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In culture on December 15, 2014 at 17:55

Now the Aaron Bacon movie has been uploaded to YouTube. It deals not only with his death which is quite ordinary when you look into wilderness programs. It deals with the grief and guilt his death caused his family.

Deaths in the wilderness programs are often caused by illness neglected by the employees. You are far from the hospital. Ordinary deceases become deadly just as if you were living in the third world. Look at how many children who die in third world countries before they become adults. Secondly deaths are caused by the use of restraints. If grown-up try to restrain they can crush the person below that so this person is strangled. The police do this all the time. Nothing odd there, but here we are talking patients. We are talking children.

I don’t know why Aaron Bacon was sent to this program. He had not been convicted in court. Properly his had been testing drugs or alcohol. Maybe his grades were just bad. In a society like ours where success means everything and it is accepted to look down upon the people who cannot get jobs or are homeless, parents become desperate to seek help.

Of course there are a lot of people ready to help people – for money.

Educational consultants are often paid by both parents and the programs they refer the children to – without the parents knowing.

The parents believe that the fine brochures and the promises made by sales people or educational consultants stick.

But it is about profit. It is about creating a product rather than analyzing the problem the individual child struggle with. The product is the perfect daughter or the perfect son. Not only creating this product. It is also about doing it with fewest costs. It is the cheapest employees – often former patients who seek a chance to bully newcomers as they were bullied.

It is a deathly cocktail.

The only reason so many children walk away from these programs alive but scared on their soul is that a human being is difficult to kill.

  1. Well said.

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