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A Lynn-woman wrote this comment on my blog:

Yes, please help spread the word out the Circle of hope is a SCAM! they just steal the parents money and do not educate the children in fact they mainly are slave labor for them to sit around and nap ! I sent my daughter there as I was told it was a loving caring christian enviroment anything BUT THAT more like Satan torment! I so wish I had never spend the thousands there that I did ! They deserve to be in jail, for the fraud and the deciet that they trap people into!

It is properly an reaction on one of my previous blogs: Reeducation – parents and other countries can learn from Denmark.

I did a little digging. After the news of a foreign runaway hit the news the so-called boarding school got some more attention in the news that they properly preferred because the homepage of the school is down.

I know what you will say. She could have double-checked the school, so she didn’t fall into a trap. It is easy to say. Where should she double-check the school? Fact is that there were no groups for former “students” on either MySpace or Facebook. In the United States they used so-called educational consultants instead of social workers to find special schools for children with special news. They are paid by the parents but very often also paid by the schools they refer students to. Would they alarm the authorities if something goes wrong?

No, course not. Just as a social worker in Denmark would not report incidents at a Danish boarding school, group home or at a foster care family because then they would have to admit that they did a mistake by referring a child to that place. Down near a town called Mern they had a foster care scandal with reports of possible abuse in the system for almost 10 years. It is only now where the political winds are changing and social workers have become proud of their work so they don’t ship kids away from their desk but fix them at home where they should have belonged from the start that such problems surface.

Denmark’s Radio did broadcast a documentary about such a place near Ringkoebing. They broke the children down. Everyday clothes you will see being worn at the nearest public school was not OK. Jewelry worn by generations was not OK. Every little thing which was part of the children’s identity was stripped away. It was as they were not allowed to have some basis from their family to build upon. It all had to go.

I cannot judge Circle of Hope Ranch. I cannot state that it was a better or worse place compared to Schuberts Minde, which the Danish program was about. But I could see that Schuberts Minde was not a good place to let kids be housed. Maybe as a strict punishment for murder or something like that but not as a help for children who is basically just exploring what they can make it to in a world moving all too fast and no room for a break where you can gather your mind.

Yesterday a lot of boarding schools had open house. If you were looking for a break as parent, would you see the nothing but the truth if you visited them yesterday?

No of course you would not. This Lynn-mother did properly visit the ranch before she sent her child and she was properly met by happy residents. It is easy to promise kids that they can earn some benefits and return home to their parents faster if they smile. In Denmark I know that a lot of kids at boarding schools are hurting but they are trying to stay proud because the schools cost a lot of money. People I have met during my adult life (I have not been at a boarding school) tell me that it is difficult to find peace. Everything is moving fast 24/7. There are always people around you and most important. Whenever you return home it is suddenly difficult to be alone and you cannot reenter your family unit in the same role as before. Childhood ends with a stay in boarding school and it cannot be reversed.

To parents I can only say. Think more than twice before you ship your child off or accept the advice of a social worker.

You have the final word and it is not a pleasant job to pick up the pieces afterwards.

  1. I have sent proof of the educational neglect,the fraud and deception to the attorney general and NO one will do ANYTHING! The own of the “Boarding school” AKA Tourture RANCH, is in with several local law enforcment groups so they dismiss all claims! What is it gonna take a child to die cause he takes it to far before they will do something about it??? This totally Enrages me that they can get away with that we need a way to find to STOP him and his wife!!!

  2. I just read more info that you posted ,no it was my mistake I meet them in a public place with a pastor present and was assured that I was making the best choice for my daughter, I also got a 3rd party recommendation, (looking back after the fact I am sure it was some one circle of Hope Was paying off to get more students there) While there my daughter didn’t even have a BED! I took photo evidence of that as well and sent that in. The clothes that they have them wear around the ranch are so nasty and stained even goodwill would not sell them . They only get dressed up to go to church, where they are forced to go in front of the church to confess that they are getting saved so the school can get more $ from the church as they think they are helping these girls,if they don’t they are subjected to more abuse and torture. I will try to post photos!

  3. OUTRAGED!!!! Missouri,so much for them protecting the people! I let them know about circle of hope and they will not do anything! They have to wait and see the pattern,since they dont’ have many complaints againest them. The reason being if you withdrawl your child early they state that they will go after you for the FULL tuition, people would rather just cut there losses and move on, I however know that they can’t leagally do that since they are in BREACH of contract! The part that outrages me is they have evidence in BLACK and WHITE and they are gonan let them get away with the crimes! I am sorry folks but if I am driving and swirving all over the place and a officer pulls me over and he has Evidence of DWI , is he gonna just let me go and watch my patterns??? HECK no, I’d be on my way to the four walled cell!

  4. I posted a comment before but it was never posted. I guess the only way to post is to be negative. How sad! People want to believe the worst about people and yet want others to believe the best about them.

  5. Positive answers and comments are welcome. I am adult enough to receive criticism, as you properly can read in the previous comments. It is only comments, which contain spam-links when are deleted.

  6. Rotsne, I didn’t mean about you ! You have been wonderful in helping get the truth out about these place and I commend you for what your doing I just wish that people would listen that WE are telling the truth about these places! And those of us that have fallen for there deciteful ways find out the hard way!!!!!

  7. I think it is sad that people do not investigate things before they believe people. I have very intimate dealings with this organization and have spoken with parents and former students that are very happy with them. I have spoken with students that are not, but do not say they are abusive. It is sad that parents need places like this and are so desperate they will do anything to get that help. Then when things don’t go the way they want they get upset and apread things on the internet.

  8. I personally know the Director of the Home from another home he worked in Hope Children’s Home in Tampa Florida. This man is a divorced hypocrite, and he was abusive at the other home to the children and the staff. I worked with him and have no respect for this man at all. We could not get along because he wanted to stick his nose where it did not belong. He is a dishonest, arrogant know it all control FREAK! I would not trust my dog with this man or his wife. Beware of this man and anything he has to do with your girls. He was known at the home I worked at as the man who surrounded himself with only the big breasted girls he would not let the other girls he did not like to “help“ him.

  9. i did not leave home becuz i hate my mom and dad i love them to death i left becuz i was stubborn and hard headed wanted to make it on my own and if it wernt for them i would not be where i am at now My father is the sweetest people alive they are willing to take care of your child when it is your resposibility nottheres

  10. Has anyone thought that maybe they haven’t done anything wrong? Maybe the few people making allegations are trying to prove something to be wrong when it isn’t. Maybe they are “kicking against the pricks”? What about the character references if those making the allegations? Are they REALLY telling the truth? Did they portray these behaviors? When someone is willing to publicly post anonymously post such inflammatory statements usually mean they are cowards and deceiving.

