When parenting is outsourced to the society

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I just took a look on a message board I was kicked out from.

It seems that a 17 year old was drinking and she was picked up by the cops. For unspeakable reasons alcohol consumption by teenagers seem to be a crime there. Don’t they have real problems with thefts, violence and murders? I find it rather foolish to make laws preventing people from certain age group to consume things.

Here in Denmark there is no lower age limit for alcohol or tobacco consumption. There are laws preventing people from buying tobacco or alcohol with a higher percentage than the safe 16.5. Teenagers aged above 16 years of age can buy all the alcohol they can drink as long as the alcohol percentage remains below the safe limit.

16.5 will enable them to drink most beers and wine, but whiskey etc. is for adults only.

In fact most of our high schools here in Denmark have a Friday bar where the students gather after school hours to socialize and built networks they will need once they enter the business life. Denmark consists of many small communities where people know each other from their school years. They hire people from close circles based on social heritage. In many businesses people have worked together in two or more jobs when they are close to retirement. Networking starts in high school and it remains important for the rest of people’s lives.

Well, I read the message board and find it rather foolish to involve police and other authorities on their own children even if it is illegal. I begin to understand why they cannot get their economy up and running. Alcohol consumption is a parenting issue and it starts with showing the decent sober behavior you want your children to present to the world. You cannot drink alcohol every single day and believe that your children won’t follow you down the same path.

Your children are not at work. As I stated above the children will start to drink in high schools. You can pay to delay that process by sending your children to boarding school. They have some strict ones where the children can find a teacher they can be close with as long as you remember to tell them that they can risk a criminal record if they blackmail the teacher they sleep with. It happened the other day on an Efterskole (Danish name for continuation schools) in Jutland. You can also choose a religious day-school but I find it rather unpleasant that 10 year old children should learn how to conduct a good blow-job as it happened at a Catholic school in Fredericia. Some of the locals were offended when they learned of the curriculum but frankly it is hardly a secret that docent of lawsuit has been started in different countries involving Catholic schools and ministries. I have to say that the parents in Fredercia should consider themselves warned before they enrolled their children in this school.

According to my mind it doesn’t help trying to keep your children away from the general society. Forget residential treatment centers and boarding schools! The alcohol will wait for them when they graduate and they will start their career without the important network they need to find jobs.

I hope that the population will come to their senses and lower the drinking age. They must realize that it is expensive and basically waste of time to make laws about the rite of passage to adulthood.

Now I have to collect the children. They have been out partying and I want to have them home before we enter the new year.

Underage drinking Conduct Disorders message board


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