Prague holidays continue to haunt Danish Teens

In culture on December 10, 2014 at 20:19

Danish teenagers who traveled to Prague faced a lot of problems. Sneaky business men in Prague had painted a false picture of the Czech culture.

The students were promised a binge drinking holiday. All they got was a wasted week and properly Posttraumatic Stress as result of the brutal approach by the local police. The teenagers went down there without proper legal aid and as result of this lack of protection a number of students have been sentenced to pay compensation for local car-owners and businesses by secret local courts.

We have to call for a stop for any travelling to the Czech Republic when it comes to allow Danish minors to travel abroad to a culture which have proved to be hostile. The Danish students were never welcome. The local businessmen just wanted the money the students had in exchange for nothing.

The Czech Republic is not as developed as we are in Denmark. Our challenges regarding at-risk youth who abstain from alcohol consumption and marginalize themselves until they are ready to travel down to the Middle East and support ISIS cannot be understood by foreign authorities. They do understand that alcohol consumption among our teenagers is the core element to keep harmony, establish communication and empathy for each other. The feeling of belonging to the student body and receive social acceptance means a lot for youth not having passed through the rite of passage towards adulthood.

The latest reports speak of 150 Danes who are fighting against our forces on the side of ISIS. To stop that traffic we need to see to that our teenagers bond over our values. That cannot be achieved by sending teenagers down to Prague. That goal can only be reached if we keep our children in Denmark and shield them from the brutal actions the police in Prague took early this year.

Nothing can be achieved by exposing our students to a hostile youth culture like the one they have in the Czech Republic. We just have to stop them from going to the Czech Republic or other countries where teenagers from age 14 cannot party like their peers.

We owe our children to aim high. We owe them to stop all tourism to countries like the Czech Republic. Nothing less can be if we want to preserve our culture and bring a brighter future to our children.

  1. What does this all mean ? Can you be a little more specific ? What happened ?

  2. As it states. Some businessmen paid teachers in our high schools to pass notes out telling the teenagers that they could travel down to a massive binge drinking holiday. Absent parents due to our double income society allowed their children to travel to Prague where many of the teenagers then discovered they couldn’t participate because they were too young due to odd local laws. The local police was corrupt and charges of vandalism were raised. Secret courts (That part still function very much like in the communists days) sentenced the Danish students (now back in Denmark with no idea about what took place) to pay a lot of money in compensation to the so-called victims. Strange EU laws prevents the students to appeal to Danish courts. They are backrupt.

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