  11. theymeantitforevil , I would like to get more infomation from you I know you are being honest my daughter and many others have been abused at the hands of this man and everyone is praising him! SICK! I mean it is just insane that he is getting away with it! Thing that makes me most mad is that his is doing this in JESUS name! Do you have a contact email for me,If so maybe rotsne can give it to me . Thanks for helping expose the TRUTH! It shall be known soon to all ! The light will shine on the darkness!

  12. I do not see too many people praising the man. In fact everything I have read is about how wicked he is and most of it seems to be from 2 people. I have talked to many people about these homes because I am curious about what kind of parents would even consider sending their child to one of these if they are such bad places. The conclusions that I have been given is that the child has a behavioral problem, stemming from early childhood. Usually they are from broken families or are adopted. In most cases the parents are the main cause of the problem. I have even contacted the 2 places Mr. Householder worked at and they had no abuse complaints against him. It is sad to see a witch hunt in this day and age.

  13. Stevie, I Placed my daughter there and there was abuse going on! There are other websites with MANY people stating the things that we are about the abuse and not educating them and I HAVE PROOF ! They lied on there website that is why it had to come down . Call and ask the Attorney Generals office there are a FEW complaints againest them……

  14. Heym TheyMeanItFor Evil Can you please state the names of those people that we can get info to PROVE to people like Stevie that this is REAL NOT made UP?? Thanks!

  15. Hahahaha you Guy’s need a life or real jobs this is insane my dad never touched me in a wrong way never laid a hand on me in the way u Guy’s are saying lmao amd your adults? !? Dosnt sound like it get a life if u only new what the shit your kids told us about u lmao

  16. O and if u Guy’s were doing ur job as a parent you wouldn’t need a place to send ur child but u Guy’s arnt you should have never had sex to get pregnant becuz in all reality if u need to place YOUR child ur not a parent

  17. I know that stuff on here is true! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with reaching out for help from other people! I know that MANY kids were NOT educated there! As they were too busy cleaning up around the house and ranch! He used the girls as slaves.

  18. Amanda, I bet that if you had to get on a stand and testify with all the evidence that is being gathered that you couldn’t honestly say without purging your self that some of the stuff that is being said here is true! There is no education going on there! And they do dress the girls in old nasty clothes. We never would see you dressed like that! Why when we spend a lot of $ to help our kids should or kids get treated that way???

  19. ME UMM if most of u parents paid like they were supossed to maybe they would have had nicer uniforms and I wore the same stuff ur children did but I wasn’t sent there for ky bad behavior was i

  20. So what about the education, many of the girls of the girls even express that they were NOT educated and there spelling shows it! That is the MAIN purpose of a Boarding SCHOOL!

  21. Lmao that means they didn’t know how to spell in the 1st place they had school every day mist were even in pace status meaming had sxhool all day

  22. If I had to testify I would not throw up or purdjer myself

  23. I am very interested in this as my son was in a boarding school for troubled teens. I know that he was out of control and needed help desperately. THe place he went has been declared abusive, too, but he never saw abuse. He has shared that he never liked it there, but it was a part of his life and it kept him from getting into worse trouble. He shared that he would try to think of ways to get out of there. He even tried, but we were in it for the long haul, we wanted him to change. He did and is doing very well. He keeps up with most of his buddies from the school and they all feel the same. The made good friends, wouldn’t go back if they had too, but feel that it made a change in their lives.
    3 months is not enough time for a place like that to “hurt” a child academically. In fact, if the student wants to learn they can get a whole lot of school done, but if they don’t want to they won’t. Poor spelling is not a good indication of a poor education. I am a school teacher myself and can find many spelling and grammatical errors. Does that mean the people posting are uneducated? My son was academically ahead of his pears, and in fact got further ahead of where he belonged. I feel sorry for the kids who do not care enough to make a change in their lives.
    I would love to hear from this place and see what they have to say. I wonder if they would face their accusers. I know that some of the parents at the place my son was at were less than supportive, both financially and emotionally. This caused trouble for the staff.
    I am not saying that anyone has the right to abuse a child. There is too much of that.
    I am surprised that Amanda is so supportive of her father, if he is so terrible. I had read that she had moved far away, as did the rest of her siblings, because they hated him. I would love to hear what she has to say regarding this. And her education does not seem to be of the highest degree.

  24. Lol my spelling is my phone sry :/ but no m not the smartest person but I work in real estate and I have m family. To thank for that @ most all I thought id be able to work was at the mall but I’m not

  25. I agree,I know that some very people can’t spell well and that there are typos.I however know that they didn’t do school there! There were many other things that also they lied about! I had other people that looked into the situation and confirmed those things.

  26. Stevie, IF they are able to do school work that would be true! But if they are not allowed to do school work cause they have too much to do around the ranch then if they are already behind a few months can really set one back a lot!

  27. ME You stated “So what about the education, many of the girls of the girls even express that they were NOT educated and there spelling shows it! That is the MAIN purpose of a Boarding SCHOOL!” This is not true. If you sent your daughter there, it was because of her behavior, not because she was behind in school. The main purpose of these kinds of school is to get the students’ behavior under control. I know the place my son was at, worked the boys, especially the first 1-2 months, depending on their behavior. They explained that it was useless to start them in school because they tested very low. The didn’t want to be there and were determined to “show” everyone that they wouldn’t do anything. Amanda says that the girls went to school. I wonder if they have ever graduated any students. I would think so because it stated somewhere that the gril who ran away was just weeks away from graduating. I know that the European schools do not match up with ours, and I know that there are strict requirements to get a diploma in the state of Missouri. THey are not accredited as far as I can tell, but they cannot give a diploma out if the students do not have the credits. The curriculum which they use have field representatives that check on the schools.
    Amanda I would love to get some information on any other students that went there and finished school.

  28. THEY ARE NOT accredited! And the Girl that ran away said she was not educated! There is another site that she herself says her education got messed because she had to do lots around the ranch! I know that as far as we have looked into it and there are no graduates from there, not saying that there can’t be .

