I fail to under stand Spain

In politics on November 10, 2014 at 05:57

I fail to understand what the Spanish government is doing right now. They seem intended to repeat the mistakes made by the old government in the 1920’s and 1930’s; mistakes which resulted in the terrible civil war just before the Second World War.

They need to get their country under control. Catalonia voted for independence and the citizens told Madrid that they no longer believe in Spain as a country. That should be a serious warning sign. Of course none believe in Catalonia as an independent country. Everybody knows that the soccer team F.C. Barcelona would lose every appeal to a sponsor if they became independent and had no opponents to play soccer against because they will be forced to leave the Spanish soccer association. The old classic play with Madrid and Barcelona turning out against each other will be no more.

That being said no country can live forever with a part of the country wanting to leave. Spain needs to get people employed. They need to look at the threat against their largest industry – the tourist industry.

It is safe to say that Spain has become a dangerous country to visit. Most know about the poor young women who left for Spain to work in the tourist industry as many young people do guiding tourists around explaining about Spain in local languages. These women were received by gangsters who using the women’s social network profiles made the women believe that their family would be killed if they didn’t travel to South America to get some stuff. The stuff turned out to be drugs and the women are close to be killed in prison to keep them from talking as possible.

Spain could have used this incident to kick everybody living in Spain with just the slightest connection to South America out to achieve two things:

  1. Send a clear message to any tourist thinking about using Spain as the next place to make their holiday. “We are going to keep you safe. We will keep the criminals from exposing your children who all have open social network profiles.”
  2. To give the jobs the criminal held as a cover to local citizens lowering the rate of unemployment.

But the central government in Madrid seems to have no interest in lowering the rate of unemployment. They seem intended to govern the country from the capital alone.

It is dangerous path because poor economy and a government with little interest in what is going on outside the suburbs of the capital was what led to the civil war!

It did push the population to extreme political movements on both left and right.

That is why the central government in Spain must react now. They have to clean up their country. Otherwise it is only a question of time before weapons will be used instead of talk.



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