In the next century our culture will be gone

In culture on December 18, 2014 at 06:37

I just learned that the coming movie “The Interview” was canceled until further notice.

In this pre-war period before World War III it is kind of worrying.

Like the case with Anschluss it is just a sign of what is coming to us. Last month we learned that the United States is no longer the strongest economy in the world.

United States also learned that they no longer have the capacity to fight two wars at the same time. They made a mess out of Iraq. They made a mess out of Afghanistan; All this because they did not finish the job in Afghanistan before they moved on to Iraq.

Now entire western world has lost it first cyberwar. In Denmark we are especially worried because our government has outsourced the operations of the most sensitive databases in our system to private firms. Our entire database with driver’s licenses had been hacked for 6 months open for everybody in the world. The only people who didn’t know that inside the computer business industry were of course the state of Denmark and the private firm – CSC – who ran those databases. A police officer in Sweden was so friendly to call the Danish police. Otherwise this security breach would have been in existence today.

Sony was hacked because they are a private firm without the massive resources governments have. They think in profit. They hire the cheapest computer guys to do the job. They properly even outsourced some of their US operations to third world countries as it is so modern today. The support people are properly working in India for a cup of rice. They are afraid of arguing with their boss so vital failures in the system are not reported to the programmers.

It was the same with CSC in Denmark. They had the best people in the world when it was run by the state. Of course it was expensive. Then it was outsourced. The firm wanted cheaper people and kicked the old employees out or forced them to work for basically what a worker in a local supermarket can bring home. Because people left in a hurry they brought unskilled people from India in who might have the exams enabling them to call themselves experts but cheating at exams is national sport in India, so had their background been checked they would properly drive taxies in Denmark instead just as many immigrants with universities degrees from abroad do in Denmark.

The cyberwar front has been lost. We will never be able to kick back before the states move in and order hosting centers to be placed in every country so no vital data for a company or the state will be placed abroad. Secondary data systems housing public information should be nationalized. A failure in Microsoft Azure in one country should not result in people working in another country to be offline. We need taxing on work over state borders using remote desktop services. In general we need to reduce international data traffic to be limited to blog work, emails and web-purchases.

The last one is Denmark working on already. I used to buy books in England. Then I tried to order a book the last time I got a reply that the book store owner would not sell to Denmark anymore. He had been selling too much to Denmark and as result the Danish IRS had ordered him to do a lot of paperwork. So much in fact that it could be a business with profit anymore and as result he redrew from the market leaving me without the possibility to buy some of the books I love.

We also need to look at the problem with entire generations of debts being handled by countries like China. All American children growing up today will start their productive life paying the debts of at least 3 generations of to China. The amount the U.S. Citizens owe abroad is massive. What if the day comes where they citizens cannot pay their debts? The Chinese people cannot drive in and kick people out of their houses.

The Obama administration and the next 5 administrations need to focus on debt reduction. I won’t start an export company selling to the States tomorrow because I don’t believe that I would get my money. The answer to the debt problem is very easy. Move jobs back from the slave factories in Mexico the LA Times speak off and the similar plants in China. Goods might be more expensive but it is better to finance the higher prices with money earned on work than money paid to you from welfare.

Secondly keep the banks in tight control. Look at how much the employees and managers earn. The money in the banks belongs to ordinary citizens who have put their money in the banks. No bonuses for money wasted or crazy high salaries should be given.

Last but not least. Fight globalization. Shut the rest of the world off mentally. Move together in the local communities and start “hygge” among each other. Share a beer with your teen. Learn to know them and their friends. Work local projects and protect your neighborhood. Worship local nursed vegetables and establish community gardens so you as a community have something to be together about.

The third World War is coming. It will be fought with new types of weapons you don’t think would kill. When Denmark started the Cartoon War we didn’t know that drawings could kill but 200 people has died in this war so far. If all private emails become public I guess a lot of families and relationships – even companies will be destroyed and suicides will be the result and become just as deadly as carpet bombing.

I am deeply worried.


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