once per week in the firm.

It is normal that politicians change laws for the worse or the better.

These foreign professionals have chosen to work in Denmark and a lot of firms have allowed them to serve in their firms. Why are they not grateful?

I am grateful for having been allowed to serve at my job and that is really the attitude I miss with these people.

It is an honor to have a job. All too many people in Denmark dont have real jobs. They are rented out calling it job-training where they help keeping the Danish prices low. IT benefits export. Firms who have personal contacts with employees at Jobnet can get cheap labor and the people in job-training cannot even hold holidays.

These people have real jobs with real pay and I guess that they even earn vacation days.

I have feeling about these moochers I really dont want to put in this blog, so I dont. Please show some gratitude at least!

Foreign professionals suing the Danish state (The Copenhagen Post)

  1. Dear Blogger, Do you know anything about democracy or do you know anything about integration? People from around the world come here from different backgrounds. It is just nor right one can work like donkey all year around to fulfill the hour requirement, minimum wage requirement in order to get settled here. And one fine you come to know you are not eligible to apply PR here. Denmark is democratic republic not banana republic! Few bad people in the system ruins many lives by just passing the legislation which effects in thousands. According to the new rule they never qualify ever. You need to be in their shoes before posting opinion like this. At least understand why they choose to do. Do you think they get profit out it. I think you have understand the concept of democracy, human rights and integration before posting these illogical opinion of yours.- From one of the victim

  2. Denmark is a democracy and that means that the politicians can alter laws even when people are hurt because they planned their lives based on existing laws.

    As a native Dane I have been hurt several times.

    • I can no longer deduct interest on my house mortgage as it was the case in the old days. That means that it is kind of cold in my house during the winter because I have lost around 20,000 DKK which was targeted to ordinary maintenance of the house
    • The prices for public transport increased while the tax deduction for us people who have many kilometers to travel every day when we go to our jobs. I cut back on my dentist visits. Sometime my teeth hurt but I am not rich. I am only an ordinary Dane with working class background
    • The danish government cut the student grants. For my children it means farewell to their dream education because their only alternative is to borrow the money and it is too much a gamble to establish debts when there are a lot of unemployment
    • To make matter worse they are thinking of cutting the discounts students can get when they ride with public transport. That means that my children might have to reconsider which school they will attend based on the distances of the schools.
    • The core element in our welfare society the early retirement called “Efterløn” introduced by the now late Anker Joergensen is basically non-existing. That is bad in a family like mine where most males only live until they are about 60 years of age. It is a heart-disease and it is only treatable in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Where I live the statistics show that it is a mortal untreatble desease and I am at peace with that. If I cannot retire early, life is not going to be that good anyway, I am only to get the best out of my few years left drinking good wine and eating good meat.

    I understand that you are angry but people need to understand what they get into when they aim at Denmark as their next residence. Things can change all the time and I am starting to wonder whether democracy is a good idea instead of strong man in charge. If only the strong man could support the way of life I want it would be good but for now we have to stick with democracy and the uncertainty the way of govern the country is resulting in.

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