When the society tries to cure the result is a mess

In culture on July 1, 2013 at 05:56

I believe in justice. I believe in consequences. I feel that if someone breaks the law they should be given a consequence.

When the consequence is handed out I believe that it is important to understand why wrong decisions led to crime but then it is important that the consequences are not messed up because the justice system and the social services try to cure the individual in the process.

Take a person like Lindsay Lohan. She drove under influence and the courts have sent her through a number of rehabs. Of course you think that she is an alcoholic which should be forced to be sober.

But what if her problem is totally different? Remember how she got into this business. Her parents pushed and dragged her into being a child star. Of course her own ambitions might be part of it, but in a world where millions of people want the same the family needs to be behind it. And it is all right to support your child, but there is a limit.

Her parents either paid a doctor to put her on ADHD medication or silently accepted that a studio or a manager got the deal through. The bogus diagnose given to her when she was a young star led to her downfall a decade later.

It is well-known that 20-30 percent of all the children given the ADHD diagnose have no need for medication. They can do just as well with a structured daily life with a not of exercise carefully planned to it fits their school life. But parents with ambitions have learned that ADHD medication makes their child more focused even if their child doesn’t have ADHD. It is mind doping nothing less. And as it is with every other doping case it is about doing the best inside the line of work they have in mind for their child.

Right now according to TMZ Lindsay has been helped to stop using the medication. Will she be able to return to her old career without the medication? Can she focus on a role without the medication?

I don’t know and it shouldn’t matter if she chooses to flip burgers instead of acting. If that is what she wants instead of acting I feel she should go for it. I feel the same for every other person who have been pushed and dragged into a career they really wasn’t born to fulfill.

There is something called social heritage. I am happy where I ended up. I earn the same amount of money as my father if we forget inflation. I don’t expect much from my children. I only hope that they find happiness and time to enjoy a drink among their friends once they grow up.

Back to the courts: Why sentence her to rehab? I am against drunk driving. In my world the driver’s license should be gone and a heavy income based fine should also be imposed if the BAC is above 0.8. In Denmark the limit is 0.5 but it is too low if you take our culture into consideration. I guess that the presence of people from Sweden have forced our politicians to lower the BAC. They cannot handle alcohol like us. But besides losing the divers license, fine and community service for repeat offenders, I feel that no further punishment should be imposed if none are hurt by their actions. They are ill people suffering from decease. An illness they can cure if they accept that they are ill. That is important. It is a waste of rehab money to force anyone to treatment unless they are ready to be cured.

Lohan should have been given community service, community service and community service until she would have learned her lesson. No rehab should have been imposed. But rehab should have been given as a condition for her to be able to drive again. Then she would only have been able to drive once she would have accepted her condition and this lengthy legal history could have been avoided to the benefit of the taxpayers because just think about how expensive all these court hearing have been.

Another case where the society has played doctors is the forcible closing of a boarding school on Sealand due to two young criminals who have vandalized the school and threatened students with knives. The two young criminal had been placed in the village where the school is located because they had committed crimes in another part of the country. Of course you don’t reward young criminals by sending them to the countryside to a group home with game consoles and plenty of local people to bully. You sentence them to community service, community service and community service yet again until they take their situation into their own hand and ask to be sent to a normal boarding school far away from bad influence.

The courts are not doctors. The social services are not doctors. People are responsible for their own actions and they should be helped if they reach out for it. But you cannot force treatment upon people. It is waste of money.



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