Did the war on terror come to Denmark today?

In politics on February 14, 2015 at 21:33

If the answer to this question was that it was today man lost his life and 3 policemen were injured the answer is yes.

But the fact is that the war on terror has been fought on Danish ground for a decade. Gone are the days where passengers could joke with the personnel in the airport about having a bomb in their luggage. Danes have been extradited to foreign countries for alleged crimes which had nothing to do with terrorism but as result of new legislation due to the fight against terrorism.

Readers of this blog can look up old entries about Camilla Broe who was extradited to the United States and spend a year in jail only to be cleared of all charges. An accountant was extradited to the United Kingdom for nothing but being a scapegoat. A man was extradited to German because he printed a book which was forbidden in Germany. Denmark is no longer a safe place for Danes who may have broken some kind of double-standard law abroad which is no crime in Denmark.

In a few months Danish drivers could risk fines issued by corrupt foreign police in other parts of the European Union which was legislation which resulted in loss of jobs in Denmark because no employer would expose his employees to that kind of danger.

We also had successes. Many remember the cartoon war which we won. A hard blow on the moral among the supporters of terrorism was inflicted and many places abroad it resulted in positive results.

But in general the war on terrorism have altered our daily lives just as many people during the Second World War had to spend night after night in shelters seeking refuge for the nightly bomb raids. In kindergartens and nurseries the children are not able to enjoy traditional food. As a kind of peace offer our children are forced to eat food made as a kind of cultural compromise in these times with hardship.

Maybe the time will come when the next generation will have to go to a museum to taste traditional Danish food just as many children in Copenhagen go to the ZOO to seek pigs, chicken and cows because they never had been outside the town.

It is a sad day for us Danes but in reality the war on terrorism has been fought on Danish grounds long before the first shot was fired in Copenhagen today.


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