When can a society be too competitive?

In culture on November 27, 2012 at 22:29

This is my second part on adoption. Yesterday I wrote about a documentary I watched on Television. Today I will inform you why you may find Danish firms very competitive and wonder why we are not so affected by the global economically crisis as your country is.

For Denmark to be the most effective country in the world the tools is quite simple. If you are a social worker and you spot a pregnancy your computer and your statistic will predict to result in a negative balance when the life is over, your job is to convince the so-to-be mother that the abortion is the only answer.

It is very easy to apply maximal pressure on the often young inexperienced mother because in Denmark children are not being put in foster by starting a trial. No in Denmark it is a number of managers together with a judge and a politician who decide which children who will be taken from their birth families. Of course such a decision can be appealed but not to a court before it has passed a second committee also consisting of people in the business.

Only when they have decided the faith of your child after some 6-12 months you can take the system to trial. At that point most parents are broken emotionally.

I believe that the caseworkers have a point when they predict that the soon-to-be child will inherit a negative social heritage. In Denmark you are able to do little with your social status during your life. The top of the businesses in Denmark are related. The parliament in Denmark consists of a number of members belonging to families who have been represented in our parliament for generations. In Denmark you cannot escape your past. If you are an immigrant you will always be an immigrant. If you are poor, you will remain poor. If you are rich, you will remain rich.

Children who have been in the system are registered on national wide computer networks and when they start up their family the system are there ready to offer their services, which often is forcing the child into a foster care system where foster parents are hired because they become Facebook friends with the manager of the department of social services. In Denmark we have a law. It demands mandatory participation of 2 days of education for all foster parents. Only 1 out of 4 foster parents take the time. The rest just cash in.

Why the system accepts this I don’t get.

I believe that putting pressure on young mothers to murder their child is wrong. Life is not a granted thing. I understand that Denmark as a society needs to be competitive. But is the solution to murder unborn children based on the possibility of them getting a low income?

Why not put these children up for open adoptions instead of importing children from Africa who frankly would be better of living in a culture which understand them and their special needs.

I am very sad about what Denmark has become.



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