The day Bali lost its status as a tourist destination

In business culture on April 29, 2015 at 05:07

For the people who live of tourists april 28, 2015 should stand out as the start of the end of their career. With the execution of two Australian citizens Indonesia has asked for one thing and one thing only – isolation.

  • Isolation economically
  • Isolation culturally
  • Isolation regarding diplomatic relations
  • Isolation in generally

Drugs has always existed in Asia. Not so many decades ago China was forced to open their borders so opium could be sold to the demnanding customers.

It was not only one country who gathered behind better customer service. Most countries supported these efforts. Countries like United Kingdom, France, Italy, United States, Russia and Japan sent military units to help the customers.

Increased world trade has always shown to improve the world in general.

For Indonesia to be taught a lesson they need to be hit where it hurts at most. They need to learn how to live without the money the tourists use in their country.

So write every travel agency and notify them that they are supporting death and inhumane treatment if they send their customers to Bali.

Write every school who sends students to Indonesia that they could suffer consequenses if they decline to stop their activities in Indonesia.

Write every aid organization that they will not be benefitted if they don’t ignore incidents in Indonesia.

Here we have an artificial nation believing that they have something to say. What should have happened at the end of the Second War was that the former Dutch colonies should have been split up in the various Sultanties as they existed before the colonies were founded.

April 28, 2015 should also mark the day where this process was started.

#boycottbali #boycottindonesia


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