The trade unions in Denmark have been broken

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The trade unions in Denmark have been broken. They are not longer organizations for the employees but just an extra manager for the employers.

It became clear when a TV-program disclosed how the caretakers for elderly worked a couple of days ago. Being caretaker is among the jobs which have the lowest paychecks in Denmark. They have their own education taking a year and a half. It is one of the few educations you can enter with just 9 years of schooling. They don’t even demand a high school degree.

Needless to say youth are pushed into this line of work if they cannot do better. If Denmark had a tradition for voluntary work, this line of work would not even have been paid.

Fortunately we as a society have decided to build our health care sector on tax paid work, so we avoid the real awful scandals. I don’t consider the methods shown in the TV program for a scandal. I tend to look at it as poor work conducted by the trade unions. They should have better advice to the employees how to disguise their off-duty time better.

If you want a real scandal then search for Brianna Broitzman and Ashton Larson. I don’t know how they ended up in the health care business, but they were properly forced to take a job they didn’t find very exciting. Their employer could have made a better choice but it was properly a question of hiring the cheapest labor. It find that they should not be punished for their actions because they have served two years in the focus of the media and like in Denmark the employer don’t take responsibility.

The Danish caretakers should also have gone on strike based on the surveillance of their work. In the old days when the Danish workers were proud 10,000 of people made a massive protest several times before our parliament.
Now people are no longer proud of their job. They don’t bother to sit down over a beer at lunch trying to learn who they are working with.

The reason is poor work from the trade unions. They are no longer speaking for the employees. It is shameful to observe how the trade union backs out in this case. They fail their members.

The politicians are washing their hands. They are the one who don’t want to pay for health care of good quality. They have never observed how hard the work is. They are just eating and drinking huge meals while the people on the floor work themselves to death.

It is shameful that Denmark is failing hardworking people reporting them to the police when it is question about the employee trying to save themselves from injuries.

Aware of problems in home care unit, by Pia Dramshøj, Denmarks Radio, July 5, 2010
Teens Charged In Nursing Home Abuse, The smoking Gun


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