Indians exercising their birthright

In culture on November 11, 2014 at 05:59

It is not because they exercise their birthrights to cheat that I am worried. I am worried because the jobs they take once they have “passed” their exams and call themselves engineers effect our country like any other country they work for in a globalized time.

Some remember the CSC hacker case. Qualified workers were let go to save money. Cheap Indian workers were imported without the necessary security background check. As result the entire IT-structure hosted by CSC was left open for every hacker in the world to use. Not for an hour, not for a day. For several months every kind of information was open to use.

I respect the culture they exercise down in India just as other countries should respect our country and our culture where even teenagers have to right to enjoy a beer in school; A healthy culture where introduction courses at our universities included drinks and sometime sexual rituals.

We party. We drink. We enjoy each other’s company. Please respect that!

They cheat at their exams. We will respect that.

But I have to urge every firm thinking about outsourcing work to India to send the right type of work down to them. Please make their worker to the work they are qualified at instead of putting them in a situation which not suits them.

In Denmark you can find a lot of taxi drivers with doctor titles and high university degrees taken in other countries. That is called respect. We respect that they have fought hard for their exams and they are given a job suiting their qualifications.

The students who feel they have the right to cheat (BBC)


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