Yet another step in dismantling the welfare society was achieved

In politics on June 5, 2013 at 17:37

May 23 2013 the Supreme Court in Denmark ruled that aid to pensioners can be cut if the economy at the social services is poor. In the past the social services had to grant aid to those who couldn’t cook or clean on their own due to declining health, but the individual assessment does according to the Supreme Court ruling not apply when the money isn’t there.

So the pensioners have to rely on relatives or learn how to starve themselves slowly to death without too much suffering.

It was yet a step in dismantling our welfare society.

It all started when the early retirement was cut 10 years ago. For more than half of my work life I have worked hard so I could retire at age 60. In my family we don’t become that old. My father died being old and full of days aged 63. Two of his brothers died at age 59 and 60. My cousin died at age 45. All due to various heart problems. It is properly some genetic issue but I am no doctor so if it can be cured is hard to tell. I have to say that it doesn’t concern me that I have less than 20 years left before I die if I follow the tradition in my family. But it concerns me that I properly will be unable to enjoy just year on retirement. I have paid for unemployment benefits and the right to early retirement for more than 20 years and then they just raise the retirement age. I am angry and cannot understand why we as Danes should suffer so much harder than any population in any country. It was as they removed the foundation stone when they removed the early retirement. Once it was done anything else seemed to pass.

Alone this year they have cut the number of years you can be on unemployment benefits. They have robbed the future for my children because student grants are also reduced. My son speaks of finding a job as a private security guard on various ships so he can kill some pirates and enjoy that they would suffer more in the process of dying than he has been because he no longer can be allowed dreams or a decent living standard while he studies. I have to agree with him in his choice of work. We have bought some Softguns so we can practice in our garden. Later he might find a gang which can take him and give him training with stronger weapon before seeking the job as security guard.

Over in Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio might have put degrading uniforms on prisoners but in Denmark unemployment is a crime because the unemployed people are now sent on the streets in very visible outfits where they are ordered to remove dog poop and other kind of garbage. It is called job training. Those who commit crimes in Denmark are put in a heated prison with plenty of quality food and the right to wear their own clothes while unemployed people are ordered to do community services so the rest of the population can make jokes about them just because the economy is poor and real jobs are not there at all.

This is Denmark as of 2013. A country which be entitled to third world aid in a decade or two – a country where voluntary work will mandatory to keep older and sick people alive.

I am sad as I cannot remember having been for a long time.


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