It is not a TV-show, it is child abuse

In family on April 26, 2013 at 13:53

I just saw the Dr. Phil show named Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal. Once again a girl as it has happened before in this show ends up being forced to some kind of survival course or a boarding school. The program chosen – SUWS – has lost two boys in their care during the years they have been in operation. These two boys just died out there. It does not sound very safe for me.

What has this girl done?

Reacting out as most teenagers for once, dating someone her parents don’t like and used drugs because she lives in an odd country where teenagers are kept in school like here in Denmark with Friday bars on the high school campuses.

It is not a troubled teenager. It is a normal teenager.

A troubled teenager is one who is keeping herself apart from the peers. A person not found in the friday bar. Because such a student cannot create the social network everyone needs in high school, the universities or at work places.

In a lot of companies here in Denmark the employees also enjoy a beer or a glas of wine after work.

A quiet girl will basically be on the path for unemployment hoping that some man will pick her up and take her as a wife. The best she could hope for is a McJob career.

Secondly allowing strange men to take her away. What happened to “Never go with a stranger”? It is something I teach my kids as the very first lesson.

Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal (Dr. Phil show)

  1. this girl is a friend of mine and there is nothing wrong with her and I think its some fuckn bullshit if it was me id of punched dr phil until his ass was bleeding out on tv.

  2. I 1000000000% agree with you, Callie was one of my close friends, and I’ve had to hear about this all weak long. I feel so bad for her, especially knowing she is never going to want to come back to her home town.

  3. @ Taylor
    That’s her parents fault. Who puts their kid on national television, no matter how fucked up they are? To be fair though, Callie is pretty fucked up.

  4. I can’t tell you how much I agree. I overheard most of this episode while my grandmother was watching television, and I nearly yelled at my grandmother when she started taking the parents’ side. I can’t believe that this is even legal, much less that it is being shown on television as if it is okay! I truly feel for her, and I know exactly how she feels (believe me, I do). Just thinking about whole situation just makes me want to punch someone.

    P.S.- To the two who commented before me: I really hope that things turn out decent. If she ever does come back to town, please, please, please don’t let her parents anywhere near her.

  5. You are all fucking nuts and apparent losers.

  6. Gregory Owen Jones – aged 13 – died from dehydration while he was in the SUWS program. Rocco Magliozzi – aged 12 – died from a virus infection because it took too long to take him to hospital.

    It is very unsafe for teenagers to be a part in wilderness program. I know because I have been in one. I was sent there because I did legal acts which would have been illegal if I had done them in my mother’s country but the fact is that I conducted those in Denmark where they were and is legal.

    My father took legal action and managed to get me out of the boarding school I went to after the wilderness program. I continued the life I had before going to the wilderness program and I am working in a good job today. They didn’t need to send her to a wilderness program, because what she did is not out of the ordinary for a teenager. I have done what she did beside the drugs. I didn’t need drugs because alcohol was legal for me to purchase and drink when I turned 16. My father even served beers for me when I was 15 (which every parent legally are allowed to do. Some boys in the apartment complex I live in drinks beers with their parents despite the fact that they are only 11 and I would not bother how parents chose to raise their children).

    What wilderness did for me was to slow me down. There were no lessons for me to learn. I know that I am a Dane and live in the properly most developed culture in the world, but wilderness was a punishment for a crime that I didn’t commit. I would have prayed for the girl, if I have believed in God. Belief in a God of any kind the boarding school took from me.

  7. My children have done almost every their daughter did and I would never send them away.

    I understand that she apparently live in a country where they have criminalized youth and the rite of passage teenagers have to go through in order to become productive and innovative citizens and that could be the reason for this decision which I find to be child abuse.

    Parent the children instead of outsourcing the process to people who run a operation which have cost lives.

  8. It is awful that any country would allow parents to jail their children without legal course and a wilderness program is equal jail because the children cannot leave on their own. Had it been Danish parents I would have called the social services asking for an investigation not only on the girl and her relationship with her parents but also whether these parents are fit to parents possible siblings.

    You just don’t allow strangers to take your child somewhere without Court order from a TV-show or from your own home as it normally happens.

  9. poor girl

  10. I was offered the opportunity to attend high school in the States while my father was stationed there. I did choose not to because a visit to the possible new school convinced me that it would be a prison compared to my gymnasium here in Aarhus where we have a Friday bar on campus and a lot of places to hang out after school.

