Prague – that is how you are marketed out in the big world

In culture on January 24, 2014 at 18:24
Marketing of prague

Marketing of prague

Do you as a citizen in Prague wonder who tons of drunken youth come to your city just to party, have sex and drink alcohol? Do you believe that your city has other things to offer?

Maybe your city has but it is not how it is marketed. I took the liberty to copy the front page of just one of the travel agencies who offer trips to Prague. If you study the page further you will notice that there is no focus on your culture, your churches. The focus is on partying, having fun and nightclubs.

I know that the police and the hotels had a hard time servicing ten thousands of Danish teenagers who went there last year. In Denmark it is legal and expected that teenagers aged 16 drink alcohol. It is normal and easy to handle in Denmark but we have of course thousand years of experience allowing children drinking alcohol.

I have to say that I was tired of hearing of complains from the authorities in Prague. I have to state that you get the kind of customers you advertise for. Change your marketing strategy and the problems will be over.

Website of one of the traveling agencies

  1. […] af at de er velkomne i Prag og Prag sælger sig selv som festby, hvilket man se i dette link: Prague – that is how you are marketed out in the big world Man får som regel de kunder man annoncerer efter. Det burde ikke undre dem at der kan komme nogle […]

  2. And you’re blaming Prague? How much did you drink before writing this rubbish?
    The DANISH travel agency markets Prague as a party destination in order to make more profit for the travel agency itself. How can you blame Prague?

  3. For not hitting at the Danish travel agencies but instead starting to blame the about 10,000 tourists who came down there! It is not the Tourists faults that a town is marketed as the party city number one in Europe. Prague could have done so much to stop this traffic. They could have taken the licenses from some of the bars and night clubs. It worked for New York.

    The teenagers are not to blame. They act just as they act down in Munkebo near my hometown Kolding. However there are not 10,000 of them. I have to say that I based on what I saw in the newspapers last year must say that they remarkable quiet and decent if you take the numbers into consideration. I cannot understand the authorities in Prague saw it as a problem from the very start.

  4. Were you in Prague last year during this?
    I was. I live in Prague.

    It came as a surprise to everybody, because obviously the travel agencies didn’t want to warn anybody and risking places to be closed or hotels cancelling in fear of problems. Should the city browse every foreign website to see, how they market the city?
    The next week everybody was ready.
    This year hopefully everybody will be ready.

    Prague markets itself as a place with a lot more to offer.
    A Danish travel agency wanting to sell party packages is NOT Prague markeing itself in any way. By saying “I have to state that you get the kind of customers you advertise for. Change your marketing strategy and the problems will be over.” you directly blame Prague, don’t you?
    Or whom are you addressing in that statement? Is that directed to the travel agency which made the marketing? Because if it is, it is not clear from your article

  5. I wasn’t in Prague last year and my children weren’t either. I believe that nothing good comes from introducing minors to foreign cultures; especially if they live in a superior one like our children. Quality of life would go from their lives if they have to move around putting restrictions on themselves just because they are abroad?

    We live in a very open culture. Many people come to Denmark and many of them steal and commit violence. It is worst during the summer when bus after bus brings tourists from the eastern part of Europa to Denmark. When we arrest them and points out that one out of three in our prisons are foreigners or have none-Danish origins we are called racists. It is not nice to be called that and it has created the needs for a lot of reflection. Because we want tourists and how do we market Denmark so the ma don’t carry booster bags so they can shoplift and other tools to be used for breaking into houses? It has been very frustrating. In august the police and customs often raids the busses bringing the tourists back and a lot of items having been reported stolen are found on the busses.

    The insurance companies in Denmark have asked people to register anything of gold and silver so they can forward photos and descriptions to the police. At the police station every citizens can borrow special pencils and tools for free so they can mark their inventory with secret markings for the police to be used.

    One of the things we have focused on is conventions and larger groups coming into Denmark. When larger groups come to Denmark and hotel reports of full capacity it reported in the press so both businesses and the authorities can provide better services.

    I wonder how 10,000 minors could be sent to Prague filling hotels without anyone knowing that it would be a challenge housing such a massive number of tourists. The hotels must have experiences an extreme level in bookings compared to previous years.

    I am happy to report that the incidents last year have taught more parents to keep their children at home or to arrange for holidays in Denmark instead where the local citizens are used to what most here would call normal juvenile behavior.

    I can see that you are in the travel business and try to paint a different picture of what Prague stands for. Take your message to the politicians. They have to stop trying to contact our politicians and embassies telling them that our youth have to forget 1,000 years of Viking heritage. They have to contact our travel agencies letting them now that Prague is altering its image in Denmark from the capital for party, cheap alcohol and sex to a capital with history and culture. One way is to close nightclubs and to exercise a stricter politics when it comes to alcohol licenses.

    We made to decision to alter the wonderful Copenhagen guide a couple of years ago so there were not so many advertisements for hookers and strip clubs because Copenhagen had been marketed as the capital for sins and loose relationships. We knew that we had the responsibility to attract the right kinds of tourists. Why don’t you take the same kind of task upon you?

  6. I just saw an article on Danish News. The article states that the Danish tourists are cheated by the police and bar owners. The tourist, whom many are 16 or 17 years of age cannot enter the night clubs and bars they visited last year because the locals have changed the alcohol permits after the sold the tourists expensive party packages.

    I will never go down there. Not to party. Not to anyting else.

  7. As other people have said – you can not possibly blame Prague or Czech republic for this (especially when the agency you are showing us is danish, not czech). There are thousands of travel agencies and adverts that focus on Prague differently. You have shown one ad which proves exactly nothing, I can find hundreds of others ones which do focus on culture, dining, history…Without a problem.
    Do you know that in average 5 million foreign tourists visit Prague each year? Do you think all of them behave like so many of those danish students? Prague is an absolutely beautiful city, there is much to see and experience. We have beautiful monuments, architecture, art, theatres…And we have a night life. Yes, partying in Prague is fun and many tourists come to do that. I have nothing against that. But no one likes people who come to your beloved city and act as though they own the place and they can go crazy because they don’t have to deal with it. You can’t blame it on someone else if it’s you pissing in the street, you destroying your hotel room, you breaking windows, you being agressive, you stabbing a fellow dane… It is not a matter of age or a different culture, it is a matter of good manners and having at least a small amount of respect. You can have fun without it negatively impacting people around you.

    I see you are blaming all of Prague and all of Czech republic for something you think we did wrong. I am not blaming Denmark or all of the students that visit Prague, because I know many of them behaved normally. But I wish in the future people who want to go crazy and act like assholes will stay at home.

  8. A petition has been started so we can get the teenagers home unharmed: Link to petition

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