  29. OK, so you guys want some fact about “circle of hope”?? I went there… for 62 days…. managed to get a code out to my mom in one of my letters about what was really going on behind closed doors. (you cant talk to your parents for 30 days, then when you finally can it is a few letters a week that are ripped up if Boyd or Steph don’t like them and a 15 minute phone call on Sundays that was on speaker phone once again if they didn’t like it it was ended. It seemed that every girl messed up before her visit or time to go home… so then they weren’t allowed to go… what does that tell you? Oh all of their children moved as far away as possible… Amanda, Nate, colleen, and the oldest boy I don’t know. They didn’t even want to be there..) I know Chanel I talk to her everyday, I was at the so called “boarding school” with her and even slept in the same room as her. Ya her parents were divorced and ya we had behavioral problems, but that doesn’t mean they had the right do to what they did to us. we all tried to run away; not because we’re bad but because we were scared. My mom thinks we should sue, but once again we are scared. Only a few of us have made it out. DO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR DAUGHTERS, NIECES, GRANDDAUGHTERS OR EVEN YOUR NEIGHBORS KID THERE! I’m not saying any of this out of despite of being a “rebellious teen”, I am 19 now i have a job, I go to a University with honors and have never been in trouble with the law. I was sent there because I fought with my mom like a normal teen, when she sought out help for our relationship she was told to ship me there. Please whatever you do just don’t allow anymore girls to go there. They don’t need to go through that. I am very glad for the Mares/rest of the family that she was found, she was one of the few I could ever trust. So please if you want to talk bad about them just do something about it, complaining on a forum does nothing for those poor girls that I can’t help…


  30. ok i understand where you are coming from… no i cant live back in england i will just go down hill from theree i woz totally messed up there…. that boarding school didnt help me at all with my studies cuz i neva did school cuz i woz in charge of alllot of stuff so my education is messed up. the only reason my dad wrote gd stuff about tht place cuz if i sed i didnt like tht i would b a black shirt and a black shirt gets treated like crap a piece of shit…. girls like to get other girls into trouble so theytwist a story…. i got restrained cuz i refused to do pushups and lost feeling in my fingers for 3 weeks i got to tell u that place has left scars in my life and i jst wanted to leave tht place… they expected too much for me and i told them i wasnt ready but they still did it and if i had a problem and wanted to talk to them to grow up they told me to grow up…. i felt like i couldnt say anything tht woz in my heart ❤ i no i have an addiction to drugs and i do them so i can forget about my past…. i think at nite how did i get here i used to have a good life… now i dont have a relationship wiv my mum and my brother (15) hates my guts i have ruined everything i just want to feel safe and atm the moment i have a boyfriend and yeh i feel safe round him he loks out for me and he aint like any of the other boys i have dated cuz i woz a drug dealer one time a go and they just dated me for the drugs but this guy aint like tht he makes sure i am safe….. i like tht i have never felt so safe… have you ever lived on the streets … it is a scarey place for a girl…. i run from my problems and i hate it but i always have done it….. i remember i had a fight wiv my mum one day and she left to go to the pub and i ran and i woz gone for a week i am soz i am telling u this but i had o get it off my chest…. i woz a bad person b4 cuz of drugs and i hated the stuff i used to do but now i am not getting into the hardcore drugs i dont want to…. thank u so much for emailing me bk i apprieciate it i am glad i can tlk to some one i hope to tlk to you soon

    Another cut and paste from girl that ran away from there!

  31. ok i understand where you are coming from… no i cant live back in england i will just go down hill from theree i woz totally messed up there…. that boarding school didnt help me at all with my studies cuz i neva did school cuz i woz in charge of alllot of stuff so my education is messed up. the only reason my dad wrote gd stuff about tht place cuz if i sed i didnt like tht i would b a black shirt and a black shirt gets treated like crap a piece of shit…. girls like to get other girls into trouble so theytwist a story…. i got restrained cuz i refused to do pushups and lost feeling in my fingers for 3 weeks i got to tell u that place has left scars in my life and i jst wanted to leave tht place… they expected too much for me and i told them i wasnt ready but they still did it and if i had a problem and wanted to talk to them to grow up they told me to grow up…. i felt like i couldnt say anything tht woz in my heart ❤ i no i have an addiction to drugs and i do them so i can forget about my past…. i think at nite how did i get here i used to have a good life… now i dont have a relationship wiv my mum and my brother (15) hates my guts i have ruined everything i just want to feel safe and atm the moment i have a boyfriend and yeh i feel safe round him he loks out for me and he aint like any of the other boys i have dated cuz i woz a drug dealer one time a go and they just dated me for the drugs but this guy aint like tht he makes sure i am safe….. i like tht i have never felt so safe… have you ever lived on the streets … it is a scarey place for a girl…. i run from my problems and i hate it but i always have done it….. i remember i had a fight wiv my mum one day and she left to go to the pub and i ran and i woz gone for a week i am soz i am telling u this but i had o get it off my chest…. i woz a bad person b4 cuz of drugs and i hated the stuff i used to do but now i am not getting into the hardcore drugs i dont want to…. thank u so much for emailing me bk i apprieciate it i am glad i can tlk to some one i hope to tlk to you soon

    from girl that ran away from there!

  32. This is nothing but completly true!i was there for 11 months and my dad finally got tired of me bitching about it.these “christian” psychos pinned a girl to the floor in front of me and her little sister because she wouldn’t admit that she looked at her sister.i also watched them force a gils to drink a pitcher of water and wouldn’t let her uae the restroom until about 10 other girls went before her and she peed herself.they also put you through enduring and painful exersises.i watche the girl that peed herself exercise for about 3 hours one scared me.


  33. i went to this boarding school for 15 months, i finally convinced my parents i needed out of this place. Boyd would minipulate the girls not to tell the social workers what was really going on and if we did and we didnt win the case the girls that TOLD THE TRUTH would get punished! or put a black shirt which means you get treated lower and fed less, girls got there faces shoved in puke. GRANTID they puked cuase they were being restained for over 3 hours. Boyd SPIT in the girls faces while he was an inch away screaming at them. (considered murder cuase you can get AIDS through saliva) a married staff member had sex with one of the girls there and Boyd and Steph told the girls not to say a word about it and that they took care of it and all parents were notified NO PARENTS WERE NOTIFIED. a 9 year old was forced to eat HUGE amounts of food just becuase she was still hungry. WE DID NOT GET FED ENOUGH, i was on the wall for God knows what and i was given a plate of bones with barely any chicken meet on them and STEPH was serving the food. i remember. and i barely got fed. if you asked for more food you got push ups and got made fun of. girls got scared to ask. IF girls that are in there now say anything Boyd and Steph will make things harder on you. and shove all of the things you tell your rents or S.S in your face and make your life there hell. We wore dirty underwear and clothes we looked dirty and gross, i had self asteem issues but that was the “purpose” i guess to not feel like a women and feel like the worst thing ever. we worked ALOT i lost so much weight being there, hardly sleeping, hardly eating, and working way too much, then there was the excersizes you had to do for behavior, you had to keep working till you passed out and we got put in push up position till our fingers were numb and out back was aching, and if we didnt keep our back straight the WHOLE time we were put there longer. 5 minute showers, 1 minute to undress, 3 minutes to clean yourself, 1 minute to dress. bad hegeine. were teens not in the fucking military. we didnt ask for this. we got like 2 minutes to take a flippin shit. WE HARDLY ATE. how in the hell are we gonna take a huge enough shit for these ppl? and if it was big enough we had to take medomulso or whatever <<<(i loled.) i was depressed the whole time and if you showed any sign of depression you got push ups for now being "happy" and docked down shirts cuase you werent "right with God" well boyd and Steph YOUR NOT RIGHT WITH GOD. who treats teenagers like this? not even your own kids wanna follow your footsteps. jesus. i attempted suicide IN CHURCH i tryd suffercating myself i COULD NOT handle it. im 18 now i got there when i was 14 and out when i was 16, im still phycologically damaged from it. girls got brainwashed. look MEDIA if you want a good story. talk to the girls who know whats really going on. girls went hungry and that place just disgusts me. i feel really bad for the girls that are there now. noone should have to go through that. and also there education system was a jjokee i was in the 9th grade and they put me in like 5th grade, i had no high school credits when i got out. they also try to brainwash the girls into stayin there forever and thats the "best thing". this is not the next best option for your children, disipline your own kids, understand your teens and be a flippin parent.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$And from another…..

