Why exile of youth is dangerous

In culture, family on November 8, 2013 at 20:35

Referring to my last post about Sofia Petrova who was exiled to Siberia because her family wanted to start over with new children, I have to tell you about a tragedy which struck a family in Italy when their son was chopped to pieces in Denmark.

Back in 2003 a 19 year old Italian boy came to Copenhagen. Only hours after he left his train, he was dead. What did happen?

For unknown reason the young man decided to travel to Noerrebro. It is a part of Copenhagen, which by many is called Noerre-Bronx. As a tourist you don’t go to Bronx in New York by night without the aid of the Marine Corps. So why did he end up there? Was it a misunderstanding between a cap-driver and the young man or did he believe that he could get a cheap hotel there? If I as a Dane would leave my peaceful Jutland and go to Copenhagen over at what we call “The Devil’s Island” I would buy a bullet proof vest before I would enter that part of Copenhagen.

Short to say. He was chopped to death by two cousins. It was so awful that a cap driver which was passing slowly while they stabbed him repeatedly had to take his car to a car-cleaning firm instead of just a washing machine. The cap-driver could not open his car and sacrifice his passengers or get his seat stained so he had to see the murder and phone the police later that week.

Why is this case interesting related to the case with the girl who was banished to Siberia?

Because the murderers were normal boys with a few problems until the parents sent them to Turkey because they became too Danish! Down there torn between two cultures they turned really bad. When they returned to Denmark years later, they were angry and virtually a time bomb ready to explode.

Exile damages more than it benefits. I believe that Sofia Petrova will not return ready to kill everyone but she will need therapy to heal the scar of being thrown out as dirty clothes.

The two cousins who killed the Italian boy was sentenced to some years in prison and sent to Turkey because they hadn’t Danish passports. Down there they continued their violence and one of the cousins killed the other one a couple of years ago.

The murder of Antonio Currà and desecration of his memorial by Muslims in Copenhagen (Anti violence blog)


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