A girl from the United States banished to Siberia

In culture, family on November 6, 2013 at 19:03

I saw this story and I found it so awful that I wanted to share it on my blog.


I believe that there are one or more children at risk in Chantilly, Virginia

The child or children are siblings of 17 year old Sofia Petrova who was abandoned to die in Siberia. It sounds like a story from the purges of Stalin but it is a story about a mother and her new husband not wanting luggage from her previous relationships.

So they tricked the then 14 year old girl who only spoke English and attended Chantilly High School in the town of Chantilly in Virginia to Siberia where she was forced to live at an alcoholic father and later a children’s home when the conditions at her father’s home got worse.

Why have the Russian authorities not approached the CPS in Chantilly? They had expenses due to her stay at the children’s home!

Not only that: The tax-payers in Chantilly have paid for her schooling until the parents decided not to have her anymore. This investment has been wasted!

The hardworking tax-paying citizens should have demanded a repay of their money.

And due to the risk of other siblings ending up in trouble as the parents properly has used her banishment as a tool of fear to rule the home; the CPS should go in and save possible siblings.

I have not seen such a sad story for very long. Here in Denmark the CPS watch parents who use this method and parents have lost their children to the system. Parents are serving jail and they will continue to remain in jail until the child is back in Denmark. So parents have spent 10 years in jail and it is worth the price because just one child saved is better than 10 parents in jail.

The US teen literally sent to SIBERIA for her bad behavior begs to come home after her father ‘beat her’ (The Daily Mail)


  1. Rotsne’s Blog where can we send money to bring this innocent kid home! Please respond,
    I would like you to set up a donation page, where the money goes right in Sofia Petrova’s bank account and we can see her donation amount. I would, but I don’t know how.
    Thank you for the article.
    Thanks, Kelly

  2. My mother did a similar thing to my fullblood sister and I….except my drug addict Dad was known to me, loved by me…and was in Colorado. But my poor sister was emotionally dumped entirely. I still feel like a beggar when visiting with my family. Like a homeless waif who was pitied and allowed in…as long as I don’t stay too long. My own 27 yr old half sister said, “When will you two get it, this is not your family…you have your own family.”

    After reunification in Germany I saw a number of E. German parents doing the same…wanting to start over…erase the past…pretend they had no children and move to Hamburg. Meanwhile, women like me never could have children. My heart is breaking…both as my inner abandoned unloved child weeps, as my baren wombs cringes…and as a stepmom who would die to make sure my husband’s kids had every opportunity in life possible….. yeah, kids can be a pain…stepkids especially…AND?!! Thx for great article.

  3. You have to ask her on:

    I am not registered on this website.

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