  34. Me what u don’t see is the girl chanel from England tried getting so many girls in trouble including myself she also wanted her job she did do school but her schooling b4 she came was horrible all u yave are immature girls who need a life

  35. With this being said I talk to all this girls still actually pretty close with them all if my parents are so horrible why do they stay in contact with me?

  36. Amanda, maybe they do not consider your friendship is contigent upon your parents. Have any of these girls expressed these feelings to you about your parents? Did any of these girls treat you like trash when they were there? If so, why do you keep them as friends? It is sad that this is going on. I do not believe the Lord is happy. He hates strife and discontent. So many people are talking about money, maybe all of this is for money.

  37. No when they talk to me about my parents they say they love and miss them amd thank them for everything.. ha money u try running a boarding school with parents like these that are accussing mine of doimg it for momey my parents paid for a lot from pocket u have no idea how many times my brother and I went without becuz my parrnts paid from there pocket thes parents don’t pay like thwy say

  38. Stevie, they are only doing it for money! I know that the church supports them so what do they do with the money that they get from parents that do give money????

  39. Me how much money do u spend to feed ur family to cpoth them keep hem warm nd drive them?

  40. I know it cost $ to feed a family, drive them around and keep them warm . But I know that certain things that are being claimed are TRUE! Think about how much your parents are bring in a month times how many kids and the church pays for most of the stuff. So what does happend with the $$$ ? The fact that the girls want to be friends with you have nothing to do with your parents!

  41. Amanda, of course you are gonna protect your parents! That is human to want to do that! But you know just as well as I do that MANY of the things that are stated on here are true! I know that they had dirty clothes and only wore nice ones to church to fool the church that supports them, also know that what the other girl said about not doing school work is true! There are many things that were claimed which in fact are not TRUE. I have caught your parents in many lies. I am just trying to help others not make the mistake trying to help there child and have them get worse cause of the stuff that is drilled into there heads while they are there!

  42. First of all I am happy to say that my daughter is currently at Circle of Hope Ranch. I have read all of the above posts and quite frankly take offense to those implying that I have chosen to send my daughter to a school that is inhumane. Before enrolling my daughter I met with Boyd and Stephanie. My daughter is an extremely difficult child – even with the highly structured and loving environment she has been raised in (she is one of 5 children – we have no problems with the others and they are all at home with us). My husband and I are both well educated and I actually work for a human services organization. We live out of state (not in Missouri) and I, of course, miss my daughter and love her very much. My daughter was getting into trouble and has been in various state operated programs – to no avail – then we were referred to Circle of Hope. I have been inside and outside of this facility – rest assured, they are not in this for the “money.” Not whatsoever. I have seen where the Householders live and the way they live – they are in this to help the girls and they are serving the Lord. My daughter is living proof that this program works. Yes, they may be strict – it is necessary. One girl states above “she didn’t sign up for the military” – these girls are not at Circle of Hope because they respond to reason. They are at Circle of Hope because their families cannot handle their behaviors. As for education, my daughter was extremely behind in her education when she got to Circle of Hope because the state programs (instead of focusing on working on her behavior) kept pushing her forward, even though she did not have a clue, nor did she care, about her school work. The philosophy at Circle of Hope is to get the girls in a place where they will behave well enough to actually focus on their schoolwork – then they structure the chore schedule around the education. And, what is wrong with the girls doing the chores? It is good for them and instills values and a sense of accomplishment. I just spoke with my daughter and she was extremely pleased that she had just made some mashed potatoes! She explained to me about how they make their butter from scratch, etc – she was really pleased and sounded great. And, speaking of mashed potatoes, the girls DO eat – they actually eat healthier there because of the lack of processed foods. I believe (from many hours of research and from observing my daughter) that one of the reasons my daughter’s behavior has changed so dramatically is because of her new diet – and by diet I mean change in lifestyle/eating – decrease in simple carbohydrates and processed foods and increase of natural foods. They get great exercise working with the animals, too. My daughter has introduced me to all of the animals – again, with pride and excitement. With respect to the girls “being told to lie” – I do not believe this for one minute. I have had visits and plenty of “alone” time with my daughter and we discuss (in depth) details of what goes on at Circle of Hope and there are no sinister activities taking place. So, Stevie – I know you are objectively writing in this blog – this is an observation from a parent with a definite vested interest in Circle of Hope – my precious daughter is there. I am reading the posts from Lynn – and it really appears as though she has a vendetta against the program and it’s sad because they (Boyd and Stephanie) do not deserve this treatment. Lynn, why don’t you try living with 30 girls with behavioral problems – feed them, keep them structured, take them to church, do devotionals with them, eat breakfast – lunch – dinner with them, discipline them when they disobey – if you couldn’t handle your one daughter, I highly doubt you would be able to take on the challenge that the Householder’s have so graciously, and lovingly, embraced. It is no picnic – and they must be firm at times I am sure, and they are human – but I can speak from my own experience and say – they are making a positive difference in my daughter’s life.

  43. Caring Parent,no I just am angry that they lied to me! I know that they aren’t as they claim to be ! and of course your daughter is going to say good things all her phone calls are monitored!

  44. Hi Lynn – my daughter doesn’t say the “good things” during phone calls but rather during our visits, while she is alone with me. She knows that she can tell me anything and I would not go back and tell the staff of COH if she told me something inflammatory. Also, I would bring her home if I felt she were being neglected or harmed. It really isn’t the case at all. I feel bad that you are so upset. I hope your daughter is doing well now. I just don’t see things the way you do – and I really have seen for myself. I can also see why some of the girls would complain – of course they don’t want to do chores and be disciplined.

