Normally I am not talking work inhere

In business culture on November 14, 2014 at 16:42

I work with logistics in a firm in Jutland, Denmark. Normally I am not talking work in this blog. However I have become more and more frustrated with the IT-system we use at work.

Some years ago we used the XAL system from Microsoft. Now we are using the NAV system instead – also from Microsoft. It is slower than XAL and more important, none dare to develop solutions for it because they only leave two years between every major release leaving it too short a time for our management to make a positive cost-benefit analyse from any kind of adjustment.

Of course we have tried to look at alternatives but programs like E-economics are hosted solutions where the costs is not fixed but can be raised either just because they decide it or because we might grow over a certain limit. Secondary some of my friends working in these kind of systems have spoken about adjustments being done to the system with short notice and without warning. It means that they have to be on the phone with the support when had better things do to like work. That is the main reason for us not choosing E-economics. We like to enter a system like we left it the day before.

Of course our opinion of NAV being slow is somewhat based on the limited training we had in the system, but courses and education in Denmark are very expensive properly because we are a small country with too few firms offering courses. If you investigate the prices nationwide they cost almost the same everywhere.

That doesn’t change the fact that we don’t like NAV. It doesn’t matter that they now have released Tablet versions of their programs, because the Tablet versions are for 2015, not 2013 as we use.

Back in the old days we had a good working system. I understand that there is something called development and more focus on real Windows systems. XAL was a consolebased system with a Windows front. The entire development environment was console based which was a challenge when you made reports. However the system itself was fast and then it didn’t matter that development took a little more time because the layout in Reports and Forms proved difficult to do.

I miss the old days.


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