Should education in the resurrection of the Danish identity be mandatory?

In culture on March 10, 2015 at 21:15

After the terrible terrorist attacks in Copenhagen which left 3 men dead – among the alleged terrorist – we have asked ourselves whether we should school our children in what made Denmark a huge player on the international scene in the war on terrorism. A position which also placed us in the direct list of target possible terrorists can have.

For more than 100 years Denmark has been living with our heads down after the beatings we took from the Germans in the second Schleswig War in 1864. For more than 100 years we were not proud of being Danes. It was one of the factors which led us join the European Union. Why keep the most superior culture in the world alive if you are not proud of it.

There is no question about that Danes had a good life before 1972, in large companies like B & W people were hired for life. They sat every day at the same table with the same co-workers sharing beers during lunch breaks enjoying their work life until retirement. It was morale approach boosted by both trade unions and employers.

The membership of the European Union and the removal of borders have left Denmark vulnerable. Ordinary citizens who once didn’t care to lock their front door during the night now hides behind alarms, private security firms and secure locks not even marketed 30 years ago.

That kind of safety is not something you can have an army to do something about. While the Danish armed forces had regain the strength of past time which they showed when they unlike Dutch forces broke the entire Serb army and prevented yet another massacre, the ordinary citizen saw no change in their situation because the victories on the battle field took place several countries away.

So the Danish population needed another weapon to boost their kind of identity. They found a strong weapon in the pen!

The cartoon war became a reality. Once again the Denmark show the world that we as a nation could face millions of people and come out as a winner.

The last shadows from the loss in 1864 were gone. Denmark was once again the mayor factor you could count on not only in the war on terrorism but also in the war for the right of free speech. It is a too important part of our history for the students to miss out on. Education in this subject should be mandatory.


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