    I went to live with my cousin and I had some great years. Now my father has returned and I have moved in with him and we are trying to bond as a family once again. I believe that I did choose the best option and if I ever had doubt about my decision, this show convinced me that the option of attending high school in Maryland never should have been on the table.

  11. Soren:

    You are right. I was offered the same possibility when my father got a job in the State of Washington. There was even a nice house for us near Seattle, but the school had so many rules that I demanded to move home even before I should have started.

    This girl is not acting out. It the normal turbulence every household I have known of experience once in a while. I was shouting a lot with my brother and mother when I look back some years. Of course it is different know where I earn my own money. My brother returned to Denmark also because he found the middle school too strict.

    Then there are the questions about credits. You cannot get any credits transferred to Denmark for a year in a high school in Seattle because they lack the social aspect in their schooling, which is very important seen from the viewpoints of the Danish department of education. Without Friday bars I cannot see how it is possible for the teenagers to socialize without making it some kind of criminal act. I see this show as if they have declared war on everyone aged below 18. Hopefully she will walk out of the wilderness program or a possible boarding school the day she has her 18th birthday.

  12. Wow. You all have just convinced me to thank God that my kids are growing up anywhere but Denmark. Thank you!

  13. MaryAnn:

    His kids will grow up in the most happiest nation in the world according to Oprah unlike yours.

  14. She is my friend and if it were me in her situation I would have made sure that was Dr Phil’s last show. He would be in the hospital and they wouldn’t fucking send me to a wilderness program. The fuck this look like give her som fucking rights u cock sucking parents

  15. Her step father took videos of her in her bra and panties. She has problems? Dr. Phil said nothing to the step father at all. All Dr. Phil did was ogle Callies undraped body. Something is sick about his show and it wasn’t Callie.

  16. I completely agree i feel so bad for her it was not fair at all . She was pushed to the edge then her parents claim they need help their parenting skills are awlful all they did was bully her. And like you said how safe are those camps she was treated badly on the show and im disapointed with doctor phil i was so stressed watching this

  17. I really hope she is ok does anyone know ? its not right what happened she needs love and respect not to be harrassed , bullied and humiliated her parents have a lot to answer for such a disgrace

  18. Mmm. Well all I see is a troubled teen who gets her own way, expects her parents to pay for everything and uses their home like a motel. If I ever spoke to my parents that way I wouldn’t be sent to a camp I would probably be grounded for life. If she wants to do drugs and live her life do it in your own house. Don’t expect your parents to take it. If she cares so much about her family what about her little brother? Get help.

  19. Man, I wish I knew her last name. Sure she seemed pretty dramatic, but I would be too, her parents did seem very, very over the top.

    Other than that, dream girl.

  20. I feel that her parents were right. I’m a 16 year old teenager and I know kids do stupid things, but she is almost a concenting adult. Soon she will be 18 and no longer be under her parents care. She would fuck up her life by using what she has learned as a teenager(crying, hitting, calling names). Yes that is the parents fault for not helping her sooner, but if my child ever acted like that towards me, I’d send them to military school. She needs to take control of her emotions and see things from her parents veiw. Crazy teenage girl who is 17 who failed 40 out of 50 drug tests. She has no respect for her parents and so they will not respect her. Limits can only be pushed so far. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF

  21. Excuse you, but how can you compare having a beer or a glas of wine on a Friday after school or work, with friends, with taking drugs (yes, weed/pot or whatever is considered a drug) ? Socialising with friends and other people dose not need to involve illegal drugs.
    Not that I agree with the way of action; I’ve would never gone on a tv-show like that. But I would neither sit by and let my children behave this way (and yes, I have two of them).
    Underage drinking is prohibited, no matter how much you dislike it. Driving drunk is prohibited (I know she did not drive drunk, but it is to make a point). Do we want people to not obey to the law? Do we want people to drive drunk, sell drugs and abuse children? No, we dont.
    If she had enjoyed the occasional drink or smoke, noone would have noticed and it coulde have been dismissed as okey teenager behaviour.
    Why just not wait until you are a legal adult, when your parents no longer have the right to control you, to do all this stuff; then you can do as you please, all day long!

  22. I also have children. I live in Denmark where research has shown us that underage drinking does not need be prohibited. That is why my child legally can buy alcohol with a percentage below the safe researched limit of 14.5 now where she is 16.

    In her high school they have a Friday bar for the students so the drop-out rate among high scholars is lowered. If she made the choice to drop out and take a job it is tradition to have a beer after work at our workplaces.

    I guess that young lady at the show started to use drugs because the society she lives in does not allow normal socializing.

