Is Sweden leaving the group of democracies?

In politics on September 4, 2010 at 11:10

For some time Danes have become more and more worried about Sweden as a country and the path they have chosen to follow.

Sweden is controlled from Stockholm and once you remove yourself from their capital the government in Sweden doesn’t seem to care about how the citizens are doing in their everyday life.

Take a town like Malmö. It is a large city after Swedish standards. In fact it comes in third after Stockholm and Göteborg. They have some 290.000 citizens living in around the city. Because it is the port to civilization about 38 percent have a non-Swedish origin. In fact many are Danes. It is after a Nordic standard a rather violent city. People are shooting after each other. There have been riots covering several blocks.

But it is nothing you see in their newspapers. They are not covering it at all because Malmö is far away from Stockholm. They don’t even speak the same kind of Swedish. It makes it hard for them to understand each other.

Some Danes have chosen to live there. It is typically younger Danes who live there until their children are about to attend school. Then they return because they want to use the superior Danish education system for their children. It is really not an option to stay because unlike the northern part of Germany where Danish speaking family can choose special school teaching both Danish and German, you cannot find a larger number of schools in the southern part of Sweden teaching a large part of their curriculum Danish. In fact until about 1920 it was forbidden to even speak Danish. People could get fined or jailed if they did choose to do so.

The reason was that some parts of the Southern Sweden had been a part of Denmark some hundred years ago. In the start they were very strict with people preferring Danish. They cut a hole in the skin at the lower part of the back and put a stick in. Then they cut a hole in the skin at the upper part of the back to the stick could come out. The stick was put in the ground and the person could sit there some days before they died. It did teach the rest. They moved to Denmark or became Swedish. Some could call it ethnic cleansing by today standards, but the Swedish government has never excused the actions so it might just be normal policing by their standards. I have only visited Sweden, so I don’t know.

They have an election coming up. Some of the citizens outside Stockholm is tired of the violence and want to do something out it. They have formed a protest party and they have got some help here in Denmark to film a campaign video.

The Swedish television companies don’t want to broadcast it. The party is not invited to debate their points of views in the television. They have to settle with using the Internet and personal approach to people on the streets so they can get their message out.

It is then we are worried. In Denmark we also have elections. There are parties out there most Danes disagree with, but they are still invited to talk their case on the television. It is the cost of democracy we Danes have chosen to carry. We have to let them talk even if we never would cast our vote on them.

Some of our politicians have asked the European Unions to send observers to the Swedish election to serve the democratic cause.

It has made the Swedish government angry. Mona Sahlin – who is most known in the general public due to her use of creditcards – warned against copying us Danes. A newspaper even attacked the Danish population calling them stupid and alcoholics.

Now, we are a peaceful nation and we even lowered our BAC levels from the adult 0.8 to the child level of 0.5 when we did built the Oresund Bridge because Swedish drivers can get serious drunk even if the milk is just two days old. I had an uncle in Elsinore. He always said: “If you want to do a Swedish guy a favor then follow/carry him to the Ferry”. They were always drunk. The cost we have paid for lowering the BAC is loss of team spirit in our firms and more work for our Human relation departments trying to set up gathering where people can drink and share work experiences while seeing to that the employees can get home safely.

I feel that we already have carried a huge burden in our society trying to bring Sweden closer to us as a nation. I feel that we have a right to be concerned about their future when their citizens come here to work and study. They have not realized it yet, but they are kind of depended of us. Look at their health care sector. Most of their doctors and nurses are educated in our superior education system. What would they do without all those Swedish graduates we send them with an education financed by our money as a kind of foreign aid? They have not a recognized education system. In fact they cut it off from foreign students this summer despite an agreement between the Nordic countries about not to do so.

So why this attack on us? Are they afraid that we want the Southern parts of Sweden back?

I don’t know, but I am generally disappointed by that kind of almost xenophobic attitude by Reinfelt and Sahlin.


Swede seeks asylum in Denmark, by Julian Isherwood, Politiken, August 18, 2010
VKO want observers for Swedish elections, by Julian Isherwood, Politiken, August 31, 2010
Er vi dumme og alkoholiserede racister?, by Kasper Vedsmand, BT, September 3, 2010
Skansk Frihet

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  2. (I wright this in english so all can understand)
    First I would like to show my gratitude about not blaming us swedes for what Mona Sahlin or that fool reinfeldt have said about danes or anyother norse people I am ashamed off their actions!
    What they have done is dishonored ALL swedes with their ranting If I did´nt know better I´d say that they want to provoke Denmark into doing something “drastic”(personally I wold not object)!
    Here in the norse countries at least since late 1800 we have prided ourselves on our “nordic”-unity! So for those off us that don´t believe everything that established media tells us are infuriated at Sahlin and Reinfeldt for their (and their suporters) down right insulting remarks directed at our northern brethren – One might think they want to shatter what unity and cooperation the norse countries have = I have met some from Stockholm who even thinks that things like nordic counsel or cooperation or even the name norse are outdated (england and germany may be north europeans but we are simply “northern”)!
    What you and others have written about this subject confirms what few off us swedes have suspected but could never prove thank´s to the media -It is hard to find the truth among all the lies!
    “our” government seems not content at tearing down their own country but looks like they want to dragg the rest off you down with us for that I apologize!
    So you should not feel bad if Sweden really does “collapse” into chaos (other than “ripple-effects” offcourse) this collapse have been long overdue we have simply brought this upon ourselves by being complacent and above all arrogant in our belief off “Sweden the nation who everyone look up too” I do hope we can avoid this by a radical change off government(unlikely but not impossible)!

  3. Reblogged this on Danish lies and commented:
    As a Dane I am often worried that Denmark will become a violent place like the southern part of Sweden due to immigration.

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