The Danish summer is too hot for some of our ministers

In culture on July 17, 2010 at 17:33

This week it has been really hot in Denmark with a sky with no clouds. In fact it has been so for almost three weeks.

When the summer is too high, some people go crazy in the heat. There have been some of the one-sided attacks on bikers which for some reason seem to have been introduced as a special Danish custom. If you want to visit, use a car or anything else with four wheels and don’t wear letter, keep your face shaved.

But the worst case of overheat came from our minister of science – Charlotte Sahl-Madsen. Yes we have such a position as the most innovative person in the world.

When she forgot to drink she started talking about that every of our young people who is studying at our universities should be exiled of Denmark for about 6 months, so they could see how much better we are.

The entire Denmark was shocked as everybody knows that it would be more than a loss of 6 months of studying. A massive amount of stories hit the media where students who had been out studying at Hardward, Harvvard and all the rest look-alike universities had difficulties about getting the education they have received abroad accredited back home in Denmark. It doesn’t matter whether we are speaking of the University in Malmoe or one in Sri Lanka. We have to maintain a certain level among our graduates, so of course each subject they have taken abroad must be the center of a year-long investigation so the Danish universities can discover fraud.

Remember as they so correctly state it at Exchange Student Information in Copenhagen when we are taking high school none U.S. High School can provide education on a level which include all aspects of life including the social part as they do it at Danish High School where they have Friday bars for the students, so an exchange student will miss a full year, so why should it be another case just because we are talking higher education?

But it is not only the education which are the matter of concern. We are talking safety also. Even in Europe Danish students could be at risk. Take a country like a Italy. Not only did they frame a young American named Amanda Knox for murder of some English student. Danish students who are used to drive to school due to poor public transportation can risk a lot of fines because the cities in Italy has introduced something they calls environmental zones where only local citizens can enter with their cars. These zones are not fenced off. They just have a little sign in Italian so our students would rather cruel been forced to speak the dialect they use down there.

Also kissing in cars will result in a massive fine. And finally they will have to have all their goods sent down to them with help from the Danish customs because in Italy a copy of so-called brand can result in a fine of 1,000 Euros or more. In Denmark where we are burdened by heavy taxes because the rest of Europe cannot pay their bills, causing hardship to an extend unknown in every other country on Earth, none cares about copyright on clothes and small household stuff. However it is another case in Italy and you can risk a fine for the clothes, watch and sunglasses you bought legally in Copenhagen when you enter Italy.

So you risk more than being framed for a murder. You risk bankruptcy and wasting your time academically.

I personally believe that she should have been forced to resign as result of her statements. When you serve the people in a highly trusted position you should think about what you say before you say it. I hope that it was the worst case of sunstroke this summer. As a Dane we must endure a lot. Properly more than citizens in any other country you can think off. But there have to be a limit and this is it!


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