When the police becomes the parents

In culture on February 10, 2015 at 17:15

Some places the police are called very fast. The January 30 version of Dr. Phil showed one of these places. The daughter seemed out of control according to the parents. Then they called the police. The police came – now knowing the child by name because it seemed that it was a parent strategy and left once they calmed things down.

Of course it might seem easy when the uncle is the sheriff but it is a dangerous parenting strategy. There have been a number of cases where the police have killed a child inside the home. Both in Denmark and in the United States mental illness is a real killer if you combine it with police work.

The Danish police riddled a person lying down on the floor in a 7-11 shop in Copenhagen. The man suffered from mental illness. When the Danish police was requested by a family doctor to pick up another man they ended up shooting him instead.

Also in the United States family members have watched with horror when they called for help and got an execution party instead.

The police are not trained to work as nurses and doctors in a psych unit. They are trained to arrest and detain criminals.

If you invite them inside your home to work on your children as criminals then the next step should be to call the social services informing them that there are new kids to be put in the foster care system. Unfortunately not every police officer does that. In many cities they play nannies for parents not accepting their responsibility. One of these cases was seen on the Dr. Phil show. The parents had three daughters. One of them suffered from social anxiety which made her scream at the family when they tried to get her to school or attend anything outside her room. Dr. Phil didn’t make it better by sending hire goons to drag her to his show. In the end the girl was sent to Turn-about ranch known for having rocketed UK model Jemma Henley’s into speed. But Jemma Henley had the goal to become famous before she came to the ranch so how could it be other than a success? This girl will enter the ranch suffering from social anxiety. How will being forced to remain in a stone circle outside for days improve her conditions?

It is one of these cases there the social services in this girls hometown should have intervened. Once this girl returns home after the stay at the ranch basically untreated the problems will escalate. The police will not stopping going to this family trying to sort domestic matters out for them. The risk that this girl would end up being yet another number in the statistic where police shoot mentally ill patients is huge.


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