Marius Youbi should leave Denmark now

In justice on December 22, 2015 at 21:34

Marius Youbi has broken the law.

In Denmark we have a law preventing exchange students from working more than 15 hours per week. This law was made because a lot of people came from the third world claiming to be students using student visas and they never made it to school but started working full time for the money they have paid the officials in their home country who bribed their way to these student visas.

As result hardworking Danish tax-payers lost their jobs.

Marius Youbi worked beyond the limit. He broke the law and his student visa was cancelled once the authorities found out. Because they were nice they didn’t handcuff him at once and took him to a plane. They allowed him to pass his exams which he did with straight A’s.

Now people want to keep him in Denmark because he is good and he made an extra effort to excel in school.


Should we provide people with discount regarding prison and fines if they are good in school or at work? Where would the respect for the law go?

I often drive to work. Many years back the prime minister Anders Fogh Andersen asked us to make an extra effort. I did! I drove 70 miles per hour where the limit was 50 so I could get around to our customers faster resulting in extra jobs at my firm. But I was fined the full amount!

So I didn’t get any discount and the question is: Is it fair?

I find it fair that we are somehow equal when it comes to paying for the crimes we commit. It isn’t so in Denmark where rich people can remain nameless after a conviction if they appeal and change name in the process thanks to good and therefore well-paid defense lawyers. It isn’t so when the police approach you. Do you wear a business suit you are treated with respect. If you are convicted of white collar crimes handcuffs are seldom used.

But once in while I must insist that the laws of my country are upheld. Just to make a point.

Of course he worked hard. Denmark has closed the university people from the third world attended. It might be called racism but Knightbridge University was closed due to some kind of technicality and the students had to spend a lot more time in Denmark and they were forced to work because it is very expensive to live here.

I understand why he worked but he must obey the law.

There are other countries which could give him a title faster. In India cheating is so widespread that maybe every second ingenieer have obtained their title using money instead of hard work. Of course now where it known worldwide that their exams are no good it might not be the effort worth to study abroad at all.

But he did choose Denmark and here we have laws. It was his choices which brought him in this situation. Now he has to suffer the consequences.

  1. If we want to be legalistic, we acknowledge that a certain transgression should be met with a certain consequence. That’s fine and reasonable. But it seems that Denmark has never heard of a fundamental legal and humanist principle of proportionality. You work more than your quota? Fine, return the money, pay a small fine. That’s proportional. If you truly believe that 90 minutes of overtime warrants a deportation and the “nicety” that “they didn’t handcuff him at once”, then you are a moron and an asshole. In short, a mindless fascist.

  2. I have a question: Where should the limit then be drawn?

    In the recent year large companies like Lego and Grundfos have moved jobs abroad to make profit. The government has decided to close the entire printing industry forcing more than 10,000 people out of their jobs because everything needs to be done on computers. That leaves very few jobs for the rest of the Danish population. More than 50,000 people have already lost their unemployment benefit and will perish soon. To add to this damage many people from all over the globe come to Denmark to “study”. What really is going on is that they cheat themselves access to student visas occupying jobs which should go to needed families.

    It is often jobs where they don’t pay taxes and work for little salary because they have paid people to take care of falsifying the papers for the student’s visas. We are talking networks of hardened criminals: People who deserve as little respect as pedophiles.

    The rules have to be strict and in this case they were not strict. He was allowed to take his exams.

    I acknowledge that Denmark as a country is not without guilt in this case. If he really wanted a paper with a Danish degree on we had Knightbridge University in Randers for that purpose where the courses were more compressed so people didn’t have to stay as long as now in Denmark which would make them avoid have jobs when they studied. This university was closed due to a change in policy which was bad because the politicians in Africa all need to have a Phd degree to gain respect.

    But this change has been implemented regardless that the Danes mostly were against it because even Danes often are forced to educate themselves based solely on their social heritage and that is too expensive to do at the schools which people can choose between now. Denmark is properly the first country in the work working actively to reduce the percentage of youth graduating high school but they did so because research showed that the social heritage and the economically means of the parents matters more than the grades the students achieve.

    That is the point where I have to criticize Marius Youbi most. He tried to “cheat” himself to this high degree by working instead of looking at the assets his parents controlled. In a society like Denmark where we are moving toward a more European standard like they have in Italy where young people forced by the housing situation are forced to live at home until their late twenties we have to hit hard on those who stick out.

    I hope that he will build a fine future for himself wherever he is going to live. But here in Denmark he broke the law and that is why I believe he shouldn’t be here.

  3. He broke the laws. He must endure his punishment. Danish laws are strange. For us who live in Jutland it is especially hard to endure the low speed limits the central government in Copenhagen have made. They hold us back here in Jutland.

    Also the low BAC levels made because they built the bridge to Sweden is a problem. It is hard to know who you are working with, who you live next door to when you cannot meet out in town and talk over a beer or two. Here in Jutland public transport is almost none-existing and it tends to isolate us when there is no reason to meet privately.

    But while these laws are strange we still respect them and will have to face punishment if we break them. He should have respected our laws too. He didn’t and that is why he needed to leave.

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