Is Denmark Utopia

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Bookcover: Michael Booth’s “The Almost Nearly Perfect People”

At least in the minds of Danes!

Certainly the Danes who were able to reach the age-limit for early retirement in time before the age-limit was raised will confirm that they live in Utopia.

But the days where Denmark was the happiest nation in the world is over. If Denmark was Utopia why will young people who have grown up in Denmark where they could socialize their friends and classmates over some beers or glasses of wine travel down to Syria or Iraq to fight on the side of ISIS?

The answer is clear! Denmark is no longer Utopia because the several Danish governments have forced Denmark to globalized and open up to world. Gone are the days where Denmark went down the countries in the European Union and told them the conditions the Danish people wanted for Denmark’s participation in the European Union. Conditions they had no options to but to accept because Denmark at that time was the intellectual center and most developed country in the world.

Poor business acumen changed all that. Denmark had a number of public money bins not so clearly visible as Uncle Scrooge’s money bin. They were privatized during the last 30 years: Airports, the phone and fiber-network, railroads – even the databases with confidential data.

The private investors were happy, the hackers were happy. The Danish Citizens where robbed. The assets they had paid for by leaving more than 50 percent of their income off in income taxes were auctioned off for almost nothing.

If you watch Danish television you will often see TV-series like “Matador” and “Huset på Christianshavn” both portraying life as it was before Denmark became member of the European Union. Quiet lives with little drama. Dramas which would be settled over some beers in the local pub called the Rat hole.

Denmark was an island with happiness built over 100 years. Oddly enough the cornerstone of the entire welfare system was put in last. The entire foundation was built without a foundation but when they put the foundation down under the castle of welfare they did it good. The foundation of the Danish welfare society was the early retirement – in Danish called “Efterloen”. Suddenly every Dane knew that they could work 120 percent without any thought about their health because they could plan to retire once they turned 60.

Many Danes began to take long education in Universities. Instead of borrowing money they took a number of gap years. Some started the professional line of work they then put anything into aged 30 or 35. They knew that they could risk anything because if they went bankrupt they could get unemployment benefit until retirement. There was no longer any reason to kill themselves and their family to prevent the names of their wife and children to undergo the shame of failure. They could change name, collect the money and wait until it was over.

The opportunity to go for everything changed Denmark and pushed it out of the shadows of the oil crisis. The core of the products in the Microsoft Dynamics series were invented in Denmark, Skype had Danish inventors, Borland Software had numerous products developed in Denmark. Intel Gigabit network product had their roots in Denmark, the windmill industry was reborn in Denmark and Danish cuisine originally consisting of fluid products only like mead and beer is now in the forefront. I could continue forever. Common for these innovative products were that they were developed by people taught in school to question everything the teachers said and the fact that they would have a safety net if they failed.

And it is not all. No modern invention is the work of a single genius. Modern inventions require teamwork and sharing of knowledge. It was established by allowing teenagers to drink alcohol in high school. Special Friday bars were established on campuses. It enabled the students to open up bypassing the natural silence Danes imposes on people they don’t know and create lifelong networks of friends who would hire them or do trade with them.

But the sale-out blocked this approach. The Danish society could no longer afford unemployment benefit without limitation. It could no longer afford early retirement. It could no longer allow students to take their time letting them pass exams not only with top grades but also with the social network and life experience to make the champions of the world regarding development and testing of new products.

All this because the politicians sold out?

It is not the entire explanation. It was more than an internal failure made by the politicians alone that caused the sell-out. Our membership of the European Union contributed. The European Union is far from perfect. First and foremost every country has a duty to protect its borders. Could the United States exist if Arizona suddenly decided not to patrol the borders to Mexico allowing illegal immigrants to take all low-paid jobs all the way to Maine? No United States would collapse. But that is what Greece and Italy do. They don’t stop illegal immigrants and refugees. They travel all the way to Denmark because they don’t know anything about the misery Denmark has become during the last number of decades.

Secondly what if Silicon Valley contracted with the entire population of McIntyre and surrounding cities in Georgia to do any work not related to administration? Mama June and the rest of the hill-billies would not know what to ask for salary and would properly agree to develop Windows 11 or 12 for salaries waitresses are used to. That is what Danes experience with workers entering from Poland and other countries which used to be part of the Warsaw pact countries. They take every kind of job they can often sleeping in abandoned houses, tents and very often using their time having family members out of job shopping in supermarkets and private houses without paying.

Often the Danish firms outsource work to various small companies who outsource part of their work to other small firms. At some point in this chain of deals taxes and normal salaries are no longer paid. The workers work for almost nothing. The Danish society is cheated of income-taxes. How can any country defend themselves against illegal immigration when there are not allowed to control their borders and they are forced to be member of the European Union where there are countries which neglect their duties controlling the external borders?

Mass-unemployment is the result. The Danish government has forced people to seek two jobs regardless if the firms seek employees. The firms are bombed with applications. Because the magical number is 2, people apply for jobs they have no chance or qualifications to get. The software industry developing automatic systems to reply with no when people seek jobs is booming but now the firms get so many applications that they have no chance to find the employees they want. Every time a job position is put up a firm received several hundred applications. It is needless to apply for a job because the jobs are often taken by people in the network from the Friday bars in high school.

It creates a problem for the youth who dislike drinking alcohol or socialize sober in the Friday bars. They have no chance to enter the job-market. They become marginalized and over 100 have already left for the Middle East to fight against our values.

People need to know that they need to accept the Danish culture fully if they come here to live an honest life. They need to take Danish names. They need to allow their children to drink alcohol when they are 16. They need to allow their children to date as pre-teen. They need to allow the school to teach the children about sex when they are 10 years old so they don’t have sex while dating. Denmark has almost no teenage pregnancies due to this strategy. They need to stop talking other languages than Danish. It is just as immigrants entering the United States before the First World War did. Back then they took English names, they learned to speak English. Nothing has changed.

We as Danes need to tell them this. Otherwise our country will collapse. The myth this book speak of will continue to exist in people’s minds until they actually arrives here. Then it would be too late for them and for us.

Denmark is no longer Utopia.

Denmark can be Utopia again.

We need to close our borders. We need to tell people who want to live here about our customs and how they need to surrender theirs to be a success again.

We need to look at France and nationalize what we have sold just as France did with the banks in 1980s. Investors will run but they will come back the minute we are Utopia once again.

The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia

  1. Reblogged this on Danish lies and commented:
    Of course Denmark is no longer Utopia. 40 years ago we were a happy country where people could talk together during lunchbreaks over a beer or two. That is history. We are a divided nation.

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