    Here in Denmark we know that certain persons of non-Danish origins don’t want to participate in that part of our culture and the cost they pay is social isolation. But being faced with the option of introduction of Sharia Laws as they demand I can only state that it is a cost they have to pay.

    Had this girl been my daughter I would have counted the days before she could move out. I don’t like her approach to problems but I would have to accept that she is an image of how many teens are today and while I would have told her to move out at some point I also have to accept that my values are based on an upbringing in another millennium.

    She is rude but I can read every day how people are pushed out of their job because the economy is based due to laziness in the southern part of Europe where most of the population doesn’t even pay taxes. Our youth need to be aggressive. They need to step on people who are hurting. That is the lesson I as every other Dane learn every single day by our politicians and the corrupt elite down in Brussels. So maybe she is just as she is supposed to be.

  23. Wtf is wrong with you people??? This is NOT normal behavior of a teenage girl. I’m glad I don’t live where ever you people live, must be one hectic place if you think letting a teenager act like a PSYCHO is O.K.

  24. Viewing some of the comments Callie’s so called friends are submitting…well I can see why her parents were not pleased with the crowd she hung around. “Cock sucking parents” really bounty hunter? ” I think its some fuckn bullshit if it was me id of punched dr phil until his ass was bleeding out on tv” Real nice. See people really need not to be so ignorant, this is not DENMARK this is a different country with different laws and a different culture. I don’t like Dr. Phil but I would NEVER put up with this type of attitude. This little girl is very lucky to have parents that are that patient and well composed. Yes they did make mistakes, no parent is perfect but this outlandish behavior is absolutely unacceptable. The parents need help but Callie needs more help than the 2 parents combined. Quit victimizing and pitying psycho behavior, if she wants to be treated as a grown up then the best way to do it would be ACTING like one(drinking and smoking weed is not a part of grownup behavior) BTW she was videotaped in her bra and underwear, so? No worse than wearing a bikini. Nice try, idiot.

  25. ” “Cock sucking parents” really bounty hunter? ” I think its some fuckn bullshit if it was me id of punched dr phil until his ass was bleeding out on tv”

    This comment board is quite messed up. I didn’t write that awful statement??? or maybe that’s what you wanted me to say,stupid. Your just another idiot.

  26. Nope. They helped her!! I’m sure that ranch is OK. And since it IS a place for troubled teens those two boys could run off and go missing which could happen everywhere.

    Dr. Phil og hans folk er dygtige, de ved hvad de gør! (: Jeg ville da ØNSKE at jeg kunne blive sendt sådan et smukt sted hen. Jeg ved godt at hun ikke ville afsted men jeg er sikker på at hun kommer til at elske det!! Det har tidligere gæster også sagt, de har nydt det hele så meget selvom de også flippede ud da de blev “sendt afsted”. (:

  27. Oh. Former students sound so happy:

    Din IP-adresse viser at indlægget er postet i Danmark. Turn-about Ranch er at sammenligne med Solhaven, Herkules og Schuberts Minde, som alle er steder der har mødt kritik i medierne.

  28. I’m telling all of you now that this girl has mental problems or she’s a spoiled brat, plain and simple. Normal teenagers don’t yell, kick, scream, cuss out their parents. Normal teenagers sneak out of the house, smoke an occasional doobie and has some questionable friends. But that should be the extent of it. The fact that most of you think that this is normal behavior has diminished any hope I have for humanity. Priorities and values are messed up and we wonder why people are in an entitlement generation? This is the very reason. I feel sorry for the girl in that she has not received the proper help needed when she first started showing symptoms. There is no excuse for her parents to have let this go on for so long. It’s their fault for not having the backbone needed to handle the situation. They didn’t have to put her on Dr. Phil, they could have handled the matter privately by getting her into counseling and on antipsychotic medications. I say this because I am a Psychiatrist in a behavioral health center and I have often seen her very same actions in bipolar, borderline personality disorder patients. I hope she got the help that she needed. If not, then she and her family have a VERY long road ahead of them.

  29. I disagree. This young lady was manipulative, adversarially dependent, and self-destructive. This is not a pth to a successful life. Her parents were at fault for not teaching her grattitude and humility. Striking ones parent equals”out of control”.

  30. It is not normal teenage behavior to smoke pot, take ecstasy, give your mother black eyes and a broken nose, and scream and yell obscenities at your family. The people who think so and claim to be her friends, are all part if the problem.

