Today agreement about Migrants reminds me of old days

In politics on September 22, 2015 at 19:30

The news we get about the so-called agreement the European Union has made about the migrants reminds me about the negotiations the Danish government had with the rest of the EU member states. However there are differences.

When Denmark voted No to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 the European Union was as dead as it could be even before it was fully up and working. The rest of Europe was in shock and they knew that their entire future was left in the hand of the Danes.

So they were summoned to negotiations in Copenhagen. Many sources who were part of these so-called negotiations spoke of situations looking more like a BDSM event than political negotiations. The Danes whipped the European leaders and the only results were that they came back asking for more. They barked, were whipped and whined. It didn’t matter. In the end Denmark demanded and got four exceptions which exist even today several decades later.

Of course the so-called negotiations today were not the same. A lot of countries taught several countries the lesson that they loss by siding with the communists and losing the cold war. They were taught that they were losers and they just had to accept the pieces of meats the superior countries in the west licking them from the shoes of the western leaders.

It was about time. We have not told them over and over again where their place in Europe is. It was a mistake. You don’t train a dog properly to do tricks unless you train it the same lesson over and over again. They lost then the wall collapsed in 1990. Still they feel themselves entitled to believe that they have anything to say in Europe and we would hear them for even one minute. I have spoken with many Danes today and they laugh over the leaders from various countries in the eastern part of Europe.

Today’s agreement was something they should have been dictated long ago. I will go to sleep as a happy Dane tonight.

Migrant crisis: EU ministers approve disputed quota plan (BBC)


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