The most important news in the world right now

In culture on July 31, 2010 at 06:15

I have seen that Lindsay has been ordered right from jail to a rehab facility when she is being released. She will have no time so see her family before she will go to the next enclosed environment. Of course the standard is higher. She will have the possibility to have her own clothes on. What the justice system is doing with her is properly the most awful you can do to a human being:

They are trying to instill behaviors and beliefs that is not Lindsay’s.

It is a point where the United States of America shows the world that they are not a civilized society.

If you search on the Internet you can find cases where so-called therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness programs are ordered to enforce treatment as different as religious viewpoints, alcohol use, political viewpoints, drug use and being homosexual.

Lindsay has maintained a lifestyle suited for an actress of our time. She has been going out partying as many teenagers and at Karrebaeksminde in Denmark even younger people down to age 12 with alcohol. Some might claim that she is an adult and should act like an adult. It is correct that she is an adult but she has never been allowed to be a child. From day one has “Daddy Dearest” forced his offspring to be the income for his family. At some point he was cut off and now he is paying back by trying every mean to destroy Lindsay’s life. Because Lindsay’s childhood was stolen from her she is now living like a teenager attending parties and in general enjoying her life.

Most people find that there is no reason to cure Lindsay’s addiction. She has done a terrible crime, which we in Denmark punish by taking away the option to drive. Driving a car is not a right. It is granted to you in exchange for you to live a restricted life out of concern for the safety of others. You cannot party your entire life and then drive. The BAC level in Denmark is so low (0.5) because we built the bridge to Sweden that you have to think all the time about what you are eating and drinking. I used to like a certain brand of chocolate with alcohol inside it (“Blomme in Madeira”). I have given up 20-30 pieces of this chocolate every day because I want to drive my car. It is a sacrifice so I can drive.

Lindsay’s mistake is that she didn’t choose to avoid driving while using her talent as an actress. She committed an offense and she should be punished. She got a very poor plea deal. I don’t know what kind of amateur who stood by her in the court but of course she should not have accepted a punishment which included alcohol education classes. She should have taken the stand and said that she was sorry that she had broken the law and have had asked for extended prison time instead of a shorter probation period. She should have accepted that she is not suited to drive a car.

Instead of having her career back she is now going to be destroyed if she takes the treatment seriously. She cannot sell her movies outside the United States if she is not there to promote it. Second there have been so many cases where parents have forced their child to receive treatment for the causes listed above. The result is increased amount of suicide among those who graduates the programs. Statistically forced treatment is a killer.

Her ordeal has been widely covered in Denmark and it did have consequences. For the very first time people are questioning if we should continue our war in Afghanistan. The debate whether to stay and fight did start when Lohan got her sentence in Revels court. The sentence did show us that both sides in the conflict are ready to impose a lifestyle on people which would make them impossible to live a normal life. Not even doing something simple as attend a high school in Denmark would be possible for them. When no one of the parties in the war represent our way of life, then it is clear that we have no business taking part in the conflict. Thank you Judge Revel. I know that there are families who want to have their relatives back from the war and you gave them an argument.

But what about other news, do you not have some news in Denmark which could be more important?

No, the only ongoing news-stories are about a politician named Thorning who is caught lying about the number of days her husband has been in Denmark. It is not important news. Her husband has been paying tax in another country so nothing has been saved for the family. The story itself is a try to remove the focus from a rather ridiculous case.

This is the old story about our foreign minister Lene Espersen has been attacked because she is on holiday all the time and has missed a number of meetings with foreign representatives. But the point is that Denmark has outgrown the need to meet with other countries. Our culture is so advanced that we cannot use time on affairs outside Denmark unless it is about sending some of our more aggressive citizens out to shoot ali-babas as they are called. It is not only Espersen who have cut down on meetings with foreigners. Our Prime-minister Rasmussen sent a replacement to a meeting with 80 ambassadors because he had a private matter to attend to. The former Prime-minister – also named Rasmussen – did not want to host a class schooling ambassadors in our advanced culture when the cartoon war went on.

We have accepted that we cannot teach the world and we cannot learn something from the rest of the world because they just are not on our level. Take an exchange student. There is no way an exchange student can get credits from a U.S high school transferred back to Denmark. It is a wasted year academically because the schools over there miss the social process which is the social aspect when teaching young people to be productive adults entirely. They simply have no Friday bars in their high schools as we do. It seems impossible to understand but it is the truth. I have seen it with my own eyes.

The two Danish news stories which would have been in the back of the newspapers if there have been more important things going on in the world. That’s why Lindsays ordeal means so much for us.

  1. The most important news in the world right now « Rotsne's Blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. The most important news in the world right now « Rotsne's Blog…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Lindsay Lohan is the Frances Farmer of our days. Like Frances Farmer she is an actress with a lot of potential.

    As Frances Farmer who also was arrested for a traffic offense she couldn’t fulfill the requirements for her probation and the result was it was with Frances Farmer time in prison followed by treatment against her will.

    When you treat a person for a problem they don’t acknowledge you will very likely hurt them.

    Frances Farmer was hurt. It very much did cost her the promising career she had in front of her.

    If we look at a more present case look at Redmond O’Neal son of O’Neal. His adult life has been a against drug addiction caused by a very poor choice of boarding school down in Mexico which was later closed by the authorities based of suspicion of child abuse.

    Will Lindsay Lohan be able to walk away from UCLA Medical Center with her ability to act as a professional or will she end up in daytime television or hosting a TV-show? Only the future will tell but it isn’t bright.

  4. I was supposing to go to a gathering where we would discuss options to help the victims of the flooding down at Bangladesh, but with the news of her going directly to rehab, I just didn’t find to motivation to deal with the suffering of others.

    I believe that it sends at powerful message that we may have lost the war on terrorism. Her lifestyle is basically what typical teenagers do.

    Of course they cannot drive but everyone knows that the most important place in any high school or campus in Denmark is the Friday bar because then the bullying and the violance seen at high schools and campuses aborad will be curved when the students open up and speak to each other instead of judging them based on appearance only.

    Lindsay Lohan is not a teenager, but she sure acts as one because she had no real childhood with access to Friday bars. When you let people drive before they can drink alcohol driving under influence will be the result because how should they know how dangerous alcohol in rare cases can be when they have not tried it.

    I am against driving under influence and think that it should be punished hard. But the punishment should target the act, not a lifestyle which is basically normal.

    It is a sick act on behalf of their justice system. It represents thoughts seen only down in the middle east. It makes me think if we are doing the right thing backing the actions in Afghanistan up. I have chosen not to involve me in any matter which concerns matters abroad. I don’t care if we are talking floodings or earthquakes. It can never be as important as the torment Lindsay Lohan is exposed of.

  5. I agree. While I don’t drink I find it awful that they are targeting her lifestyle. I together with my parents are targeted and under peer pressure because I don’t cover my head.

    My parents are fine with me showing my hair as long as I dress modest, but several customers are not and I live in the second largest city in Denmark.

    Maybe we are no longer living in a free world.

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