Continued Swedish violence, Lindsay Lohan and medication of kids.

In culture, family, politics on September 18, 2010 at 06:34

The election in Sweden in near and they continue to assault politicians. I don’t know why the political environment has become so violent in Sweden. They were once a proud Nordic country but in 1986 their prime minister was shot and the investigation by the police was not allowed to be done due to political reasons. They knew that the so-called PKK trail would bring result but they were told that if they continued, it could cost them their jobs.

Instead they found someone on welfare and used him as fall guy. He was cleared by the courts because the case did not hold.

Many years later the same story repeated itself. A foreigner stabbed a highly profiled Swedish politician. They arrested some guy and published a lot of photos of him trying to make a story up. They almost succeeded by they forgot that we today have all sorts of cameras hanging around and some of them had filmed the real murderer and the photos made it to the media. They were forced to arrest the real killer despite the risk that it could benefit the rightwing political movement which it did.

Now the election has turned into general violence not seen for many years in Nordic countries. I believe we had a case many years ago in Denmark where some communists were busy creating a bomb and it blew killing a young man volunteering with ordinary political work in their office. They were able to cover their tracks so none has been brought to justice for this cruel act.

I hope that the election in Sweden can be over soon, so the tourists are not scared off from visiting the Nordic countries.

Just today I saw that there is news about our days Frances Farmer – Lindsay Lohan. She tested positive for some drugs. If I was her lawyer I would advise her to ask the judge to serve out the rest of her probation period in jail. Jail is only scary for the first week. Then you learn how to adjust. That’s why they invented shock probation. For Lohan it would benefit her healing. Imaging never to be able to walk out and collect your post in front of your house without some 50 photographers taking photos of you. Every time you go down and buy food, they are there. Every time you sit in your garden, they are hanging in the nearest trees trying to make every second of your life public.

There must be a kind of prison farm where she can garden some 5-10 months and sleep in a cell. She will never be able to work as long as she is under probation and she needs to show that she can be a talented actress without the drugs her parents and the producers did put her on so she could be a successful child actress.

It is a sick world where we medicate children just so they can perform well in schools and as child worker. There are children who are doing poorly in schools and at work because they suffer from various illnesses like ADHD. They should be allowed to leave the ordinary schools and attend alternative schooling where they can work with their hands and get exercise.

A lot of families are creating their own Lindsay Lohan’s by forcing them to study like they were Einstein. They overmedicate their kids and at some point the medication needs to be that strong so they go for illegal drugs. Some people cannot deal with exams or deadline without drugs. Fine, give them some counseling so they can find a line of work involving more manual labor. Do not force them to work in jobs where every day brings new deadlines and increasing demand for drugs.

We can do better as parents. We must accept that our children are not living our lives. They need to find a path in life which makes them happy.

Lindsay Lohan could do better. She can choose to ask for a long time in prison and get a real break in her life where she can be herself in isolation and find out what she will do for a living.

The Swedish population can do better. They can find a strong leader which can clean up their mess and restore peace to their country.

Oluf Palme (Wikipedia)
Anna Lindh (Wikipedia)
Lindsay Lohan Admits Failing Drug Test (People Magazine)


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