A turtle was burned alive

In culture on August 1, 2014 at 06:38

A girl is accused of burning a turtle alive. It is a gruesome crime. It is animal abuse of the worst category. How do you end up with a teenager lacking of so much of her empathy toward other living creatures?

A little investigation showed that the girl was a former resident of the now closed Camp Tracey in Jacksonville, Florida.

Searching further brings stories of abuse and alleged sexual relationships between some counselors and residents. She was a little girl – 13 years of age – when she ended up at the camp. We can only wonder what they did to her but the result is now a girl who should be committed to a state hospital for the security of not only the animals but maybe also future neighbors and other innocent bystanders.

I remember seeing a documentary about the last days of a convicted murderer Michael Perry. I will not start to discuss whether he was guilty. It is something to be discussed because the arresting officer Monte Morast was involved in activities which sent him to prison nor the fact that Mr. Perry took a terrible beating while they obtained his confession. Finally a woman was involved who had close personal connection to the local sheriff and she got a kind of special protection from charges her actions would have brought forward against her if she hadn’t friends among the police.

Michael Perry’s life was defined by his stay at another teenage facility named Casa by the Sea. Casa by the Sea was closed by the authorities in Mexico.

The life of the accused girl was likewise defined as result of her stay at Camp Tracey. I hope that the courts for the security of the residents in Florida find that this girl would have it better in state hospital than a juvenile facility where she will be kicked to the streets after having served her sentence. Once back in the streets I am afraid that it would only be a question of time before her name pops up in relation to an even worse crime.

Poor turtle. It shouldn’t have been tortured just because we human beings are among those who treat our own children in such gruesome ways.



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