  31. Kid needs to be locked up. Snotty brat. Im glad they took her, hope its a life sentence!!!!

  32. OK. Let’s see.

    On the upside: She has a job. She has good grades. She could graduate early.
    On the downside: She uses drugs. She is a brat

    I would say. In worst case she is a functioning addict. That is no problem as long as she can do her job. As a manager of somewhat 50 employees I have see my share of functioning addicts. Sometime I have to put my foot down. If they use company cars or machinery they are told to clean their act up. It is bad for the business if some of our cars crash with a company logo on. Then we would have to spray the logo over and even more important: Buy a new car which would reduce the profit. Otherwise I don’t care how people live their lives as long as they do the

    As for her being a brat. As long as she can differ between how to act profesionally on the job and at home there is no problem. Give her 5-10 years. She will learn her ways when she is alone and without a partner.

    By sending her to Idaho they rob a year of her life where she could be out earning money. It would not increase the quality of life for her – only for her parents who now are free to go on a cruise.

  33. I watched this yesterday and I just could not believe what happened to this poor girl. So she smoked alittle pot on the weekends and maybe tried some ectasy…so what. The response from Dr. Phil was so hardnoised and inappropriate I was appalled at how he sided with the parents who were both too stupid to find their way out of a paper bag. I just thought she was abused and tortured and I would get an attorney if I were her and sue all of them. Dr. Phil really came off as a bully…those people who came and got her at the end when she was hysterical…that was assault and child abuse and Phil and her parents should be charged. Just because the parents say it is okay doesnt mean it isnt criminal!!

  34. Go dr Phil.. love this show. And as for this girl. Spoiled brat!! Guess she should have acted 17 and not 5 always throwing fits because she didn’t get her way. Her parents should have bent her over their knee.. I wasn’t allowed to go out anddo drugs.. and if I ever spoke to my mother like that I would t have any teeth!!!!! It is definitely the parents fault… but seriously.. she is a a bit dramatic and definitely acting like a child. .. guess she isn’t ready for the real world. 🙂

  35. Calie is a spoiled brat. She has not been disciplined as a child and now she is almost grown up and acting like a complete baby. Dr Phil is right when he says its a family problem. However, Calie is paying the price for it now. “Spare the rod and spoil the child”

  36. If a child is being that violent and disruptive in her house then she needed to be removed. If it was my kid I would give them the option to support themselves or I would take action such as the wilderness camp. A troubles youth is a 17 yo girl who physically abuses every member of her family, she is entitled and spoilt and violent. The fact that none of you see that reinforces the testament that you are all cut from the same cloth. It was about so much more then her drug use, which is a problem in itself

  37. I cant believe that brat can scream “FUCK YOU BITCH” to her mum and it seems to be normal?!! It is very DISRESPECTFUL! I feel like slapping her as the husband did nothing when the brat is disrespecting his wife. Yes she needs to be sent away to be taught to learn RESPECT & GRATITUDE to her parents!

  38. Callie Miller attended Northwood High School. Good athlete,excellent student. She lives in Sanford North Carolina. Mother ,Tracy (teacher) Father ,Clint (exterminator) Chatham County. Dr. Phil got most of her wiped from the internet. Facebook terminated. They missed this.

    There is no followup. It was most likley a total disaster. Dr. Phil would be on the show crowing about his wisdom if this had a favorable outcome.

  39. Totday on Dutch TV. We wachted with our childeren and could not believe this child abuse. Normal teenager with good grades at school and a happy social life. Parents and Dr. Phil are to blame for trauma!!!

  40. The comments on here are ridiculous. Her so called, “friends” think she doesn’t have a problem. Whoever said that this girl is a normal teenager must be the percentage of society’s ignorant messes. I’m a 24 year old young woman. In high school I played volleyball, got good grades, had a lot of friends, and I also had a lot of fun. I did smoke some weed, and I did have some alcohol, like many 17 old girls do. This may be “normal” as a teen, but in no way, shape or form, is her behavior “normal”. She really has some psychological problems, and she needs extreme help. I had a friend that would have episodes like this, and it was not only embarrassing for her, but for the people that cared about her. I don’t feel bad for her at all – she has a hissy fit and thinks the world is over because she has to go to some wilderness camp? Grow up. I hope that wherever she goes to college, most of the students have seen her behavior, then you will see how “normal” she is perceived. I admit, when I was 17, I was not perfect, but I was never violent. If I made a mistake, I apologized. I never spoke like that to my mother, called her a bitch. She’s probably going to end up dating some guy that is controlling and abusive – having a guy yell at her just the way she yells at people. I had a Mom that was in my business, but the more I proved to her that I could be trusted, the more I was able to do. No wonder her parents are on her, she can’t be trusted. She doesn’t even have a compelling argument… she just wants to do whatever she wants because “she’s an adult”. Just wait until she goes to college…. she’ll be the girl who gets too drunk and starts having a tantrum – alienate her friends… she will be the girl that no guy is going to want to date because she’s controlling and a drama queen. Yikes…I guess I do feel bad for the poor girl. Hopefully she realizes that she looks like a complete fool.

