Rehab doesn’t work

In culture on September 24, 2010 at 20:25

…… or at least not when people are forced to undergo it.

Lindsay Lohan got yet another stay in prison today. When was it she did the crime? 2-3-4 years ago?

The case should be finished in the court system years ago. It is kept alive by the court system. Basically one thing is wrong with the entire handling:

Rehab doesn’t work before people acknowledge that they have a problem!

If I sad as Judge in a case where I had to sentence a drunk driver, the first one I would call would be the guy from IRS. A fine need to be income based to hurt. And people who drives drunk shall be hurt. They have a lethal weapon in control. A car can kill. Second depending of severity I would give them some community service or jail.

I prefer sentencing people community service for such a serious offense. The Danish Television has visited one of our prisons where they have followed people around. One day in prison cost DKK 900. For this amount they spend their time getting high. It is waste of the tax-payers money.

I want to scare people from ever doing such a crime. I would get every court to adopt a certain stretch of road and send the offenders out there clearing trenches or picking up trash under a sign ordering people to drive slowly and show a message “Crime does not pay”.

Then what about the possible addiction?

My answer is: It is not a matter of concern for the court. It is a private matter.

People have this illness for a number of reasons and for some odd reason they can very seldom be treated by a certified doctor like people with all other kind of illnesses. They are often offered a treatment option run by some former addict trying to heal people based on their own experiences or some religious preacher trying to step into the place of this greater power, people should look and most important at all – pay for.

Here in Denmark the bill is often ending up by us taxpayers. What are getting for that kind of money? The results are mixed and a single treatment can very easy end up costing DKK 60,000.

We have program on Television called Operation X where they use hidden camera and expose various forms of fraud. They exposed that some part of the rehab business was all about getting money out of the system. The other television Station did show that most of the rehab businesses in Denmark were driven by religion. It was all about harvesting some poor addicts so they replaced their addiction with a prayer for the church and the wallet of the priest.

Everybody is an expert of drug rehabilitation because there no requirements made by our state for the people running such businesses.

What about trying to find the source of the addiction and then cure it?

Take Lindsay Lohan which we now so to say may call an addict. The problem with her is that the court should be able to detain both her and both her parents and force them to work things out. Her Lindsay herself it is a question about her being in the wrong business.

She was a child star and many parents make the mistake to aid their children’s career by taking them to a doctor who will give them either heart medication so they can deal with stress under an exam or give them medication against ADHD so they can concentrate themselves about school work or another assignment. It is a so widespread form of child abuse that there should have been laws against parents pushing their children to outlive what the parents believe is their potential.

It doesn’t matter if the parents are aided by producers or by an educational consultant. It is basically the same form of child abuse.

You just have to ask yourself. What does it take mentally to stand naked in front of the camera and pretend to be a one of the most famous porn stars? Lindsay is the only possible option for that role but what are the costs for her?

I believe that she should choose another career. She should stop listening to all those people talking about rehab and how good she can make it if she comes clean.

She will be clean once she moves out of Hollywood and start to work in another line of business where the public eye doesn’t care what she is doing 24/7.

Some of her friends have written a note about how she doesn’t need jail. Fact is that they are correct to some extent. The case is a joke. On October 22 the judge should say: “Give me your license, you have a permanent ban on driving and you are off probation. Don’t show your face in my court room anymore.

Of course the judge could consider rehab, but then it should be based on that she can show that every rehab program is as bad as those she has attended already. They are a scam. They lure people for money. They should be shut down if they accept people against their will.


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