Denmark’s situation: (Based on the happenings in Greece)

In convergence criteria on May 15, 2010 at 16:53

Last I wrote about Greece. I think that they as a country are a goner. The demands made to them by the European union are too harsh to they can remain ranked among the developed countries. There are no question about that they will try, but none feel that the chance of success will be big.

But the real concern is how we as Danes will be affected by the EU crisis. Opposite Greece Denmark has a tight tax-system. It is almost impossible for ordinary people to cheat and we deliver an income where most people don’t want to start a firm. To some extend you have to be sick. I believe that I feel like most Danes. The first thing I would prioritize would be to secure my family from my adventure as a businessman. In order to secure them from my creditors, I would have to install them in a rented apartment. The downside is that it demands that you bribe someone or wait some 20 years from your 18 birthday before you can get access to a rented apartment.

In the old days there was an option of buying a part in a co-operative flat, but 5 years ago the law was changed so creditors could demand that such an apartment could be sold. It would be the same as owning a house. The welfare of your family could be a stake.

It is too dangerous. Because of Denmark’s size you cannot hide if bankruptcy becomes a reality. So the families decide to commit suicide. Just last week a father killed his entire family off due to misadventures in his firm.

I care for my family so without access to a rented flat I would not start a firm regardless of how good an idea I have for a business venture.

Then there is of course the option to work as an employee which I have done my entire life. I have experienced a total of 1 weeks unemployment since my high school graduation and it is decades ago.

However I like many employees feel trapped in the job cartels. One thing we could do better in Denmark would be to have better anti-trust laws. Working with information technologies I have to be in a firm where 5 people have a certain exam from the biggest IT-firm in the world. You know the name. They come from Seattle U.S.

Even if I secured my family in a flat and started on my own, I cannot sell the product to my customers. I have to find 4 other disgruntled employees before we can sell the program. It is difficult – not to say impossible. So

I am stuck. Unfortunately I also know that I will be out of job just 5 year before I could have retired due to the old rules. In year 2018 the most advanced ERP program is being redrawn from the market because it sells too well compared with more expensive programs. Due to the cartel on the market I cannot do some in-service training which could enable me to work with other program.

Once you are over 40 you are consider too expensive to “repair” on. Employees are like machines and cars. You can only do that much before you have to change it with a newer model. Your colleagues will pity you if you tried. I don’t consider myself a welfare recipient so I would face my destiny with my head up and be sent to the street in about 8 years.

But what am I going to do the last 5-6 years before I can retire?

What if the central regime in Copenhagen suddenly rises the retirement age to 70? I cannot even be sure to have a driver’s license because like always our politicians don’t realize that they have to raise the age limit for driver’s license to 70 also without any medical check if people should remain to work for that long.

The future is of great concern for us Danes.

We may have avoid the so-called Greek cure aimed at getting most of the to commit suicide so they rest can live, but still we have to acknowledge that we have huge problems in Denmark.

I don’t know what to do.

  1. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life maybe some we could chat and come up with some ideas. It seems like you are in a bind, I have been in binds to myself in the past.

    You can contact me through my linkedin account if you wish.



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