  45. Caring Parent, I am glad that things are different for you and your daughter! I know that they weren’t for mine and many others! I understand that kids don’t want to do chores and be disciplined. I just think that it is sad that he is out right lying about several things and I have proof of it! If he would have done the right things insead of some of the stuff he has done it wouldn’t be an issue! But he refuses to correct the wrong!

  46. If u have proof why are they still up and running lynn seriously u should take up knitting classes or try a sport I think ur full of bs and want to get easy money hate to brake it to u but u wont get any ur to lazy

  47. What the heck are you talking about Amanda??? Your parents are the ones that are trying to get easy $$$ Not me! The ONLY reason that they are still up and running he cause he is a con and able to lie to people. I WILL prove that he is NOT an honest person!!!And I know that there are others that are working too for that!!!

  48. Good for u guys and karmas a bitch I’m gonna laugh so hard when she shows up ur door have a wonderful year

  49. Oh and he did such a GREAT job raising you to be so RUDE and direspectful???? It is ok I am not worried ! The Truth shall set me free ! Your Dad will not beable to say that! If he would have just done the right thing this would not be an issue but he wants to lie and scam people many people are networking to get the facts together and he will be held accountable it just has to fall into the right persons hands……

  50. My parents raised me right but its up to me if I decide to keep with wat they thought me and right now no becuz ur full of bs like I said karma lynn

  51. Ok Amanda! Again I am not worried he obviously is cause he knows that me and several others on here are telling the truth! And it WILL be made know to the public!! Then we will see what you have to say!!!

  52. Lynne, I am not spreading anything, I am speaking the TRUTH!Maybe you have only spoken to those that have also been brain washed and fooled by there decite and fraud! I know this will be exposed VERY soon and the evidence will speak for it self! There are many of us parents rallying together….

  53. That’s why there are so many ppl commenting on here besides myself stevie and you lol

  54. I know that COH is only in it for the Money, why else would he have a fit over not enough postage and having to pay 59 cents?? I am not kidding about that either.

  55. @LYNNE < NO unlike ,the HOUSEHOLDERS WE SPEAK THE TRUTH! We don't have $$$$$ to gain in this( Like the Householders)!!!!look at the evidence and there is more coming we are gathering the statements and hopefully the stealing and lying from them will STOP!!!


    Somebody (not you oscar) is feeding somebody a line of shit here. The first child mentioned in this thread and her family need to be back together. The more recent posters child is a coolaid drinker who probably is either scared shitless or really buys into it,then sells the bullshit to a parent, just as the program desires.
    Some body like say the 1st parent needs to seriously cowboy the fuck up and go get that child. I hope they read this

    Im gonna say this, the less than perfect life that you and your child had ,before this ,was less long term damaging than the shit your child is going thru NOW. Go get YOUR CHILD. Stop bein manby pamby about the whole goddamn thing. TODAY. Take either a lawyer or a gun. This is your own flesh and blood. Man the fuck up. please.

  57. Seems Mr. Householder says that we who are Speaking the truth are spreading a SMEAR campaign againest him! HAHAH Can’t be since it is the truth! if we were spread false things then he would be correct! BUT the evidence speaks for it self, we are in America where freedom of speech is allowed so Mr. Householder ! We would like you to know that we will continue to speak the truth about places like your and hopes that we let people know what really is taking is going on a places like yours!!! You maybe able to fool some people but some of us have caught on to your real agenda and will let others know!

  58. i sure dont know what to believe about this school but it sure does get on my nerves bc one of my family members are there and you cant find any information out from her. There is plenty of information about how negitive it is there and not enough positive so u really don know what to believe…i sure do know this place is not a licensed facility and it is an unaccreited school which means not every school or college is going to accept there credits that they may get at the school. If you call any social servies in polk co they have not heard of this school which is sad that they are hiding this children.

  59. Funny how you should say this now becuz i was talking to a lawyer yesterday who his parents homeschooled him with A.C.E he graduated from HARVERD and is very very well off so no some petty school’s may not except the credits but Harverd rather except A.C.E students rather then Public schooled kids

  60. YOU, look at the links that are posted above, There is ABUSE going on that the place. You can call SS and have them do a welfare check on your family member, Tell them you are conserned for the welfare of her. I know they are so tight liped cause they don’t want the truth out there! Yes, If they really were to do school ther someone would mostly like take ACE but they DON’T educate the girls there or at least most that have spoken out have claimed that they haven’t done school there! Mainly they have them working around the RANCH!

  61. sorry i sure don’t believe that about the lawyer going though ACE he must of got his GED and another thing let me know when u find a lawyer that doesnt lie they are paid to lie! sorry but we have already called colleges and they will not except credits from a non accreited school. sure if u have money harvard gonna take your momney..u sure can attend a community college u dont even have to have a high school diploma to attend them…i have already did my home work and circle of hope is in misouri bc they have very little laws there and as they say on there website the school board knows about them well they sure do not know about them!! The first home that boyd householder was trying to start up in florida never worked out bc the things they were trying to do where against there laws there so where else to move then missouri so we can abuse the girls in private!!

  62. us, thank you for the information…this place needs shut down soon enough it will be.. how is there only 2 adults for 30 girls and these are girls that have behavior problems if they are so bad then how is there only 2 adults and they r getting them to listen to them with out abusing them hmm dont see that possible if the parents couldnt do that o heck if the parents were to punish the girls the parents would b in jail but no people that lie get away with murder and government federal money…bc he is not registered thru the board of education and nor under federal programs but he has recieved federal grant money which he has never let them know about his boarding school.

  63. Lmfao… they didn’t go to Fl becuz my dad hates the heat amd he hates Fl… the lawyer had his deploma from both schools above his desk.. nd Harvard dosnt take some1 with a GED… O and next year the world ends might wanna. Hurry you investigation lol.. you guys r silly

  64. I have been reading the negative posts and they are obviously written by people who have nothing better to do then slander a place that does an excellent job working with troubled girls. “YOU” poses and excellent question in the post above – how do 2 adults deal with 30+ girls with behavioral issues. The answer is quite simple – RESPECT and a system of POSITIVE PEER pressure as opposed to the norm found within state run programs. These girls are not abused, they are shown a system which entails earning privileges and facing consequences (removal of privileges). The harshest form of discipline is the assignment of push-ups. My daughter has grown and learned a new respect – she comes from a loving home, with structure, however, she was out of control and was “placed” in different programs – which did NOT work, only made the situation worse. Circle of Hope works if you allow it too. If the girls cannot behave properly they will not excel or even do their work in the public school system. The curriculum at Circle of Hope is similar to home schooling. I can also tell from the penmanship/grammar that the authors above are definitely not literary geniuses..I wonder where they got THEIR education.

