A former superwoman becomes a loserwoman

In culture on January 12, 2014 at 20:45

I saw the piece about Nicola Horlick. She sent her daughter to Redcliff which is known from the British version of Brat Camp.

It is torture for teenagers and no help. How can teenagers attend such program and integrate themselves in a normal working place? At my jobs the most important lesson we teach the teenagers who start here how to socialize with co-workers over a beer after work every Friday. It is important for them to attend so they learn what is going on in our company.

Wilderness programs instil emotional damage to the teenagers they force out in the desert. If you read testimonies from teenagers who have been sent to wilderness programs they speak about nightmares even decades later. What teenagers learned from Brat Camp was that the visa rules had a 90 days maximum. How this woman managed to pull a stunt off where she not only sent her daughter to Redcliff for 83 days but also extended her stay so she could attend brainwash kind of boarding school which uses methods invented at the now-closed CEDU boarding school chain which had to close as result of a number of lawsuits and missing students whom never were found.

This kind of abuse of the US VISA system should be stopped. There is no need for European teenagers to attend schools in the United States. In Denmark we no longer accept credits from U.S. High Schools due to the low quality. Why should England then? They have a much better system. They just need to lose the Uniforms. It was the only thing which prevented me from accepting a job in England because much of the identity my children base their life on comes from their choice of clothes. They use it as a sign which can tell me, their peers and teachers if they should speak to them at a given day.

I searched for only seconds and found several testimonies from former Carlbrook students about how a stay at this school caused them emotional pain they have to deal with on weekly basis years after they left the school. Direct therapy as they practice in the United States should be avoided. There is a reason for the human mind to hide painful memories until the individual is ready to take on the challenge of working the issues over.

You don’t confront alcoholics and drug-users. You wait until they are ready and the day will come when they are ready. Sure some could die from their abuse but they could also live every single day sober and then die from illness or a freak accident on the road. In Denmark we know that treatment of issues the patients are not ready to have treated is waste of time. This truth Nicola Horlick should have realized also.

Poor Antonia may believe that she got help at Carlbrook but wait a couple of years until the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder kicks in. When she starts to wake in the middle of the night dreaming of the wilderness employees stripping her down or she wakes early in the morning believing that the Child Whisperer will appear in her room or when she find herself in a job-situation being attacked by an entire group just a group therapy is used in the United States, then she will start a life-long journey where she will try to get her PTSD under control.

It is seldom I find an article about so-called superwoman who had gained the title so unfairly. I hope that she makes a move to have her book removed from the market because it is false marketing to have this book on sale. What she did was parental outsourcing and it is in no way something you can use in the same sentence as superwoman.


  1. I just could not agree with you more. These programs are sick, sadistic and very abusive. Countless cases of physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse, kids have even been killed. I was sickened when I read this story, how a Brit could send their daughter to the most abusive programs in the most backward states in the US is just beyond me. She will not be thanking her Mom in the future.

    I am a Canadian and believe me we have nothing like this in my country either, learning about America’s so called troubled teen industry has truly changed my opinion of the US, how could a civilized country allow this ? We have wilderness therapy programs too, but the are strictly voluntary, and some even brag about the pastries and snacks their chefs make, I can’t find one complaint of abuse.

  2. Currently we are looking into the history of Sheila Morrison School and Robert Land Academy – programs in Canada. 3 boys have died while they attended Robert Land Academy. They are listed on a memorial blog, I also volunteer to maintain. It is called Enormous Loss. As every country Canada has its challenges also, but it is taken more seriously when it comes to complaints. I know that a human rights organization is looking into Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center (AARC), which was in the news but for some reason hasn’t been shut down yet.

    I am happy that you are concerned about the US teen industry. The ideas from the US industry are spreading to other countries – also Denmark where I live. We had to put our foot down hard on some group homes, which were abusive against the children living there.

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