When the Danish job market changed forever

In politics on March 14, 2015 at 22:01

In Denmark the politicians don’t make a law where they set the minimum salary which none can live off like in the United States. They leave this area to trade unions and organizations of employers. It has been so for 100 years and it worked as long as Denmark was a country where people lived basically with their back turned against the rest of the world.

But with our membership of the European Union we saw more firms operating cross state lines and the Danish system has been under pressure.

Firms like Ryanair where the crew is hired by one firm and the planes are kept by employees from another firm leaving Ryanair without responsibility if an accident occur. They will try to write all blame off on the companies who have hired the employees. Many former employees have told how they as result of sudden illness found them stranded in a foreign country without any help from the company. They have to purchase their own uniform and clean between every flight because they could be fired if clothes become dirty during a flight.

Such firms have put Danish firms under pressure and SAS has been forced to outsource their flight crews also. Of course the employees protested because in the long run working in supermarkets would be better paid than piloting a plane or servicing the passengers.

It came to a conflict and the employees lost. The entire Danish system with trade unions and employers organizations was in reality broken. There is no system left to protect Danish workers. The only right thing to do is to make laws to protect the workers when leaving the European Union and make a Danish fortress seem to be difficult.

Our politicians need to move fast before ordinary people lose trust in our present democratic system as result of the recent developments.


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