    I do think her parents need work. I’m sure they don’t handle it well.

  41. She is out and opposite many teenagers who have been in these wilderness programs she survived the ordeal. In the wilderness program she attended they have lost two clients and they are still allowed to be open. Wierd.

    If you have questions for her, you can ask her. I have no account on ask and don’t have the time for it:

  42. It is interesting how the responses that agree with Dr. Phil and the parents seem to come from persons with American names, whereas the responses that support the girl seem to come from Danes or other europeans. Personally I would have dr. Phil arrested for child abuse for the way he totally ambushed the poor girl. Has dr. Phil ever heard about the concept of listening? (From a shocked Dane)

  43. I am born in the U.S and I’m a U.S citizen.. I agree with you. :-).. Callie survived a wilderness school unchanged.. Callie Miller ,Pittsboro North Carolina at Facebook.. Look her up. Her motto.. I’m young and I don’t give a fu_k.. Good for Callie.. 🙂

  44. Even though those parents really didn’t do a good job, I don’t think it’s right to say that Callie is en example of an everyday teenager. Doing drugs and alcohol, okay fine, that happens more; I’m 18 years old, from the Netherlands and I drink as well and sometimes smoke. But if I screamed and yelled and got physical with my parents the way she did, they would not hesitate to give me a whooping back. That’s not right to do, even if you are a teenager.. After all, we are all old enough to act like a normal human being.

  45. Dr. Phil and one of his abusive prison programs finally got caught.

  46. Thank you. I agree with you completely

    — Callie.
    (The girl yall are talking about)

  47. This Callie bitch is really fucked up. Stop crying like a baby and grow the fuck up, I’m sure she has some mental problem and it’s too bad her parents had to deal with her shit for so long. Callie is a waste of space.

  48. Hopefully you are not a father. Otherwise I feel the urge to pray right now.

  49. Friday 1-23-15 on Dr. Phil.. At least one more teen girl will be dragged off to one of Dr. Phil’s private prisons.. Sad but sadistic.. He gave up on the abusive wilderness therapies because he’s being sued over abuse and a broken arm. He found a new place loaded with more unqualified quacks.. Tune in for the torture. Why would any teen go on this abusive show?

  50. Of course I have not seen the show yet, but if he is sending the girl somewhere it would most likely be “Center for Discovery”. Aspen Education is almost totally dissolved due to Internet Activism. They only have a few programs left. Most have been sold off to local owners or have been closed.

    They are no longer in position to sponsor Dr. Phil so “Center for Discovery” has started to sponsor his show instead.

    It went very wrong in December when they referred the runaway girl from Kansas to the center located in Los Angeles. The girl ran away. I remember a case which ended very tragic many years ago when a young man born in Denmark was hunted by a Mexican gang in the LA area on his way home from school with his friends. The car crashed and 4 teenagers died.

    The girl from Kansas met with Mexican gangs while she was on the run and as result she was molested. People who saw the show remember that she found herself able to defend herself, but this poor girl came from York in South Carolina before moving to Kansas City, so she had no idea how tough Los Angeles could be so she ended up in hospital. She is now back with her mother. The lesson learned at “Center for Discovery” might help her in the future but I don’t guess that Dr. Phil had street “therapists” in mind when he sent her there.

    I will watch the show. I doubt that any of the girls will take something home with them they can use in the future. One of the girls don’t even have a parent present. Why?

  51. Friday 1-30-15..another teen girl gets sent away..She is first kidnapped from her home and forced to the Dr. Phil show. She appeared and cooperated,which was a mistake.. At the end of the show she goes to one of Dr. Phil’s fovorite prisons in Utah. Turn about ranch, which has had teen deaths from abuse and indifference. Lousy parenting which results in prison for Christy. I think Phil is trying to revive this abusive dump?

  52. Please, notice that there are in the show on their own. No more Aspen Education Group as alumnus has taken them down using Internet Activism.

