Update on the most important news in the world right now

In culture on August 13, 2010 at 17:48

Rather surprised did the biased judge remove herself from the case against Lindsay Lohan. More surprisingly it was the district attorney, who was about to make a complaint against the judge.

The removal of Judge Revel could be decisive point where Lindsay Lohan could avoid being the new Frances Farmer. For those who don’t the story of Farmer I can tell that she once like Lohan was a talented actress who happened to drive drunk. Drunk driving is a serious crime. It needs to be punished with fines, prison time or even worse community services (In our culture we pay taxes for all social benefits. Voluntary work or community service is a public disgrace for the person who is doing it.). But Farmer was over-treated in the hospital system it did very much cost her the promising career she could had. Let’s hope that Lohan manages to get out of this case so she can go back doing what she did before:

Promoting her movies by attending the nightlife. It is what the consumers want and it is first and foremost the consumers who pay for the jobs in the media industry.

It would be good if the case will be over soon. I has supposed to attend some kind of fundraising for a minor flooding somewhere in the Middle East, but because the headlines is focusing on hourly updates of her time in prison and later rehab I didn’t find the surplus to deal with something which is placed on page 30-something in our newspapers.
Lindsay Lohan’s torment is the most important news in the world right now.

It affects us every day because the extreme religious groups supporting people like Judge Revel do also their dirty work in Denmark. This week the religious extremists and their paid research told us the news that an increased number of teenage girls are drinking alcohol to be drunk. It is news I don’t buy. They are of course drinking so they can learn about each other. Girls in Denmark have to walk in groups in order to avoid rape or forcefully abduction out of the country.

In fact they published an article this week there they proved that the number of rapes had dropped rather dramatically.

The reason is that the girls look after each other. The condition for looking after people is that you know who they are and what they stand for. The only way to learn about people is to socialize with them and it is here in Denmark best done over a beer or a glass of wine.

What would happen if we didn’t allow our youth to drink as the extremists want? The answer you can learn if you read Danish newspapers. Several places in Denmark the rescue workers need police protection before they can enter a neighborhood and do their jobs. In Odense a police patrol discovered the usual suspects driving around and wanted to check their car. When the stopped the police patrol was stoned by a number of youth. That is what happens when the youth don’t sit down and socialize quietly.

Most Danes like me cannot deal with such a situation. We cannot understand it. We long back in time when Denmark was a safe country to live in.

As a culture we are under pressure from two sides. The extreme Westboro Baptist Church with their local aides in our healthcare department and local churches and the group of youth with an ethnic background which let you fear that they have a bomb belt strapped around their waist. It is just awful to be an ordinary Dane. We could really need some help right now and the easiest way would be to free Lindsay Lohan so the news media in the western world could focus on more domestic news.


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