He never should have been there

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A young Dane now pays the cost of going on a dangerous adventure. For reasons unknown he decided to work abroad far from the protection of our trade unions, the Friday bars with co-workers. Of course a person who wants to teach children must find it impossible to start a career in Denmark now where the teachers were forced to work long hours for the same salary as they had in the old days. It is understandable that many young persons choose other careers in burger restaurants or shops where they can start working without a long costly education.

But to choose to study or work abroad is stupid if you don’t take some legal precautions. In the United States the first sentence you use when you are greeted by the authorities is “I wan’t a lawyer”. It doesn’t matter what kind of information the police want. You have to insist that you want to help them but not before you have a lawyer.

The young Dane was hit by poor luck. A woman on the job was fired and she named him an abuser as revenge. It didn’t matter that his entire day was recorded on tape or the school had a strict policy which forbade him ever to be alone with a child. The police took him in and told him that they had a rather damaging video of him touching children in private areas on their body and instead of insisting a lawyer they talked him into trying to justify the non-existing video. A clear-cut confession!

I remember one of my father’s school friends who sailed for some years before settling in Brazil working as a law-enforcement. When he visited my father he always told me as a child that good Police-work is not about evidence. It is about luck and the largest and fastest gun.

The young Dane was sent to Rikers. It would only be a question of time before the other inmates find out why he is there and now where his name is up worldwide then they will believe he is guilty and then he will be begging for a deal so he can be labeled as a sex-offender to kicked out of the States to Denmark proving the wrongful accusations and the woman who put the charges up would be able to land a good job at another school.

Woman who reported intern for sexually abusing Midtown preschoolers was fired, parents group head says allegations are ‘fishy’ (My Daily News)

  1. Stop it! He has been released due to his high connections at the Danish Embassy and properly also at the school which has every interest in letting it show that he is innocent. If he was guilty the school would have neglected their responsibility and the school would be target for law suits from the parents.

    The police have done a hard work in this case where they have been opposed by both the school and the Danish authorities. Now the truth will never come. The school has properly seen to that the woman who went to the police reporting the crimes has disappeared. In the best case they could have paid her off to get as far away from New York as possible. In the worst case she would end up having an “accident”. Very clever work from the Danish people! I have to give it to your people. You look out for your own.

    I hope the school learns from this. There is no reason to hire foreigners. Why relocate jobs like mine to Mexico or jobs as pre-school interns to suspicious Danes? It sounds very fishy and I hope that the school management is investigated and maybe also charged in this case. The children have lost so much. Somebody should pay and the school management is obvious.

  2. I agree. They really shouldn’t come here and take our jobs.

    I hope that they send him back to Denmark guilty or not.

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