For once, I admire the French people

In culture, politics on October 17, 2010 at 07:50

Sometime when I look at our youth, I begin to wonder.

Why are they only able to think two weeks into their future? All they think about are where the next party takes place.

I have been watching our news about how even young students down in France are worried about their pension. Something which is 40-45 years out in the future worries people aged 17-19. That is what I call insight in their own situation.

Maybe the reason is that they have surplus. They are not broken by pressure put upon them by their government. Maybe their youth have free choices to plan their future based on changed conditions.

In Denmark you ask from young people aged 15 or 16 what line of work they plan to do a living in. Our High Schools is a mix of so-called free choices but the reality is that a wrong choice can make your high school paper useless regardless of how many top-grades you get. Most classes at our universities demand a certain level and the conditions changes during the 3 years in high school. It is rather easy to end up at a dead end.

Next there is the living conditions. Especially in Copenhagen there are too few places where our youth can study. A high school student could end up being exiled to remote parts of Denmark like Esbjerg or even more bizarre Slagelse, if they really are in to taking a certain education. How can you tell a young man or a woman that they have to leave their loved ones just because they live in a country unable to plan for the goal they have set up, where they want 95 percent of our youth to get more than an exam from Form 9?

Is it simply stress which prevent our youth from stopping up and realize that the very core of our welfare society – early retirement aka “efterloen” – is about to be removed?

I cannot answer this question but the absense of our youth in this so crucial question for our society is just odd. Where are our students protesting against the removal of the early retirement?

Can it be that the difference between the Danes and the French people is that they have not been broken by their government yet?

The Danes are maybe right now the most tested, the most challenged people on this earth. I read that nurses cried publicly in front of the patients over at Hilleroed hospital when they learned their future was welfare or even death when they have to commit suicide together with their children in shame over not being able to pay their bills – a tough solution we have quite a number of cases of recently. Facing the prospect of such a social tragedy can bring everyone to tears.

I don’t know where Denmark will go in the future. I work as a manager in a firm south of Aarhus. I have noticed that young people we take in are less in a position to receive the human ressource efforts we have in our firm. Human ressource work consist basically of two things – holding small gathering where we share a beer or a glass wine so we learn how to open up and be a wellfunctioning team – and the mandatory 3 minutes session called MUS talks every 6 months. MUS stands for the funny term Employee development talks. I think that it common knowledge since Henrik Pontoppidan wrote the “Escape of the Eagle” that there are certain limits to how much a person can be developed. The mindset developed during the childhood adjust the possibilites of development during adulthood.

But the new students are not ready to participate fully in our Human ressource activities because they have been restricted from social gatherings until they are 16 years of age and now in some extreme cases even until they are 18 years of age due to new party policies at some high schools.

But maybe these policies have a different agenda than preventing our youth from drinking alcohol. Maybe it is about having them isolated at home unable to speak together and take a united stand against the atrocities they face when their future – the early retirement – is robbed from them.

I don’t know.

But I can say as a manager: “Despite a lot of people being out of job, I have problems getting employees which can well receive our human ressource efforts. You are hurting Denmark and our industry, which should be the one earning money to pay for our welfare society.”

Maybe the mobilization of our youth is a lost cause.

That’s why I admire the French population for once.

  1. Transparency international released their 2010 Corruption Perception Index, which compiles data on public sector corruption and perceptions of corruption around the world. A three-way tie between Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore topped the list, while Somalia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan and Sudan were at the bottom.

  2. Remember when you proclamed Denmark was superior?

  3. Yes, according to this survey Denmark is very clean regarding corruption. So clean in fact that it once threatened our export because it seemed that the law forbade our firms to bribe themselves into the more currupt middle European market. It was luck that the courts ruled that our firms may follow local customs regarding use of bribe during export deals.

    When It Isn’t Clear Who’s the Victim and Who’s the Beneficiary (The Anti-Fraud Network)

    I am happy that our courts took the possible massive loss of jobs into consideration when they ruled in favor of continued export.

  4. In Denmark where the social heritage matter the result is peace and low crime as long as people remember into what class they were born and remember that it would take generations to work the family from the lower classes to even the middle class.

    Denmark is superior in many aspects – almost any – but it is not perfect. Today France doesn’t behead people when they don’t follow the guidelines of the ruler. They kill people mentally by denying them pension as they so rightfully has earned. It is sadly the same in Denmark. For many who is middle age but not quite old enough, life is over. They have too short a time to save up money so they can retire before they die statistically. In areas in Copenhagen people only get to be 59 years of age in average. I remember when they introduced election to some multiplicity boards. In one part of Copenhagen (Enghave) the politicians in the city hall appointed the members where the other parts of Copenhagen did held an election. The reason was that there simply was too few with life experience to choose among, so why have the expenses to hold an election?

    Being 46 I am sad that they canceled early retirement. I see not future for me when I retire. It is a destiny I share with many. We don’t burn houses down or throw rocks on the police. I see no reason to. It is not their fault that we some 150 years ago voted for a constitution which allowed our politicians to outsource governmenting of Denmark without an election which our supreme court ruled as Okey. It was an error. In some countries the frustation leds to people using their time as snipers and in other countries they protest and participate in violence. We who know better because we have been raised in a superior country remain civil and choose to sit in a corner just waiting to die while we use every last cent on good food and drink.

    Would it have been better if Denmark hasn’t got a superior education system, which allowed us to see the big picture and resign oneself to one’s fate? What is your input on this matter?

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