Eugenics in Denmark

In culture, family on April 30, 2013 at 16:33

TMZ reports that Catherine Zeta-Jones has entered a treatment facility so she can get some tools to handle her bipolar disorder better through daily life. A Dane wrote as a comment to the article:

I am happy that other countries speak more openly about mental disorders. In Denmark where I live it is considered rather shameful if you have a disorder and choose to bring children into this world. The Danish parliament has passed laws motivating people not to seek treatment for their illness.

In fact according to law number 498 from 2011, you will be invoiced part the cost of treatment for your children until they are 21 if they start to suffer from a condition which one of the parents or grandparents have suffered from in the past.

The result of this law which based on a Eugenics viewpoint to save money in the social area where Denmark has one of the most costly systems has been that fewer adults seek treatment for their problems. I find it awful for the relatives who have to put up with the family member acting out but also for the individual who might be forced to live a life where the full potential of the skills this individual might have cannot be outlived.

Doctors who are among the best to find the persons who need treatment and sometime medication are investigated by the authorities. Right now there is a case ongoing where a doctor had prescribed medication just as any doctor in the United States would have done, but his diagnoses are questioned and if you look at the number of people on medication in Denmark you might find the number alarming low. It is a very small percentage of the Danish population which is on medication compared with the percentage in the United States. Can Danes in general be healthier mentally or are we talking about a soft Eugenics political strategy to save money?

And law number 498 from 2011 is costly for the families involved. A sick child can mean the end of the life you can offer siblings or it can put aside all dreams of a retirement where you can buy decent food for dinner.

Can you image to tell your children that they might be forced to skip holidays, sports and other extracurricular activities just because one of their brothers or sisters have been found to suffer from an illness?

Denmark is supposed to be a welfare society and the happiest nation on the world. It is only true when you are young and healthy.



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