  65. @Amanda – Don’t worry about the negativity – If I were you I wouldn’t even stoop to their level and respond. You know your family and you know they are doing this to help the girls.

  66. hope childrens home was the name of the place that householder had in fl…i am just trying to figure out about this place just bc why if it is such a great place then why doesnt it have a real website about the place a place that is so great i would think it would have a website so you can check it out.. i mean really how do u know who to believe when u cant even get a hold of the circle of hope to talk to them about what they r doing…i mean they say one thing and do the opposite…there is this father that is just trying to talk to his daughter there and mr householder hung the phone up on him many times..

  67. Amanda, And we know that your parents taught you REALLY well about lying and Cheating! If he can do such a wonderful “job” with you why are you so rebellious??? You certainly have gotten away from the brainwashing they they try to do to the girls or your won’t be doing a lot of the things you are! We have PROOF of those things, you know what I am talking about!

  68. Doing what things? Lol names these things please id really love to here

  69. Amanda, I know the IFB’s don’t allow the clothes in which you wear, nor do they allow all the piercings and tattoos that you have all over or is it allowed to CHEAT on your HUSBAND! But that is right your PARENTS taught you WELL! CHEATING,LYING, ETC it’s all good cause that is what they taught!!!!

  70. You, They are controling they don’t want anyone to “talk” about what is really going on cause if so then the truth will get out just like it is starting too and they DON’T like it! Like how there is truth out there but they twist it and say that our groups are biased! NO we are SPEAKING TRUTH and it shall set us free!

  71. Lol I didnt cheat he cheated on me hince why we are no.longer together sweety… My parents dont agr with them no but I waited ti I was out of ther house.till I get them be8z unlike u I respect my parents…

  72. Amanda, he may have Cheated on you first ,but other know that you have been involved with others without you being divorced! SO whatever I know you will sit there and LIE to protect your parents already caught you with that!

  73. Lol yes i some1 after we got seperated.ur point?

  74. I will just say that our NGO (Minors in residential placement research center) has started a blog where people who have been attending a boarding school either voluntary or forced by their parents can write their story.

    Here is a link.

    On the blog you can find instructions of how you can send your story to us so it can be published.

  75. Document

    Start a New Search
    Buy Complete Document: Abstract Full Text Page Print
    Circle of Hope receives referrals from churches
    Springfield News Leader – Springfield, Mo.
    Author: Donna Baxter
    Date: May 7, 2011
    Start Page: C.1
    Section: Life
    Text Word Count: 270

    Abstract (Document Summary)
    For the News-Leader Circle of Hope owners Boyd and Stephanie Householder say they have never advertised or gone to a referral service but get a lot of referrals from churches.

  76. donna maddoxdunn how ever you spell you name get a life alisha you to and all the other girls on here writting this shit i really am sick of readding you stupid fucking lies 🙂 thanx

  77. I believed that people coming from Huntington Beach in California spoke a nicer language. I am so dissapointed but because I don’t believe in censorship I will let it remain as a comment.

  78. people from Huntington Beach speak the same way as every one else in the U.S.A 🙂 When they have to use “bad” words they do we are no diff then you actually we have lifes instead of blogs :p

  79. Berlin~~~~We ARE NOT LYING can you not READ??? LOOK at the Evidence~~~ Are you really that blind or stupid??????

  80. @ bERLIN: Why are you saying that we people are lying? IF you actually look at the evidence you can see the TRUTH ! and that will set us FREE! Look at the documents from agencies where COH LIED! AND THE photos that speaks a thousand words…… Heck
    Even PASTOR Jeff ABles can’y tell the TRUTH no wonder he has wondering sheep……

  81. What I found interesting about the Mother Jones article was how the directors of these private homes kept blaming the demise of the kids on the parents for blaming the program. The interesting thing is these directors probably are the first in line to criticize public school teachers for the failing students WITHOUT taking into account the kids who are molested at home and how those parents should also be considered guilty of their child’s failures.

    You know they would be the first to blame the public school teachers and ignore whatever is going on at home. In fact, there are accounts where kids have told the proprietors of these homes about abuse and the proprietors of the homes. . .did nothing even though it was their job to report their suspicions to the police.

  82. It is chanel I am just going to put $y point of view past becuz I have had enough of ppl sticking up for this place and also amanda we were close at that place and I dunno why now ur sticking up for ur parents u used to tell me u cnt wait to get out of there! And out of ALL ppl u wuld understand why I had to tell on ppl there cuz if I got caught going against the rules I wuld get in shit and dnt u remeber ur dad u alaways used to complain he wuld do favouritism duhhh stop sticking up for them I’ve had enough thew truth one day will cum out and parents or someboday will realise wot is REALLLLYYY going on in the ranch. Don’t u remeber anything dnt u remeber restraining me for 45 mins and I woz screaming in pain do u no the real reason why I got restrained because I had enough of reading the bible on the wall standing up ALL DAY. How did u feel wen the girls got restrained screaming there heads off wot about lil emily she was only 9 and she got restrained because she said she was still hungry open ur eyes u no wot was REALLY goin on that place how black shirts were REALLY treated what the phone calls what we were told what we were allowed to tlk about wen we weren’t allowed to tell out parents about the staff member having sex wiv one of the girls. Wen girls were working outside on runaway status (that is in two bigger shoes no socks no laces and tounges cut out) and it woz snowing and they worked for hours. Schooling woz crap it woz up to brother house if he wanted us to work all day outside or do school which woz only like once a week. And btw I wasn’t a few weeks from graduating I was far behind everything this place is meant to fix ur life but it hides u away from everything WELCOME TO THE 21st CENTURY. And ur hiding the girls from the world and boyd says that ur not ready to leave wen ur contract is up but listen how are we going to b ready wen we r in the middle of nowhere u see where I am coming from. People can say anything about the place but only the girls ythat live there can understand and explain wot REALLY went on and u shuld listen to them not the parents tht said they viewed the place bullshit it is a total different enviroment wen people come and visit… Maybe there should b differnet visitors everydayy it might be a better place because boyd doesn’t want people to see who the real him is ohh and don’t forget about steph she aint the angel every parent or person sees the first day they meet her she is a cow. That is my point of view

  83. They never abussed ne1 nd no teen could wit to get out of there rents house i go back nd visit duh!! Look at u nd ur mum

  84. I visit my mum our relationship is better and talk to most of my family now we r gettin along and I never sed ur parents abused u they abused and treated the girls like crap! Admit it and u no it!

