We could have needed Heimdall

In convergence criteria on May 22, 2010 at 17:23

When I walked through the streets of Horsens with my wife so we could enjoy a quiet dinner in Town I met some former colleagues and we started to talk.

Naturally the conversation turned to the cut-back and upcoming cancellation of Denmark as a welfare nation. By chance the restaurant we were going to dinner at is called The little Heimdall. Most of you know Heimdall if you live around here. It is one of the old Gods. He had an important job. He was a kind of watchman and whenever danger came into sight.

Most Danes think that we could have needed the services of Mr. Heimdall. Not only once but several time. Starting in 1972 we could have used a warning telling us that this trade organization we joined, in due time would have turned into a kind of political coffee club with international ambitions matching the worlds superpowers. Second when some told us that a no to Maastricht was equal bankruptcy. Third when someone forgot to tell us to vote on people who want another currency that the Danish Krone.

All the cutbacks are not necessary unless we want Denmark to convert the Euro. Who wants this now where this currency has showed the world that it is a failure?

I have seen my shares of cutbacks in my time. I am old enough to remember the potato cure which sent an entire generation into bankruptcy. I remember the Whitsun cure which caused a lot of young families to sell out the education and move away from the larger cities because they could no longer afford houses near the civilization. I saw a program about people in the countryside buying up houses just so they could tear them down because they didn’t want people from the cities to move out near them. They don’t know the parents of the newcomers and without knowledge of their reputation they cannot hire them for the local businesses. The newcomers and their children are labeled as a burden for the local communities.

I survived both cures and hopefully I also survive the present cutbacks if they are done smart. Everyone I have spoken with this week wants Denmark to cancel all development aid to third world countries. So to say the third world countries have put themselves on the agenda of the Danes facing an ordeal unparalleled to what is to be expected in a so-called welfare society. Faced with demand the coffee club down in Brussels put upon us, I have to say that I cannot find any other way if the welfare cuts should take Denmark to a level where you find most of the undeveloped countries.
Of course such a choice would cause an outcry not only from the third world countries busy with their efforts of conducting an emotional blackmail of Denmark but also among those people living of sending the 10 percent human aid down there which is left when the administration and bribing of officials in the countries which is receiving our aid is paid.

Those protests we just have to ignore. If I have to chose in the dilemma we have no way around due the European Union where we have to let our own countrymen die or some citizen in a third world, I would choose to scarify the people aboard. The Danes who is in need now has parents who have paid taxes. In some cases people have paid a lot of taxes themselves before they ended up on welfare due to accidents or illnesses.

As I stated last week, Greece is a goner. Now we are talking Denmark as a welfare society. May God be with us because everybody else is going after our necks – even our own politicians.

  1. I am thinking about dropping out of school. I will leave form 10 this summer and I was going to take a High School exam. But they are talking about cutting in the aid we get as students when our parents are from the working class.

    It makes it impossible to afford high school. I don’t know what to do.

  2. I don’t understand how it came that Denmark was forced to abandon the welfare society. I fear for my children. I see no future for Denmark unless we leave the European Union.

    The ordeal we have to endure the coming year will not be matched no disaster regardless if we are talking plane crashes, earthquakes or wars.

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