New youth parricide case in Denmark

In culture on October 10, 2014 at 05:33

A girl aged 15 has been arrested suspected of murdering her mother. Also arrested was her boyfriend aged 28.

It might be the first youth parricide case in Denmark.

In other countries there have also been such cases. In Canada the Robinson murder case took many headlines. In the United States the Steppin’ Stone Farm murder case and the Caffey case is well-known to the public.

In the Steppin’Stone Farm case a 15 year old girl learned of her mother’s plan to lock her up at the farm which was run by Christian Fundamentalists who didn’t even allow teenagers ordinary acts like drinking beers and partying. As result her boyfriend killed her mother acting at her orders according to the court. She served nearly 20 years in prison before being released this year.

In the Caffey case every male teenager in the seemed to know that the daughter planned to take her parents out. According to the court she managed aged only 15 to talk no less than 3 adults into murdering her entire family of two brothers and the parents. Why none of the teenagers knowing on her plan in advance did notify the authorities remains a mystery today. Their silence claimed 4 lives. Why 3 adults can be ordered around by a teenager girl is also a mystery. It is dangerous if grownup showing such a lack of mental strength can be living outside institutions.

In the Danish case not all facts are known yet. The girl can be innocent, so let us not judge her yet. It is a matter for the court.

However based on the learnings from the Steppin’Stone Farm case we have to know if the social services are involved. Did the girl fear ending up at one of the gruesome group homes in Jutland every youth in Denmark fear? A recent court case in Denmark about the group home Solhaven include allegations about violence, police bribe and lying in official papers. The owner earned millions while the teenagers were beaten up. If the teenagers went to the police, the police didn’t care because they were enjoying the many gifts the owners had given them.

There are many group homes like Solhaven out there which have not been closed yet. There are also foster parents working for the Social Services who have enforced themselves having sex with the children or having beaten them for decades without anyone acting on behalf of the children which the cases from Skaelskoer and Mern showed us.

So is this girl guilty? Was she acting out of fear for the social services? The court will find the truth.



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