  85. Lmfao like i said they nevet abussed any1 … Ppl need a life grow up chanel

  86. Don’t tell me to get a life if a ava problem wot ppl r saying and they r bringing me into it I am going to stand up and say somthing

  87. If Your not to dunk to stand.. Which is all you do Is that because your a faliure at life?

  88. O by the way you can not say it was CIRCLE OF HOPE that makes you get high and drunk all the time because your life was all about getting drunk and high before you went to the home o and you also a FAT WHORE 🙂

  89. Who the fuk r u talkin to me about tht u dnt no my past and I never sed anything about tht wen did I sayy tht did u ever live at circle of hope? Ehhh how do u no anything about me I enjoy getting drunk and high but tht is jst me fuk off!!

  90. And angel look in the mirror mate its not my problem wot you see…. Solve ur own problems before u try and point out mine

  91. Yea i was there when you were and i know more about you then you know.. and i have looked in the mirror look pretty damn well

  92. So u stalking me?! wow man I didn’t no I had so many fans wow I am so happy if u lived there and u no sooooo much about me wot woz my bruvvas name

  93. Calvin or the deaf one?

  94. Why do u av to say tht ova this website about my bruvva being deaf cuz if u listened to me wen I woz ova there he wasn’t perminently deaf he he had blocked ears who r u wots ur name av I got u on fb?

  95. My name is for me to know and you to find out and yes you do… You say shit about the householders on here why cant i say that about your handiecap brother

  96. Haha tryin to think ur a hard nut and leave my bruvva out of this u dnt no fukin nuffin bout my family and stick ur nose out of it stop sticken up for them wots the point

  97. Its brittany cuz ur the only one tht has recently came out tht I no and everyone else hated the householders and u hated me at the ranch!

  98. Wateva mate u dnt no wot ur talkin about just shut up and karma is goin to get ya mate I can’t b fuked wiv this anymore

  99. Lol nope not brittany every one hated you chanel

  100. Hahaha totally man wen I tlked to people wen I got out for like hours on the phone yeh they hated me at tht place becuz I had to b sum1 I wasn’t duhhh yeh totally everyone hated me

  101. We do 🙂 you should hear what amanda medici and kayleena say about you being a whore for money 🙂 o by the way take a shower you always did smell

  102. Fukkk off mate I took showers everyday u reli dnt no wot ur talking about kayleena she used to ring me up wen I woz bk in vegas on the bus and they wanted me to move with them u dnt no wtf ur tlking about mate

  103. Yes i do 🙂 we just talked actually

  104. Wen they tell me themselves then I will believe u love okayy u reli r making a load of us laugh mate ur tryin soooo hard to make me angry but the funny thing is I am finding this funny and everyone in the room wiv me is too 🙂

  105. yoU mean ur pimp ?

  106. Chanel, Don’t worry there are people that do believe you and are trying all we can to Expose the TRUTH! They will not beable to get away with all the Crap they are doing! They will be held accountable it is taking time because they have snowed everyone. But people are starting to talk! Glad you are standing up as well. The Householders do only care about the $$$$$$$ That is all! Your right they treat the girls like CRAP!

  107. hahahahaha

  108. Angel ,Laugh all you want ! Seems like they were able to brain wash you !

  109. I just want to say that you all are free to write your story to the Tales from the black school blog.

    I wrote a little with Gitte and Jonas, who are people behind the block whether Circle of hope Ranch should be regarded as a residential treatment center, which should target any testimony to the Asylum Horrible blog, but given the nature of the ranch and the obvious lack of education by the managers it seems that the first blog must be most suited to include a testimony from this paricular “school”.

    Don’t feel afraid if you feel that you will face difficulties considering spelling etc. They are used working with a lot of authors and will be happy to assist you when you put your testimony together. Now where there have been so many comments about the ranch and I can see how strongly you feel about your experience at the ranch, I feel that a lot of young people could learn a lot what circumstances which brought you to the ranch, how it was to live at the ranch and what kind of tools or luggage you got to make you deal with life in the future.

    Your testimony will be so welcome.

  110. chanel, i believe you u are def telling the truth about that place…and there r many other girls out there that feel the same way i am sure… and another thing for some one to say u stink and u needed to take a shower well maybe that is bc the householders dont let u take a shower…and they need to grow up!! really where is the website for this place if it isnt abusive? o that is right they had to get it taken off bc they were lieing on there own website!! I am glad everyone is doing what they r doing to get this place investigated…..i am still praying for the girls there now which one of them is a family member….i will never understand what kind of parents ship there kids there and just leave them there and are not worried about them after all the neg stuff out there….but those are what u call careless parents!!

  111. hI I also went to the boaring school in humansiville missouri. i got treated like a slave it was horrible. they made me do 1,100 push ups only resting every 50 im not strong i do it couldnt do it and got restrained by 5-6 people. they made me believe my parents didnt care about me they told me i was a slut a bitch and ugly i was a lil over weight so they put me on half portions and when i was losing weight they put me on double cause i was happy that i was thin which was what they wanted and told me i would go home and everybody would stare at me cause i was fat and ugly. we got watched taking showers i never did school work cause i was always doing work and taking care of there home. in the very early morning of the hours we would wake up and work all day. we were never allow.ed to talk unless it was about church and there were other people around. there were no doors to go to the bathroom and when we would go we would be watched and they right down what we took when we went to the bathroom. we only had 2 pairs of clothes which were washed once a week. we didnt even had beds it was this foam on wood. we were always watched getting dressed. they are menatlly and physically abusive they should NOT be gettin away with torturing girls and scamming people outta money. there money goes on them all the clothes that we wore or hey got was used already and donated. they dont care or wanna help your daughters its all about control. something is seriously wrong with boyd householder and i pray to God we can shut this place down. i’ll help in what ever way i can.

  112. hey kdiana thank u for the post that is what we r trying to do get as many posts from girls that has went to the circle of hope ranch…when did u go to the ranch? the social services in humansville said that they can investigate the ranch if there was a girl that just came out of the ranch or is still there that could say there was abuse going on there…this place just gets on my nerves that they can do this really they cant do this any where else but missouri that is why there ranch before this one in fl got shut down bc the laws r way dif in missori that is why most of the boarding schools are in missouri or at least the abusive ones!!

  113. i love how you have proof but your to scared to put your names up lol

  114. Amanda Medici look at the links of the PROOF it is out there in black and white can’t help that MISSOURI is totally MESSED up state and that is how they get away with it $$$$ TALKS…….

