Swedish patriots try to torch a asylum center.

In culture on August 15, 2015 at 16:32

We have learned from Danish newspapers that ordinary Swedish citizens acting as patriots have tried to set buildings into fire. Building which were housing asylum seekers.

It marks a big break between the central government in Stockholm and ordinary citizens spread around in Sweden. The central government in Sweden has never cared a lot of the parts of their country located more than 100 kilometers away.

Sweden like Denmark has been failed by the citizens in Greece and Italy. They should have taken care of the asylum seekers and there is news that the police in Greece no longer interfere when groups of asylum seekers fight each other after Greece has chosen to deliver on basic decent needs to the asylum seekers instead of the luxury conditions they have experienced so far.

So a Greece without control of the asylum seekers means that the asylum seekers will pay people conducting human trafficking to take them to either England or the Nordic countries.

Sweden has just as Denmark been under a lot of pressure and unlike Denmark the government has pushed hard to avoid ordinary people from discussing this subject. So what has changed?

Last week a couple of murders took place in Ikea. First it was believed that is was a disgruntled customer dissatisfied with the fact that you always miss some small parts when you buy furniture in Ikea. Then it was revealed that the killer was an asylum seeker from Africa just acting normal according to the customs where he came from and there are huge parts of Africa which suffers the regulation and peace statehood can offer.

It became too much for the Swedish citizens. They have envied the Danish citizens ability to talk more freely on this subject in both media and on the Internet. They have longed for politicians who would be brave enough to go down to the other countries in the European Union to ask them to take responsibility. They have not been able to find them among the larger parties in the Swedish parliament, so now they are acting on their own. It is a dangerous path. It is clear that the Swedish citizens who are acting in a patriotic way must be calmed down because they can see the suffering other countries like Denmark has endured as result of a growing number of immigrants, outsourcing and foreign exchange students dragging the school system down.

No country. Not even Sweden can endure open borders, free trade and immigration. Look at the state of Saab and Volvo – two big car manufacturers. They are in crisis and foreign investors have been allowed in resulting in reduction of the Swedish workforce.

So the question is: Will the Swedish politicians be brave enough to act before they lose control with their population?



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