Please keep your hands of my childrens food

In family on November 14, 2010 at 09:59

We as Danes are beginning to lose the right to live as Danes.

One of the news this week is that Danish inmates cannot eat pork without risking being beat up. Not by the guards – they are too few to be in control of our prisons. No, inmates with non-Danish ethnic origins have decided that inmates in general have to obey their religion and abstain from any meat coming from a pig.

It is just the latest example of how much Denmark has changed the last 10 years. 10 years ago we were a happy nation where your youth socialized and drank alcohol together. But 10 years campaign by various religious groups has forced the general population to adapt a lifestyle which originally was used by marginalized groups.

Today our youth remain at home behind their computer monitors as they are not allowed to socialize in tradition manner in parties hosted by public authorities. Groups of bikers which some consider as criminal organizations host parties legally with support of parents, but they are in the spotlight by the police and bothered so they cannot gain the number of guests they have the potential for.

The latest development is that schools just north of Roskilde want to detain the students on the school campus. Not because the students drink alcohol. No, the reason is that the students eat unhealthy food like the famous Danish pastry from our bakers.

Then I as parent must say. I have to draw a line. I acknowledge that some have the idea that drinking alcohol as a teenager can be dangerous. I acknowledge that even taken into consideration that our government has made an enormous research into this matter which showed that alcohol is not dangerous when the percentage is below 16.5. It doesn’t change the fact that there could be some parents out there which are not fully informed of the scientific facts. I also acknowledge that smoking can be dangerous. I had a grandparent who did smoke and lived almost until he was 80. He didn’t die from cancer but as people die from various illnesses, some die from smoking and then there of course is the fact that it smells badly and people who have to smoke have to clean their home more often and being very lazy regarding cleaning, I am against the use of tobacco in my home.

But no state shall decide what kind of food my children can eat. I don’t care is eating too much meat is dangerous. I don’t care if my children become luminous because they eat too much fish from our bay. I serve the food in my home. I entrust my children that they can buy other things than candy. Danish pastry is part of our culture and one of our finest export products. Of course my children should be able to buy Danish pastry. If they buy too much, I will cut their allowance and they would have to get a job.

I am not alone in this matter. When we look at younger kids, parents are saying no to food prepared in the kindergartens.

That brings us back to my original story, which was the news that the inmates cannot eat pork. I believe in a system where the courts outline the nature of the punishment. I believe in a society where the prisons are ruled by officers. I believe that this case can be solved by paying more in tax, so the number of prison guards can be increased and the food should be prepared by a central kitchen so people who will not eat pork can settle with eating the potatoes and sauce so they don’t starve.

I am no racist but I feel that our culture has been under so many attacks that I have to put my foot down as a parent of two lovely children. They shall not be denied their right to be Danes. Once there are confirmed they have to decide if they want to drink alcohol. They have to decide what kind of food they want to eat.

Here is a number of references to this week’s post. You can google-translate them if you want:
Fanger forbyder svinekød i Ringe (Fyens Stiftstidende, november 12, 2010)
Mor tog sønner med til rockerfest (Jyllandsposten, November 7, 2009)
Usunde elever får udgangsforbud (Sjællandske medier, November 11, 2010)
Nej til mad i børnehaven koster millioner (Sjællandske medier, October 16, 2010)


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