The police opened an old case which opened the world to….

In culture on February 22, 2015 at 08:30

Sometime the police open old cases. Unfortunately a lot of murders are still unsolved. The hopes to solve them are always high but when Bossier Parish Sheriff department in Louisiana opened the case of “Bossier Doe” a woman who was found dead around 1980 using Facebook they suddenly got a reaction very quickly.

Further reading into this case opened a door into a nasty world including several female only religious boarding schools; Boarding schools which are close to not even being named boarding schools but rather asylums; Boarding schools where the teenagers were treated worse than inmates in prisons; Boarding schools where corporal punishment were used in an extend that should have resulted in arrest and imprisonment for the employees inflicting them at once.

And yes they do still exist. Of course not in such a large scale as in 1980 but there are states like Missouri where the authorities don’t care about what is going on inside as long as the boarding school writes the world RELIGIOUS SCHOOL on their front door. Once that word is written on the front door everything seems legal to take place inside. The now deceased Bin Laden could have hidden inside such a school in Missouri without anyone caring as long as his followers would have written the word RELIGIOUS SCHOOL. Then he would have been protected.

I once wrote a piece about such a place called Circle of Hope Ranch. It produced a lot of comments not every one positive about my writing but then you cannot agree with everyone.

But back to the “Bossier Doe” case. When the police posted the material they had on Facebook a family saw it and believed that it could have been a long lost family member.

Back around 1980 Carol Ann Cole was sent to a boarding school in Texas. Since sometime in the 1960’s Texas had homes for teenagers parents for some reason didn’t like anymore. Lester Roloff created some homes where the teenagers could live ruled with corporal punishment, isolation rooms where the bible were read 24/7 making most of the teenagers crazy. Then the question of course is: How did she end up in Louisiana?

Well, sometimes the school swapped students. The families didn’t care anyway. Otherwise they wouldn’t have given their children up to Christian extremists but would have sought real therapy in real psychiatric hospitals. So Carol Ann Cole could very well have been sent to the New Bethany Home in Louisiana. This home ruled by Mack Ford did like the homes in Texas used corporal punishment to an extreme level.

Mack Ford didn’t recently. There are employees out there which hope that the investigation into what took place would stop with his death. Let us hope that the investigation continues. There are allegations that Mack Ford was indecent with some of the girls. The real question mark is: Where others involved? What are their names? I have been able to find names like Olin King and Robert King in connection with a conviction of false imprisonment but I am not sure what their connection to the New Bethany Home for Girls were.

When I write this piece I don’t know if “Bossier Doe” is Carol Ann Cole. The DNA evidence need to be analyzed and I hope that the family will be given peace even given the fact that it means that they will know that they had suffered a terrible loss back in 1980.

Then there is the question about how she died. Will the family learn the entire truth? Was she killed because she was on the run and perhaps tried to escape people who were sent out to get her?

This case includes too many mysteries. I hope that the Sheriff Office will be able to solve it. No murder deserves to remain unsolved.

A little further reading about the New Bethany Home for Girls:


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