There is something rotten in Denmark but it is hidden

In culture on December 21, 2015 at 07:17

I was not surprised when I learned that some of the refugees who came to Denmark ended up being clinically depressed once they were sent to their permanent place in Denmark to live.

Why? They are no longer in a war zone. They have survived crossing the oceans. They might have been some downed – friends, families etc. They have passed the eastern part of Europe which is housing people we in Denmark only knows as shoplifters who come to Denmark every summer in busses to steal from our houses or supermarkets and survived. They passed our screening process and may have saved some jewelry and kept their gold teeth in their mouth. They have a nice room. They are fed. They have been granted access to a bicycle so they can move around in the local community.

Still they become depressed.

Well. Denmark is not that fun to live in.

Some smart marketing people were able to get on the Oprah show which led Denmark to be labeled as the happiest nation in the world to live in.

It is…. If your parents are loaded and you have been giving it the time to get in the top. And by time I mean generations. Once you give yourself the time to rest and live your life not on what you aim for and achieve but a life based on the destiny you are born you and so to say let the life steer you in the right direction you become happy.

Denmark is not Tivoli. Tivoli in Denmark is an amusement park. Copenhagen is for us people living in Jutland a town which might be placed on another continent. High parking prices and speed traps have made it impossible for us to see it as other as a place so exotic to visit that we might have it easier to take a plane to London or Paris. It is almost as cheap when you look at the air fares. A return ticket in a train cost very much the same.


A local business man had a meeting in Hague in Holland. He took the plane to Amsterdam which is located halfway across the country. The train from Amsterdam to Hague put him back some 10 euros. For that amount you will not even be able to ride from Ringsted to Copenhagen in a slow commuter train. If you ride from one part of greater Copenhagen to another you could end up paying 8-9 euros per single trip. So when you settle in Denmark you become quiet stationary. Your children will attend school and end up with an education based on what the schools in your local community can offer. You will end up in a job in your community because public transport is rare outside the cities and traveling by car has been a lot more difficult the last 10 years because speed traps are considered a very important part of the polices income. They often skip investigation in burglaries and other kind of petty crimes so the policemen can catch people who drive a mile or two too fast. They have fixed budgets to meet.


Hospitals are free but healthcare is not free. You can ask people to open their mouths and discover if a Dane is rich or poor. Dentists are very expensive in Denmark. There a traveling agencies who sell holiday packets to Africa or Asia which include dentist treatment for people suffering from a lot of pain. Of course the Walled city in Hong Kong is no more but there are cheap dentists in other places.

Mental illness is something which can bankrupt your entire family. Of course the person who might become depressed is treated for free but if this person has children the family might be fined if the children at some point suffer in school and have to live in a group home. Then the social services will claim that the parent had infected the children so they might be easier victim for bullying. Ankestyrelsen which judge cases from the social services in Denmark has ruled that it is better for the healthy parent to divorce the sick parent so the children don’t see illness because if they see illness they are affected by it. It is not a new thing. In the play from Herman Bang called “A Doll’s house” about 100 years it is described that you should deal with illness.

And it is difficult with families. They tend to pull together in support of the sick individual and it is wrong according to the social services. People are not happy when they have to deal with illness so children should learn not to care. In my town a family had paid more than 20,000 dollars because one of the children reacted by bullying from a teacher and stayed home. Now the child is living in a group home doing fine but the siblings had to cancel sport and other activities because of the costs. They even might skip high school and in Denmark it is the new trend that it is OK to do that you don’t have a social heritage which makes you more likely to attend universities after high school.

Don’t be sick in Denmark. It is the advice I would give refugees when they come here.


The parliament thinks that too high a percentage passes high school in Denmark and they have made it more difficult to enter. They want manual labor and unskilled labor force for the shops to hire. If they want an education they can train to become nursing assistants in nursing home. It is considered sort of a garbage education you choose if you fail everything else. It used to be unskilled work but they made this education a kind of timeout for young people who need to be off the streets where they would hang out and drink, which looks bad for by-passers.


When I looked at my adult life, my plan was clear. Career until I turn 30 and then starting to plan my retirement while I established my family. That is quiet normal. It is dangerous to combine career and family. There is not a lot of time of job to spend with your family. I got a shock when I opened my newspaper and learned that my neighbor had died. I didn’t know it was my neighbor before I saw the address. I have lived here for about 20 years. I didn’t know his full name. Only the name he put on his mailbox. We greeted each other over the wall. It must have been 15 years or so since I talked to him face to face when we talked about the color we should paint the tree in. Since that day we only greeted each other when we heard movement on the other side. He seemed like a friendly man. I am not sure how many children he had but the obituary mentions 2. I feel a little bad not attending his funeral but today obituaries are not printed in the newspapers before the funeral service is over because robbers from the Eastern part of Europe read newspapers too and if they read an obituary with a funeral service in the future they know where to find an empty house. I will talk to my wife about sending some flowers.

Back to the pension issue: Our government is talking about raising the retirement age. I feel bad about it. I have planned my entire adult life on a fix age of retirement. What if my health cannot make it? I have come too far to change anything. How can I advise my children on their life if they cannot trust anything?

Life in Denmark is very uncertain for us who are born here. We are some kind of depressed but it is only naturally if refugees become depressed when they stay here regardless of the fact that they are now safe and free of war.
I don’t how they were lied to by human traffickers but they were lied to and cheated big time! There are a lot of countries they could have gone to instead. Now they are here instead. We will house them. We will feed them. But we cannot make them happy. It is not what Denmark is about.

Denmark is about hardship, torment and most of all waiting until it is over.

Please tell it to everyone you know. Otherwise more people are lured here and they will get depressed. It is not something I would wish for my worst enemy.


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