When your child returns home ….

In culture on January 24, 2015 at 17:58

I was watching the Dr. Phil episode: What Happened to Tempest?: Standing Up to Mean Girls

Katie aged 15 was shipped off to Dr. Phil’s new sponsor – Center for Discovery, which took over sponsoring the Dr. Phil show after Aspen Education Group.

I found it very worrying when Katie during the show warned her mother against sending her away – AGAIN. So there is the root of the problem in this little family. Every time things get rough, the child is shipped somewhere.

It is not surprising that this girl is on alert and jumpy.

In a lot of residential treatment centers the use of attack group therapy is allowed. It is one of the most damaging types of therapy. When you allow group members to confront other group members about their problems, emotional breakdown is the risk. Group therapy is supposed to be about supporting each other. If a patient needs to be confronted then the attack has to be conducted by a professional in a one-on-one therapy session.

Attack therapy in group therapy environment was first used on a large scale by Synanon – a church community with a fine word – a cult in ordinary expression.

One of the group members started a chain of boarding schools called CEDU. The CEDU concept has been copied to a number of schools after CEDU closed. Another former member created a rehab in New York.

I don’t know how Center for Discovery operates. Aspen Education Group got one of their boarding schools closed down in Oregon because they used lap dance therapy where teenagers who had been exposed to abuse in their childhood was forced to react some of the indecent experiences they had been exposed to by dancing in revealing costumes. Several of the families and students have reached a settlement outside court this month.

The former students were exposed to confrontational group therapy. They suffered emotional damaged. They sued and reached at settlement.

The question is: Will Katie return home and live a normal teenage life after her stay. The update in the shows tells that they have a better relationship but one thing is to have a dose of your child from time to time; another to have your child living at home full time. I don’t believe that the mother has the tools to handle a post-institutionalized child in her home. I don’t believe that “Center for Discovery” can repair what other programs damaged.

Sorry to say. I simply don’t believe it.


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