Erin Caffey on Dr. Phil

In culture on February 3, 2014 at 17:51

I saw the transcript of the Dr. Phil show regarding Erin Caffey who is serving a lot of prison time because two men and a woman killed her family off. I have to say that I fail to understand how a child can persuade adults to do such a crime unless the adults were of those kinds who should have been institutionalized long ago.

I don’t doubt that she knew that the three adults would enter the parent’s house but I doubt that she was planning to kill her entire family. The three adults bear the full responsibility.

However that is not what did shock me the most. It seems that several people in the community knew that this tragedy was about to happen. The police interviewed several students at the local highschool who have heards talks of the planning. I hope that if my children overhear classmates talking about killing their parents they would approach either me or teachers so the parents would have warned and the authorities could have made precautions to avoid such a tragedy. There are no excuses not to take such talks seriously. This tragedy could have been stopped if only one of the classmates had come forward with their knowledge before the crime happened. I hope that they realize that they will have to live with the fact that a family was destroyed because they neglected their responsibility.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Conclusion of this show must be that it also takes a village to create such a tragedy.

A Family Slaughtered for Teen Love: The Convicted Daughter Speaks Out (The Dr. Phil Show)

  1. It is clearly a tragedy. Normally it is the other way around where I live. Parents kill their daughters off because they hav become too western. In Slagelse the family killed a woman on the main street on a normal shopping day where ordinary familes were shopping. An only 14 year old girl was downed in the harbor of Praestoe.

    In the case in Slagelse the longest sentence handed out was 16 years. In the case from Praestoe the father was sentenced to 14 years. The siblings the mother took with her before the authorities could rescue them to the very same country they were refugees from. Odd if you ask me.

    I saw the second episode today and I fail to understand why the previous boyfriend didn’t take his knowledge to the authorities. If not to protect the parents then to protect the girl. The parents strict parenting where they homeschooled her and were close to violent keeping boyfriends at distance should have been left to the social services to handle. If they had guided the parents towards a more modern style of parenting all these terrible murders might not have taken place.

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