Once again the people of California is ready to lose money

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2013 at 20:00

I saw the hearing in the Lindsay Lohan case the other day. The lawyer she has hired is called incompentent.

It is a first.

I happen to practive some law. Much of our justice system is taken from the United States where they have set the standard for some time regarding being innovative in the legal business.

Lawyers have never been required to be compentent before now. A case most European countries have learned a lot of is the case against the double murderer George Stinney. The level of the burden of proof in his case where he was convicted of the brutal murder of two small girls set the standard for many courts and was used when the Danish police detained 1,000 people in relationship with the COP15 summit. Two spoke persons got prison because they shouted angrily against the police despite the fact that they didn’t do anything wrong themselves.

There were no demands for a certain standard in the George Stinney case so why demand it in the case against Lindsay Lohan. She is just a woman coming from low social circles and of course she will reach bottom based on her social heritage alone.

However what I find odd is the willing prosecutor prepared to send her to a rehab facility. Now anyone who has followed her case would now that you cannot expend anyone to be sober by forcing them to rehab. In fact there is no proof that rehab works. I have to ask if there is any danger consuming alcohol at all. We just had 12,000 Danish students going to Prague based on advertisement from the hotels offering the youth a binge drinking holiday. Many of them were only 16 or 17 years old. Did we see a massive collapse of these many teenagers? No there were only minor incidents and some were the acts of non-ethnical so-called Danish youth who just happens to hold a Danish passport but in reality has no idea how to drink properly.

I had the choice I would rather be among drunken Danish youth in Prague but to enter neighborhoods like Vollmose, Gellerup and Norrebro in Copenhagen. Here I would be attacked by sober youth who have something against the police and bikers in general. Prague sounds safer even if you are in the middle of drunken teenagers.

Second sober people are more easily depressed and did I have colleagues who didn’t drink I would properly not know their names because at my work it is the beer every Friday which makes people employees and increases team spirit.
So why go for rehab in the Lindsay Lohan case? She has already been living at the best in the rehab business. It would not work and be the waste of the taxpayers money. If she is given prison time, she would properly only serve 10 percent but it would serve the public better than using a scam as rehab is.

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