  115. Then dummy state ur name

  116. i went there a couple years ago. but my mom took pics and some are on websites, im pretty sure i was in there when chanel was if she is the one from england? its a twisted place and i would take a lie ditector test because i know im telling the truth. and who ever doesnt believe us fine but when it gets shut down there gonna feel retarded. yes i agree some of us put our selves in that situation and may have needed help but are parents didnt know that it was the way it was. and there really is no way to runaway because it is like a cult. i still have the paperwork from when i went there and the pictures. the householders are crazy and i hated it there i mean we all once had to show all of them are privates cause they thought somebody shaved down there? and after that we all had to be watched taking showers. we had to do push ups all the time for the stupidist things stand against the wall and i know amanda is a spoied little brat she even used us. if she wanted her room clean we had to clean it anything she wanted she got and she didnt have to do anything just cause she is just like her parents. when i went there, there was a 5 year old even having to do hundreds of push ups at a time. i really hope this place gets shut down.

  117. Thank you i no what i saw at tht place and i no i am telling the truth and i dont care wot peoplle think at the end of the day because i no wot happened and yyes it is true the girls do no and i dont no why they r lying!! It is stupid at the end of the day they r gonna b the ones tht r gonna have the guilty conscience and there r girls in there tht r being abused and it is not rite i will b laughing in there faces wen i see on tv brother house getting arrested because of the abuse… It needs to b shut down and tht is the end of it

  118. We need to get other girls information so we can get the place closed down please go to this website and email the lady to give her any girls names that you know so we can get more statements. Thanks for helping speak up Runaway & KDiana you will HELPthe GIRLS!

  119. I have to say I am truly disgusted by the great lengths some of the authors on this blog go to in order to slander the Circle of Hope Girl’s Ranch. I have read all of the entries in this blog. I do agree there are behavior modification schools in existence that have abused attendees, however, this is not the case with Circle of Hope.

    What I read in these messages/responses is information from troubled girls whose families either could not or would not handle their behaviors and chose to seek assistance from the Householders. My blaring question to the most recent author above (…… 15 August 2011 at 5am) – are YOU prepared to take all of the troubled girls into YOUR home if your were to be successful in your campaign to shut down the program? Are YOU qualified and skilled enough….not to mention PATIENT enough to be screamed at, physically attacked, verbally assaulted by the troubled girls? Are YOU willing to feed and clothe 30 + teenage girls, and take them to church services, do devotions with them?

    There is not a magic wand to be waved to get these girls to comply and learn how to behave in society. They need tough love and discipline. I have not read anything about TRUE physical/emotional abuse rendered on these girls. I read from girls that are still troubled because they left the program. I hope they get the help they need.

    Furthermore, I checked out the website referenced above and was not impressed. I am sure there may be a few programs of question listed – however, it looks like a witch hunt to me and it also appears as though it does not take much to be listed as a “confirmed” abusive facility.

    Also, the reason for all the negative blogging (it is clear to me) is because you all do not have anything better to do with your time. Why don’t you focus your energies in another direction. If you believe COH is so flawed, amongst a laundry list of other programs, why don’t you start YOUR OWN program, I am sure it would be perfect – and all the girls can go to your perfect program and get the help they are supposedly NOT getting now. Instead of being part of the problem, be part of the solution. You are ready to criticize, but are you ready to roll up your sleeves and make a difference? I am sure if you tried to do this your perception of COH would change dramatically.


  120. @ Sick of Smear campaign : REALLY Have you NOT seen to
    EVIDENCE that they don’t educate the girls and stuff.? The truth is there so therefore it is NOT A SMEAR CAMPAIGN !!!! Mr. Householder IS ABUSIVE and SO is STEPHANIE!

  121. So many people are snowed by the Householders. It is insane that they think that they are getting away with all this. Anyone one else STEALING from people and breaking laws would be locked up ,but because they are caliming to be a “Christian” place they are getting away with it totally bogus. I Hope that all the media attention that is negative will catch up with them as well and that they soon will be accountable some of us will not STOP fighting the cause until they are held accountable for there actions ! Lets band together and continue to to expose the TRUTH!

  122. HAHA HOUSEHOLDERS Joke is gonna be on you ! REALLY did you seriously think that you were gonna get away with all the LIES???? People are talking and know the truth and it will fall into the right peoples and what you gonna do when they show you the evidence ??? Oh ya that is RIGHT you will LIE like you have been, lets see what your peers and all the people that you have to say once it is out there……………… I hope that you will get the SAME ABUSES towards you when your in a 4 wall cell that you give to the girls. You could care less about helping girls you only want the parents money and your such a sicko that you get enjoyment for torturing the girls ! If you really cared you would be the kind of place you tell everyone you are, Which is also a BIG fat LIE! You dont’ let US better ourselves and educate us you just want us to stay with you forever so you never have to pay and get FREE LABOR!!

  123. Curriculum:
     Private schools, except privately operated trade schools, must provide courses of
    instruction in the Constitution of the United States and of Missouri, American history
    and institutions. Instruction must begin no later than 7th grade and continue in high
    school to the extent determined by the commissioner of education. No pupil can
    receive a certificate of graduation from any private school, except private trade
    schools, without satisfactorily passing an examination on these subjects. The
    commissioner will prescribe a list of suitable texts. These provisions do not apply to
    foreign exchange students. Mo. Rev. Stat. §170.011.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PROOF OF MORE LIES!!!

  124. one of the exploited
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 17:17:55

    As a direct victim of COH, I can attest to a lot of what has been said, including the sexual assault of the girl by a staff member. I have wanted to do something about it but I know that social services has investigated a number of times and all the girls are terrified to say what’s really going on there for fear of the repercussions, they more often than not will not tell their parents either for the same reasons. I still hold out for hope that blogs like this will finally get these people shut down for good and they will have to answer for their actions.

    CUT AND PASTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ from Chuckle TRAVELS
    Ok MORE people are coming out and SPEAKING ! BOYD and STEPHAINE DiD YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOU WERE GOING to get Away with this???????????Oh well I hope that your game is almost up!!!!!

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Just another weblog

Sex and Other Four Letter Words...

Stories and Essays seeking Truth through Controversy

Missing TTI Victims Teens

Victimized Teens missing as result of the Troubled Teens Industry

Henrik Hansen's blog

Henrik Hansen's blog on everything and everybody

Søren Hansens blog

It's my life.

Jens Sørensens blog - tanker fra et eksil

Studerende og bitter i en afkrog fjernt fra civilisationen

Little Wordlings

Poetry, Science and other Wordlings

Ude er godt men hjemme er bedst

En side for dem som overvejer at leve og studere i udlandet


Birthe født i 1951 - om mit liv og mine holdninger

Bentes hjemmeblog's Blog

Lidt om vores families liv

Today a child died

Statements about how the world is seen from Denmark is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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