    It makes them easier to target. They might change name as some of the other old Aspen programs have done, but in the end they will be more vulnerable

  53. Dr. Phil and teen wilderness therapy just don’t work.

    How do you send someone to a prison and expect them to learn anything? The whole time they know it’s a prison. Feeding them lousy food sure will win over a bright kid. How to make a fire in the middle of nowhere sure has a certain charm to it. Marching around in useless circles is sure to win you respect. Great counselers? People who can’t find work anywhere, and this is the last stop for the desperate. Who would work in a dump like that is a sure sign of futility. It’s in the middle of nowhere for a reason. They can pull of abuse without oversight. Idaho has little or no standards. Dr Phil and these people make money off the desperate…that’s the only motivation.

    Is Callie a bad girl..NO!!!! Many teens do beer and weed it’s not a big deal.

    I’m not a licensed psycologist or psychiatrist…neither is Dr. Phil. and why do I bring this up?

  54. Fucking normal teenager my fucking ass! That bitch was crazy out of control! If she was a normal teenager she would know when to stop trying to be the one in control. She was doing illegal hard drugs because she was tested positive for it, and she was PHYSICALLY aggressive. She is lucky she wasn’t sent to jail. If she was my child and I couldn’t control her, she would be going to jail because of how she was acting. I agree that the parents need guidance because obviously something went wrong. Their psycho manipulative bitch of a child needs to learn how to act like an adult! I agree with the parents in video taping someone acting out if they refuse to admit they acted the way they did. The two faced bitch of a child acted all sweet and polite and then behind closed doors she acts like a 2 year old and then in front of everyone acted like the victim. “Oh I was so scared so I got violent” fucking bullshit you crazy bitch, you are the aggressor! Because she is like that is the exact reason why her parents rightfully video taped her!

  55. Sorry this is a joke – right

    With that age she should have been granted access to alcohol. Especially considering the level PTSD she must be suffering from as result of having been forced into the wilderness program SUWS, which had claimed the lives of 2 teenagers at the point of her enrollment. Secondly living in a country where we live in constant fear of being blown up by teenagers who don’t drink and socialize but choose staying home getting instructions by ISIS like the 15 year old girl, the Danish police arrested last year while she according to the police was planning to blow up two schools, I will state that having laws like this is asking for being the next victims of terrorism.

    Dear Wayne. This is sick. Thank you for pointing out that North Carolina is a dangerous place to go to.

  56. I can hardly believe the ignorance from people here. The folks who are outraged and calling this child abuse are likely the ones abusing their children by allowing this type of behavior in their own home. They need a reality check and could benefit from a program themselves. I agree Dr. Phil exploits people in exchange for self help and I do not agree with that aspect of it, however, as far as the programs they offer, most families couldn’t afford that sort of help in their lifetime. Not to mention this is some of the best help our country has to offer. This girl is so BLESSED to have this opportunity. Smoking pot regularly and doing hard drugs is absolutely not normal teenage behavior and you are deluding yourself if you believe that crap. Real talk. Wake up.

  57. If SUWS is the best the country has to offer, then the United States really needs to become great again. We are talking about a wilderness program where at least two boys has died (Gregory Owens Jones and Rocco D. Magliozzi). Wilderness therapy is dangerous. Teenagers die in them. It can never be a mainstream form of therapy if the concept is therapy at all.

    Secondary the girl (now a woman working in food business while studying at an University) kept good grades. She had a temper but where did it come from. I can see a mirror when I look at my children. Good things, bad things come from me. Of course they are also modeled after external factors like social media and the modern school environment. One child drinks alcohol and has done so since he was 14, but with an alcohol percentage below the 16.5 limit decided by our government and he is now old enough (16) to buy alcohol on his own. He does not act out. He has not been sick from too much alcohol one single time. Why? Perhaps because he can see how I drink alcohol which I only do when work requires it.

    The older does not drink alcohol. The older pays the price in Denmark which is kind of social isolation. While I am kind of sad because all time is used alone while looking at cartoons on the computer, playing with the cats and keeping top grades excelling in every topic, I can also see that that the decision not drinking alcohol resulting in social isolation, is based on the shyness, we suffer from in our family. It is how many of us are, but it is condition you can decide to live with. Why force a change?

    That is where I have something against Dr. Phil. There was really no reason to change this young woman. She was clearly a product of her parents strange behavior. Why did they just no embrace this?

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Bentes hjemmeblog's Blog

Lidt om vores families liv

Today a child died

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